Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What is Spirit Writing?

Billye Brim
Billye Brim’s Christian heritage is rich. She sensed the call of God in early childhood. However, it was only after an encounter with the Holy Spirit in 1967, that she as a young wife and mother of four began to follow Him to walk out her call. Later in life, she also taught at Rhema Bible Training Center.

Immediately after ordination in 1980 she traveled to Soviet Russia in what proved to be ongoing ministry there. Since then she has literally ministered around the world several times over.

She recounts an encounter with spirit writing:

Once I was staying at my in-laws. All the women had gone shopping. When I walked into house, they had a great big place on lake, I saw the men and the kids leaning over the table - they were just mesmerized. The cousin was doing spirit writing: They would ask a question and he would write out the answer.

I walked in and I was furious that they were doing that with my children in the room. You don't have to scream, demons are in the spirit and you can easily communicate with them. I said very quietly, "In the name of Jesus, I take authority over you right now. You stop that!"

So, over there is a big kitchen, and dining and great-room area, that man started doing push-pulls. He wasn't getting any letters, his hand just kept going up and down. He said, "What's wrong here, my spirit guide isn't giving me any answers." He began asking, "Oh spirit guide, please give us the answer! Give us the answer..."

I'm over at the door and I say, "Go ahead, give them the answer. Tell them why you cannot preform." I thought it was going to write out Jesus but it wrote out Billie: demons are dumb, it misspelled my name: Billye.

When it spelled that out they all looked over at me at the door and said, "It wrote your name!"

I said, "Here's why it wrote my name: I told it to stop because it's demons and I told it to write why it couldn't write any more and it wrote my name." I have to admit it surprised me as much as them, but it was because of I'm the one who stopped it my using my authority through Jesus.

This story was told by Billye Brim when she joined Gloria Copeland on the Believer's Voice of Victory. It is part of a series: for more information about why and how we have this authority over demons see the entire series, starting with the first video: CLICK HERE

Billye's book, Blood and the Glory is an excellent source of information about our authority over spirits.

Below is the entire episode.

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