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Protecting Your Child

Protecting Your Child

Wednesday night was a little more interesting than I thought it would be. A special thanks to Kris, Kelly and Chris for letting me share this story:

Taking a seat I silence my cell phone. Seconds after I flip the switch it begins to vibrate. Kris? What
could she want at this time of night? 

Though I usually only take business calls during office hours, my finger slides across the screen to accept the call before I have time to think about it. "Hey Kris," I say, stepping out of the sanctuary. "What's up? Isn't it like 9 o'clock on the East Coast?"

"It's my daughter Kelly, she needs help... fast" Kris says.

I look to the sanctuary where I am supposed to attend my first Wednesday service. "She needs help tonight? This can't wait until morning?"

"Her three-year-old son has been attacked by a demon." Kris has my full attention as she insists, "She needs help right now."

"Is she a Christians?" I ask.

"Yes and so is her husband whose name is Chris like mine."

I nod though I know she can't see it. "Good. Then it should be easy. Just tell her the bible stories that illustrate the authority we have because the Name and the Blood."

Kris replies, "I'm not sure I know those well enough to help her understand it. Besides, you've actually seen demons and been attacked by them. It will mean more coming directly from you."

Smothering a sigh, I know that this is much more important than the service I thought I would be attending. "You are right, and it will probably be better received if it comes from someone other than her mom."

Before I hang up, Kris promises to text me Kelly's number. The information comes during the worship service along with a message saying that Kelly and her son-in-law Chris are expecting my call at 7:30 my time.

At 7:15 our pastor asks us to greet and pray for one another. My eyes are immediately drawn to a very tall woman. The Holy Spirit must have been talking to her as well because the six-foot brunette turns around and come directly to me.

She extends her hand, "Hi, I'm Heather."

"I'm Lynn."

Heather extends her hands toward me, placing them on my shoulders. She whispers, "Whoa, such a powerful anointing is upon you... and peace...You exude peace. Others feel it when they are in your presence. This peace comes from truly knowing who you are in God, you know so firmly that it can be felt by others when they are around you."

Many people I have worked with have said that they feel a powerful peace in my presence. It is nice to know why that is. It also tells me that Heather is indeed listening to the Holy Spirit. For this reason I ask, "Heather, will you pray with me? This may sound a bit strange, but a friend has called asking me to talk to her daughter..." Quickly I fill her in on the details.

"It's not strange at all," Heather  chuckles, "God has just let me see angels and demons just this last year."

"Then He seems to have brought us together perfectly!" I smile. "I'd like to ask that God will grant me the words to speak, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts and reveal the truth when I call."

Heather prays with boldness adding something I didn't even consider, "and Holy Spirit, anoint her with power. Let every demon tremble when she speaks. Let her pray with Your boldness."

My fingers tap the screen at seven thirty. "Hi, I'm Lynn Hardy, a friend of Kris's. She said you've had some interesting experiences lately and would be expecting my call."

Chris chuckles, "I guess you could put it that way. Here, let me put you on speaker."

"Hi, I'm Kelly, Kris's daughter," she introduces herself a moment later.

Smiling as if they can see me, I say, "Hi Kelly. Let me reassure you: you aren't crazy and you haven't done anything wrong. Demons are assigned to each person to cause trouble in their lives. Not only have I been attacked by them on more than one occasion so has my daughter. (full story in Angels Believe in You.)

"I have seen them a few times. It started when I was really young. One night when I was a little girl, I
was walking from my mom's room to mine and I saw this tall hooded figure with red glowing eyes. Pressed against the wall, I edged slowly past it repeating over and over in my mind 'there are no such thing as monsters...monsters are not real...' When I flipped on the light it disappeared."

"Wow, to see one that young must have been terrifying. Did you tell anyone about it?”

Kelly confesses, “I told a boyfriend about it. He thought I was crazy. Many years later I shared the experience with a few others, one of which confided in me that she’d seen similar things.”

Wanting to reassure her I explain, “Being able to see demons is called the gift of discerning spirits. It is one of the gifts of the Spirit that the Bible tells us about."

“Have you ever felt like it was more of a curse than a gift?” Kelly asks.

I reply, “The Bible tells us that these are gifts from the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12). Just imagine. If the Holy Spirit hadn’t given you the gift of discerning spirits then you would have no idea how easy it is to take care of what is going in right now.”

Kelly is still unconvinced. “But seeing them can be really scary.”

I reassure her, “Once you know how powerless they really are, I think you might feel differently.”

Chris asks, “Do you think mediums and fortune tellers have this gift?”

“I believe they do.” I state, “The Word tells us that to be absent from the body is to be with Christ (2 Corinthians 5:8). When people say they can see your dead relative then give you information about them, I believe that is just the demons that were assigned to that person relaying information they witnessed to someone, that is not using the gift of discernment for God’s purpose.”

“Recently I've been experiencing what I’m told is dream paralysis. When I fall asleep and  when I try and wake up it’s like I’m awake and can see things or people in my room that aren't really there. I once saw big black eyes looking at me from the back of Chris’s head in the dark. I screamed and started to hit him in the back of his head as he slept. I thought this was a dream but Chris was pissed at me the next morning.” Kelly tells me. “He said I really hit him in the head that night. When I am finally able to break out of it, the objects that I hallucinate disappear while everything else in the room stays the same. Is that something that demons can do?”

Though the Bible is not specific about what demons can and cannot do, I tell her what the common Christian belief is, “Demons can put thoughts in our heads, so I assume manipulating dreams is within their abilities. To keep the enemy from affecting your sleep there is an easy solution: Ask God to send his angels to stand guard over you before you go to sleep at night. A simple prayer would be:

“I thank you God for your Son Jesus who is my savior and Lord. I ask in His Name that you send your angels to stand watch over me tonight, to guard me in mind, body, and spirit. 

“Kristine tells me that your son was attacked last night?”

Kelly replies, “I think so. My youngest son, Gunner, is three. Last night he was screaming in his sleep. We tried to wake him, but he wouldn’t wake up. When he did finally wake, he said that a blue monster crawled out from under his bed and sat on his chest. The monster’s hands were around his throat and it was trying to strangle him.”

“What a horrible thing for a child to go through! He is so young, I do hope he will forget about the experience and think of it as a dream. Many years ago I had a similar experience:

(Excerpt from Angels Believe in You)

Michelle, a good friend of mine, had her first child in the spring of 2008. In between book signings, my girls and I traveled to LaGrande, Oregon, to welcome James into the world. Ashley and Sarah shared a twin bed in the same room where I slept. As both of the girls talked in their sleep, earplugs helped block out the world so I could get a good night’s rest. 

 At two in the morning I reset the earplugs into place after a brief trip to the bathroom. On the edge of sleep, I heard a noise like pots and pans banging together.  
I wondered who could be doing the dishes at this time of night, as I looked toward the door past the foot of my bed. 
A rolling black mass writhed and squirmed on the other side of a white haze. Demons! You have got to be kidding me. I sighed, irritated at the interruption to my nightly rest. 
“I…” The word came out in a hideous, guttural, growling voice like something from “The Exorcist.” It took me some time to get the next word out, feeling as if an elephant was sitting on my chest, “...command…” It seemed like seconds passed before I could get out the remaining, “…you.” 
“In the name of Jesus.” The pressure eased, but my voice was still like something from a horror flick. 
“I plead the Blood.” Poof! My voice returned to normal. The room was clear, and the white mist and black shapes were gone. 
I bolted upright in bed. “What was that?” I patted my arms and chest, “I’m awake, right?” Nodding, I answered my own question. Looking at the clock, I knew I’d have to wait a few hours before I called Mom and Pops. 
First chance I had later that morning I recounted the strange midnight visit to Pops, “What in the world was wrong with my voice? I’ve never had a demon do that to me before.” 
“Demons may be thousands of years old, but they aren’t all-knowing,” he said. “At one time didn’t Michelle talk to a spirit guide and use tarot cards?” 
“Yes, she did." 
 “They probably thought you were an easy mark,” he explained. “From your description, most likely there was a hoard of demons trying to enter you. You are filled with the Holy Spirit, so they couldn’t get past your throat. They were on your chest and resting on your voice box, which is why you had a hard time speaking.” 
“The flight to Boise with two small kids, along with the three-and-a-half-hour drive to Michelle’s house, was exhausting,” I admitted. “I haven’t said so much as a single word of prayer since I got here.” 
Pops chuckled. “You know, the Holy Spirit gave you discernment to hear your angel battling those demons with his sword. The angel was the white mist you saw." 
“God is good to me,” I said, meaning every word. I will never forget what I learned: 
There was no power in “I command you.”
Jesus’ name frees us from the enemy.
The enemy cannot stand against the Blood! He will flee.

I ask the parents, "Do you know why we plead the blood?”

Chris admits, “I haven’t really heard that much about it.”

(Angels Believe in You excerpt)

“Think of it like a lawyer before a judge: he is pleading his case, saying, because of this, this, and this, my client is not guilty. That is what you are doing. You are making your statement against every demon in the spirit realm. They can’t touch you because of the blood Jesus shed on the cross. Each day you should plead the blood over your home. This will keep Satan from interfering with you.” 
Later I discovered how the story of Job also ties into this protection we have with the blood (I have paraphrased the relevant portion):

 Satan was in Heaven and God said, “Hey, Satan, what have you been up to.” 
Satan says, “Oh, I’ve been here and there, doing this and that.” 
God replies, “Have you seen how much my servant Job loves me?” 
“Of course he loves you!” Satan scoffs. “You protect all he has. I can’t touch his money, his kids, his health, or his work… even those he works with are protected!” Satan said this because Job was known for doing sacrifices often. After every feast he would perform a sacrifice for fear that one of his kids had sinned.  
As Satan isn’t all-knowing like God, he didn’t realize it was fear that motivated Job, not faith. God is truth, so of course he corrected Satan. “Can’t you see? He’s not protected at all. Do as you will, but don’t touch his body.” 
The important lesson I learned from Job is this: as long as we accept the sacrifice of Christ and apply the protection of the blood in faith, not fear, Satan cannot touch us.

I add, "Also, the story of Moses and the plagues backs this up. Do you remember what the day of Passover was about?”

Chris says, “Yes, wasn't it about the blood of a lamb protecting a family from the angel of death.”

I’m smiling into the phone again as I reply, “Exactly. Did you know that Christ died on the day Israel celebrates Passover? He is called the Lamb of God. If the blood of an imperfect animal could protect from the angel of death, how much more the perfect, eternal blood of Jesus?”

“It makes sense.” Kelly admits.

I ask, “If you would like, I could pray with you and help you protect your house and your family tonight.”

Chris says, “That would be great.”

I begin, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus who is my Lord and Savior. I thank you for the blood that He shed for me and all that it does….” The presence of the Holy Spirit falls upon me as tingling spreads over my entire body. My words become hard on their own accord, “In the name of Jesus, Satan, I command you to take your hands off this family. I cast out every demon from this house – you must leave immediately, in Jesus’ name! I plead the Blood over this house and everyone in it. Satan you cannot trespass here!”

Urged by the Holy Spirit I ask the parents something I’d planned on staying away from because it is a
little deeper than I intending on going, “Kelly, Chris, do you know about anointed oil?” When they indicate that they don’t I give them a crash course. “Jewish priest used to pray over oil so that God would anoint it. Today, the High Priest has given us His name and authority. All you have to do is pray over the oil in Jesus’ name, asking God to bless it. Next, take the oil and seal each window and door with it.”

Chris asks, “On the inside or the outside?”

I answer, “The inside will be fine. What you are doing is labeling every door and window so that in the realm of the spirit is shines with the glory of God. Not only will those demons not be able to enter again, but this will put any demons passing through on notice that this house knows it’s authority in the Lord.”

Chris and Kelly thanked me for taking time to help them out before I hang up the phone so they can turn in for the night – it must have been after 10 pm their time.

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