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What is the Grim Reaper - Can it Hurt You?

When All Else Fails - Call Mom!

Billye Brim’s Christian heritage is rich. She sensed the call of God in early childhood. However, it was only after an encounter with the Holy Spirit in 1967, that she as a young wife and mother of four began to follow Him to walk out her call. Later in life, she taught at Rhema Bible Training Center.

Immediately after ordination in 1980 she traveled to Soviet Russia in what proved to be ongoing ministry there. Since then she has literally ministered around the world several times over.

One would think that Billye's kids would be a powerful force in this world, that they would be safe... not so much.

In her own words, this is a very "interesting" story from her son Chip:

Chip and his friends had rented a double-wide mobile home far out into the country in college. His friend Conley, is a boy that I know - They and a couple of others were all basketball, football and baseball players. It was kind of like a fraternity house. They were partying and doing things that he knew better than to do.

Weird things were going on. Windows would go up and down, the mixer would turn on. The TV would flip on, blaring loud. They would come home from college and every day, every appliance would be going full blast.

They contacted the landlord and said, "What's going on? Is someone else coming in here?"

The landlord told them, "No, you have the only keys."

One night Chip was back in his bedroom studying and he heard the outside door slam. It shook the whole trailer. He got up wet to the living room where Matt was  sleeping on the couch. They saw this dark thing go across the trailer and into Conley's room. It had a scythe and a hood on: It looked like what the world calls the Grim Reaper.

It went into Conley's room and came back out. Chip said that it didn't go through the door, it walked straight through the wall but the door slammed.

Chip and Matt ran to Chip's room where the two of them spent the night on his little twin bed, huddled under a blanket, hugging each other for dear life. When next morning  they woke, they swore that they would never tell anyone what happened. The boys hoped it was all a dream. 

Conley got up and said, "Something came into my room last night."

The guys said, "Oh, no.... it wasn't a dream!"

Conley said, "This figure that looked like the Grim Reaper came into my room and stood over my bed. I know someone is going to die! Either me or some I love is going to die!"

The boys ran out of the house and ran two miles down the road where there was a convenience store - they didn't have cell phones back in those days.

I remember getting the call really early in the morning, it was like 5 am! I hear these little squeaky voices, they sounded like Mickey Mouse: "Miss Brown, Miss Brown, Mom..." Until I heard "Mom" I didn't realize it was my own child. They were so scared, their vocal cords were all tense so that their voices where high pitched. Well, they explained what had been happening.

I said, "Give me a break!" I was working with the word everyday... discernment 
came immediately. These were nothing but low level devils. Devils are categorized, ranked according to their abilities. Ones that go around slamming doors and turning on lights, they are low level dumb demons. I said, "Here you have let it scare you? You four boys have run out as if in terror."

Chip asked, "Mom, why did it slam the door, and it didn't have to go through the door? It went through the wall!"

I asked, "Did it scare you?"

He replied, "Yes, it scared us!"

"Well, he did what he wanted to do, he scared you. That gives him a place to act." I told him, "You get some oil..."

They put all their money together and bought some oil. They din't have a phone at the house so I said, "That oil is going to represent the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus. Go around to every door and every window - now demons don't have to use doors or windows, they are spirits, but those doors and windows represent entry. So what you are going to do is close off the entry to those demons - they will not be able to come into your house.

"I'm going to stand with you. I am going to say: In the name of Jesus, you low level devils, I am drawing a blood line around this trailer. You are not going to get in here. You will never be back! You don't cross this line - you are out of here ? Go! I cease and desist your maneuvers - I cancel your assignment - don't ever come back."

The boys lived their the rest of the time in college. They never had one more problem.

This story was told by Billye Brim when she joined Gloria Copeland on the Believer's Voice of Victory. It is part of a series: for more information about why and how we have this authority over demons see the entire series, starting with the first video: CLICK HERE

Billye's book, Blood and the Glory is an excellent source of information about our authority over spirits.

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