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A Glimpse of Heaven - May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014 

(To Heaven and Back Again series)

On Thursday night, Tony and my eldest daughter Ashley left for a soccer tournament in Couer D’Alene, Idaho. My youngest child Sarah had a game here in town so she and I stayed behind. With Tony gone, Sarah has the rare opportunity to sleep with me. The next morning I gently rub her shoulder, trying to roust her from my bed.

She mumbles, “Mom, can we go to a movie later?”

The pale green numbers on the clock read 10:55 A.M. I smile at the ten-year-old. “If you want to wait we can. But I will need to pray now. So you will have to leave me alone until two o’clock.”

“Okay,” she rubs her eyes grumpily. “All this talking,” she says frowning, “now I’m awake!”

“Do you still want to wait?” I ask, hoping she will. I have been trying to meditate and pray each night, but by the time I crawl in bed, I’m exhausted. What Tony calls “relaxed breathing” rumbles out of me each time I ease my muscles as I prepare for prayer. Soft snores lead to full-fledged deep dreaming before I can even begin. “Or do you want to go to lunch and a movie later for Mother’s Day?”

“Can I have cereal if we wait?” Sarah petitions.

“I don’t see why not. We will have a late lunch before the show.”

As she stumbles from the room I think to myself, “Lord, this is perfect! My bladder is empty and I haven’t drunk anything since last night. Thank You. All I really wanted for Mother’s Day is a glimpse of Heaven, just a peek. Now I’m ready to begin!

My body relaxes with ease. The slow, shallow breaths come naturally. Quickly, my hands become heavy; they feel hollow instead of tingling. This time, when something tugs at an invisible part inside of me, I remain relaxed.
Gentle power surges into my body. Warmth caresses me in gentle waves as I speak in the Heavenly Language while my mind repeats, “I thank You God for taking me to Heaven and back.

Suddenly, a bright light, not at all harsh or cold but comforting, consumes my vision though my eyes are closed. “Did the sun finally come out on this overcast day?” I wonder, but the windows are shuttered against the light. I think about how Tony likes to sleep in nearly total blackness, so that in the depth of night if the power has gone out, it is impossible to see your hand in front of your face. My thoughts persist then the light disappears, “I have the pillow covering my eyes. Even if the sun came out, it wouldn’t be that bright through the pillow!”

All this thinking has brought me out of my deep meditation. It is nearly one o’clock. Two hours have passed very quickly.

“Thank you, Lord, for that brief glimpse. Now I know why the Holy Spirit said to keep trying! It seems like there is a lot to learn, one tiny step at a time.”

In March of 2014 I released Angels Believe in You. This book covers the last 13 years of my life:

  • Seen Angels and Demons
  • Miracles from God (medically documented)
  • Signs from God - including hearing His audible voice

All of these signs and miracles have led me to one conclusion: I believe God has been leading me, step by tiny step, on an incredible journey leading to Heaven and Back Again, not through a NDE (near death experience) but through meditation. Yes, I know it sounds a little presumptuous, a little out there, but it was not my idea. I ask repeatedly, "If this is not Your will, please let me know. I want only what You want for my life." 

What follows is the next step in this incredible journey. All blog posts concerning this journey are available in To Heaven and Back Again which is updated as the Lord continues to take me on on this incredible journey. When I actually do go to Heaven, everyone who has bought this book will be able to download the latest copy and find out what Heaven is like.

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