Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Obey and Listen

Listen and Obey

My husband, Tony, has a 100 lb female Rottweiler. I love Sonya, however, her shedding drives me nuts! I tolerate the slobber because she is the sweetest, kindest dog I have ever met. But Sonya is way to big to cuddle with. For many years I have wanted a small dog. Someone soft and cuddly. However, I wasn't looking forward to the shedding. Also, Tony wasn't supportive of the idea. He calls small yappy dogs, "Kick-me" dogs because each time they bark, he swears they are saying, "Kick-me, kick-me." (not that he would ever harm an animal...lol)

Last month I visited my sister in Corpus Christi, Texas where I met Bijoux (French for jewel, pronounced \ˈbē-ˌzhü\) who is a Teddy Bear puppy. This little dog won my heart. She was so friendly, yet not all in your face. Cuddly, but quiet. Bijou's fur was long and soft, perfect for stroking. I had finally found what I had been looking for:

  • A dog that is more like a cat
  • A dog that doesn't shed

Shih Tzu
My sister got Bijoux from a breeder, Pure Bred Pups. I quickly discovered
that Teddy Bear pups are one of those new designer breeds. They are a cross between Shih Tzu and Bichon. These pups are known for their gentle personalities and hypoallergenic fur. I also found out that these guys come with a high price-tag.

Originally I wanted a little girl, just like my sisters. However I had
send several emails to the Pure Bred Pups and they informed me that with a alpha female Rottie in the house, I should stick with a boy to avoid a confrontation. Male Teddy Bear dogs squat to pee, they don't spray. With this worry alleviated, I considered how best to approach my hubby - they had only one little male left who was three weeks old.

Teddy Bear Pups - 3 weeks old
We were having our usual Wednesday lunch at Idaho Pizza (they have an all you can eat pizza and salad bar for only $8 and Wed. is double punch day for their free buffet cards)  when the small voice of the Holy Spirit whispers, "Tell him about the puppy you want for Christmas."

I looked across at Tony thinking, "He said he didn't sleep well last night and he's been grumpy for the last few days. Now is not the time to ask him anything."

"Ask him," the voice persisted.

Having learned better than to argue with the Holy Spirit, I gave in, "Honey, do you have a few minutes, I'd like to talk to you about something."

"Sure." He shrugged.

I started thinking about our other conversations concerning getting a small pet for me. "Never mind. It's really not important." I said, reaching for his glass. "Let me get you some more soda before you go."

As I refilled his glass, I chided myself for thinking I even had a chance to get a little dog. But as I took my seat, I remembered how much I adored Bijou. As I sat across from my husband, I admitted why I suddenly wanted a pup. Sarah, my youngest was turning 11. She had informed me that she is a tweenie now and hugs and cuddles were for kids. I was loosing my little baby, my cuddle bug. Tears sprang to my eyes.

"Are you getting misty-eyed? Obviously it's not 'nothing,'" Tony insisted.

"Yes it is. I'm just being silly." I brushed a tear away. "I fell in love with Bobbi's little puppy and I've been emailing the breeder she got it from... and I know it's stupid, but I really, really wanted a puppy." I took a breath and charged on, "Sarah is getting older and doesn't even want to hug me anymore! And you hate small dogs and cats so I don't have anything to cuddle!"  I hadn't meant to cry. It is just that time of the month when my emotions run rampant.

"I've seen your emails. Haven't you already ordered one?" He says accusingly.

"Honey, I would never do that without talking to your first," I insist, even though the though had crossed my mind.

"Oh," Tony sounds quite shocked. "Well how much do they cost?"

I drop the bomb about the big price tag, adding, "Remember, you completely forgot about my birthday, Valentine's Day, and our anniversary this year (see more about that here)... so if you divide it by three, it's not so bad."

Tony sighs, "If it means that much to you, order a puppy." After 18 years of marriage, Tony is still an old softy.

Puppy at five weeks
I called the breeder that very afternoon to tell him I'd like the puppy.
My girls are so excited to meet the new addition to the Hardy family. It will only be about 4 weeks before my new little baby arrives.

It continues to amaze me. The Holy Spirit always knows what I should do, weather or not I agree. My relationship with my husband wouldn't have survived without learning to listen to that small, quiet voice and doing what would seem to be the opposite of good sense more times than I can count.

Puppy at five weeks
What do you think we should call him?

Theo (short for Theodore, ie. Teddy)



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