Monday, December 15, 2014

Prayer in Church

Does your church ask for people who want to be prayed for to come forward? If your church is lead by the Holy Spirit, perhaps more is going on that you know. A friend of mine, Alan, had this experience one Sunday:

At the church my wife and I had been attending, at the end of the service, all of the church leaders, including myself, prayed for anyone in the congregation that stepped forward. In that prayer time I saw a dark aura over a certain gentleman. I asked for help praying  over him and the prayer took the wind out of me. I was filled with the Spirit and knew something was not right. I felt his horror and dismay from years ago that led to his arrival at our church this day. After my prayer, my wife is certain she saw the dark presence leave his body.

I then pulled the young man out of ear range of the congregation to speak privately with him. I revealed to him that I felt his problem and asked him what happened when he was about this height (gesturing with my hand at about two years of age)?  He said he didn’t want to discuss it, but his face showed awe and fear. 

I asked, “What happened when you were about six?”

He looked shocked and said, once again that he didn’t wish to discuss it.

Then I asked him, “Is this something you hold close to your heart?”

He replied, “It’s something that I will never forget.”

I told him that there were people he could talk to, but he was convinced he could deal with it by himself.

“How did you know so much about me? I don’t believe we have ever met before today.”

I simply told him the truth, “The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I prayed over you.”

I offered to pray for him before he left. He accepted. I asked him to repeat after me as we prayed together for strength, protection, and release, as we asked the Holy Spirit for mercy and grace.

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