Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Right Way

James Durham, the minister who was visited with God for 100 days in a row, posts often on his blog.  When God gives you visions one after another in a short time period, they are related. When a correct interpretation is given, they should show a clear connection between all of them.

On November 19th Durham had several visions in a row however, he attempted to interpret these visions himself. What he understood from these waking dreams didn't connect to the others he had in the same prayer session. Below are the series of visions with correct interpretations:

Vision: 1

He saw many sad, emaciated and hostile faces. Some were sad and others were angry. Some were grumbling against the Lord’s anointed servants. All of them were blaming the believers for their situations.


Durham was seeing the "spirit" of God's people. Many are emaciated, they are starving because God's ministers are charging for the revelation He has freely given them. The sadness is the their state of being because God is our hope and they are not getting the spiritual food they need to have that hope secure in their heart.

Vision 2: 

Suddenly the vision shifted to something much more pleasant. Many of us were seated together in a large restaurant. As the food was being served, everyone took portions from their own plates and shared with others. There was a wonderful sense of love for one another.


Notice the vision has shifted, so it is still part of the same idea, the same theme. These two need to flow together. This dream is show how it should be done. As you get a revelation from God (being served food) then you pass what you have been given on to to others (giving a portion of it away). This allows God (who is Love) to flow though to others. Notice it was given freely to others.

Vision 3:

After the meal we left the restaurant together filled with love and joy. Some people got into a large green pickup truck. Then I saw something strange. The edge of the passenger door on the truck did not line up well with the edge of the door frame.


The truck is a business or ministry that delivers goods (books and messages). Green is prosperity and healing. Since the prior part of this vision was talking about food (messages containing a revelation on the Word of God) being shared, this delivery ministry/business should be connected. Books are a big part of how people receive teaching. Believers should join together to distribute messages that God gives them. The passengers side door was not well fit - this is the right side of the vehicle so it pertains to entry into this ministry from a physical or natural perspective; not a spiritual matter. Some ministries may have damage done because they have not done the right thing up to this point. They charged for their books so going back to doing it God's way may be a bit of a physical challenge but nothing that will destroy their ministry.

Vision 4:

Another vision came of people eating together. This time all the food was green and seemed to be very fresh and nutritious.


If we will follow God's way, He will provide healing (green) food for all people who will grow strong in the spirit (because they were healthy).

This is the message God is sending out to all His ministers. Unfortunately, because they have made up their minds that turning God's house into a marketplace is just fine, they cannot understand what God is saying to them. I have seen this is so many ministers.

If you have received from someone spiritually who is charging for books containing a "revelation" from God and is supposed to be anointed by Him, please read the posts about the judgement coming and upon them. You may be able to save those who have influenced your spiritual life if you act now!

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