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Left Behind - 2014: Another Noah Travesty or Biblically Accurate?

Left Behind - 2014

Staring Nicolas Cage

Has Hollywood spun another Christian favorite into an unrecognizable special effects mess?

Kirk Cameron

In 2000, Tim LaHaye's #1 New York Times bestselling novel, Left Behind, was made into a movie staring Kirk Cameron.  Christians who believe that the rapture is Biblically accurate were awed by this film. In 2014, the same Director and production company remade the Left Behind movie. Many Christians fear that this film may be turned into another Noah debacle. (see my review of the 2014 Noah movie click HERE)

Family obligations kept me from seeing this film until Sunday afternoon. At 5 pm attendance was low on all the shows, so having only a dozen people in the theater didn't surprise me. The total box office sales for the film was rather low, reportedly only 6.8 million. If you haven't seen this film yet, let me give you the inside scoop:

Left Behind is a film that I would recommend to all my friends, Christians, agnostic, atheist and all those in between. Nicolas Cage played Ray Steele, the pilot of a commercial plane. I've enjoyed Cage in many of his films, including but not limited to:
Con Air
Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Family Man
Season of the Witch

Ghost Rider

His performance in Left Behind far surpasses any of the other films I have seen him in. The depth of emotion, the confusion, and his finale realization of what has occurred was masterfully done. The cast of supporting actors made this a great "disaster" movie.

Cassie Thomson
Lea Thompson
Cage's daughter, Chloe, is played by Cassi Thomson while Irene Steele is played by Lea Thompson (Back to the Future). I was impressed with how much family resemblance these two women had to one another.

The cast really brought to life what it would be like in the hours right after the rapture. When Cassie struggled with the disappearance of her mother and her brother, I got a little misty-eyed.

There were a couple of minor things that could have been done better, as far as a disaster movie was concerned:

  1. Cassie finds her mother's jewelry in the shower with the water running. Why did they include a pair of large hoop ear-rings in the shower? Don't you take those off before you get in?
  2. Some of the shots of the plane show a damaged wing, some don't.

Small flaws, really. They didn't distract from the action or the drama unfolding. Other things were wonderfully surprising and refreshing to see:
  1. Christians weren't always painted as 100% perfect. Love'd the scene were a Christian woman is overly enthusiastic in approaching Buck, the reporter. How many Christians do you know that go off half-cocked instead of listening to the Holy Spirit?
  2. A Muslim gentleman was shown as calm and helpful. The persecution of the stereotype was also shown. 
It was a great movie... but was it accurate according to the Bible? How in-accurate could it be? Christians all over the world disappear in the blink of an eye. That's all this movie covers. It's purpose is to appeal to a wider audience than just Christians - to the mainstream movie goers - to draw them in for the next movie which will gradually get into the Bible stuff.

The Left Behind series was written before the theory came that when the rapture occurs and Christian's bodies are whisked into heaven, the energy released from breaking the bonds that hold our cells together will be like mini EMP bombs. Where ever there are large numbers of people missing, the area electronic devices (cars, phones, radio, electricity) could be damaged. This theory may help explain the rise of the Anti-Christ and how he is able to establish a one-world order so quickly (3.5 years).

My concern is for that next movie. I believe that for 3.5 years the world is at peace... will the movie show that? How about the 144,000 Jewish ministers that go out to preach the truth of the situation? To me, these are key components.

Only time can tell how the next movie will be handled... if there is a next one. With the low turnout at the box-office, who knows if they will continue this project.

You can help. Tell your friends who like disaster movies about the new Cage movie - they don't have to know it's a God thing. Spread the word and enjoy this great movie with your friends!

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