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Meditation - With and Without God: May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

(To Heaven and Back Again series)

The weekend has been absorbed by the last soccer tournament - three games in three days. My twin sister Bobbi calls after the second one. “Just the person I was thinking of. Tell me, sis, do you remember those weird dreams we had when we were kids?”

“The ones where we were kind of floating around the city at night?” she asks.

“Yes! We could jump up on top of houses and even fly a bit at times.”

“And that one time we held onto a car bumper and it pulled us really far away.”

My brow crinkles as I recall the unpleasant end to our nightly adventures. “That was when those black shapes attacked us. It was terrifying. I couldn’t see except for brief moments as we were being chased. I knew we had to get somewhere safe, but I was lost… we stopped running around in our dreams after that. Tell me, sis, do you think that some people can meditate and leave their body? Maybe some people are more disposed to it, like some people are better athletes.”

She agrees with my assumption, “But it doesn’t mean everyone can’t do it if they work at it. It’s called astral projection or astral travel. I used to do it.”

My mouth drops open, “Really? When did you start doing that?”

“We have always had a connection as twins. Remember that time in college when you were at the Grand Canyon? You burnt your arm. I kept holding my arm and rubbing it because it felt funny. I knew you were in trouble and were hurt and came to visit you. I think that experience opened my eyes to other ways people can communicate.

“While I was teaching in Japan just after college I had no TV, internet, or radio. With nothing else to do I began practicing meditation,” Bobbi informs me. “People that I talked to about this explained how deep meditation was used for astral travel and enlightenment in many religions. It was easy to concentrate on a person I knew and then I would be drawn to them. I would visit them to see how they are doing. I would get an impression of where they were and how they were feeling, but only in a vague sense.

“One of the first times I tried this I saw some friends of mine in a restaurant I had never visited. A couple of nights later I asked what they were doing on that particular night. It shocked me when they said they were together at a restaurant. It really knocked me for a loop when I walked into the place they said they were and I had already seen it! The structure of the restaurant was so unique that it was unmistakable. That was when I knew I was really traveling and it wasn’t just my imagination.”

In brief sentences I fill her in with what has been going on, then add, “What I’ve been considering about reaching that deep meditative state before going to Heaven makes way more sense now!”

“According to what I’ve heard, you can really only go to someplace you’ve been unless you are looking for someone you know,” Bobbi says. “You need to be able to create a vivid picture of where you want to go; it must be crystal clear. I was never very good at that.”

“Perfect!” I smile. “The day I took Jesus as Lord, I accepted the Holy Spirit inside me. He became one with my spirit – this is why it is called being ‘born again.’ Two things are combined to make a new creature inside us.

“Jesus told us that he would send the Holy Spirit who would be our comforter, helper, and our guide. I see no reason why He can’t guide me to Heaven and back. After all, He was there before He came inside me. He knows the way!

“Christians are always saying that we are ambassadors of Heaven. I think it’s time that we started visiting our homeland. The Holy Spirit is inside every person who has taken Jesus as Lord, all we have to do is trust in Him.”

In March of 2014 I released Angels Believe in You. This book covers the last 13 years of my life:

  • Seen Angels and Demons
  • Miracles from God (medically documented)
  • Signs from God - including hearing His audible voice

All of these signs and miracles have led me to one conclusion: I believe God has been leading me, step by tiny step, on an incredible journey leading to Heaven and Back Again, not through a NDE (near death experience) but through meditation. Yes, I know it sounds a little presumptuous, a little out there, but it was not my idea. I ask repeatedly, "If this is not Your will, please let me know. I want only what You want for my life." 

What follows is the next step in this incredible journey. All blog posts concerning this journey are available in To Heaven and Back Again which is updated as the Lord continues to take me on on this incredible journey. When I actually do go to Heaven, everyone who has bought this book will be able to download the latest copy and find out what Heaven is like.

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