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Courts of Heaven - Testimony

By Isaac Zadok

I would like to testify to the goodness of God towards me in this article. I hope my testimony blesses each one of you after reading it. One day, I read Luke 17:11-19 where Jesus blesses the Leper who came and thanked him and was made whole simply by giving honour to whom honour is due.
  • Before going to the CoH, I had done all sorts of things, some of which many of you may have done. 
  • Wielded unauthorized authority by engaging leviathan, principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness in high places and rulers of the darkness of this world. 
  • Warred against familiar spirits, Jezebel and other spirits. 
  • Come into agreement for people's healing when I should not have. 
  • Received healing and deliverance and soon found symptoms reoccurring after some time.
I have found that after going on consecration or time away from Church, God began speaking about his will for my life however, no matter how hard I tried, I was never able to do much because there was blockage. I knew there were curses somewhere, which needed to be removed. All this speaks of the old way of doing things.
After going to the Courts of Heaven (CoH) with Agape Christian Fellowship on several appointments from February 2018, I began to see clearly what was going on in my life and my bloodline. Sometimes I would get backlash and realized where I had gone wrong. I soon learned how to avoid backlash by ensuring that my heart was right with both God and men at all times. (CLICK HERE to read about BACKLASH)

At the time I was told by Lynn that going to the CoH is a call to maturity. Understanding what that meant did not come quickly. I learned it was all a process. Familiar spirits ceased to monitor me like they used to and witches stopped attacking me in public. My sleep, dreams, prayer life and relationships with others improved. God began to show me how to do what he asked me to do. As I did my part, he did His. I soon realized that the call to maturity is a call to walking in the new wineskin.

What followed next? I joined the CoH – Worldwide team with a few others and then I witnessed even more good fruits in my life. I began giving of my time to serve others, learning more about the Court system in Heaven: 
  • my role 
  • the blood as a witness
  • the accuser’s role
  • the role of God as Judge 
  • Jesus as the Advocate 
  • the Holy Spirit as the Counsellor. 
I learned about the books the enemy wrote and the 'Book of Life'. I learned to quickly agree with the accuser, repent, ask for forgiveness and plead the blood of Jesus over my sins. Discussions, as well as reading Lynn’s books helped me to grow in this area as well. I witnessed growth in seeing, hearing, discerning, understanding visions, and interpretation of things of the Spirit. I can now say, that I am not the same person as I was before experiencing the CoH; at least to those who know me.  

What other changes have I seen in my life? I would say that in the past six months, since going into the CoH and also serving with the CoH--Worldwide, I have completed nearly four out of seven things that the Lord has asked me to do. Remember I said that, before the CoH, I struggled to execute these things because the enemy had placed curses on my life or was accusing me in some areas. What a shift brothers and sisters!

I am testifying that the Lord has blessed me with writing close to eleven Holy Spirit inspired children’s books, all of which will be out before the end of this year. They are for every child whether they come from believing or unbelieving, privileged or unprivileged families or are orphans. They are what I call 'God’s secret weapons'. When you look very closely, you will see that the books point to Jesus in a carefully worded way so that all children can benefit from them. People are wanting to buy the books in bulk without any suggestions from me. Why is that? I think it is because the hand of God is on them and he intends to use them to minister to children all over the world. (CLICK HERE to learn more about the books)

I have also learned that going beyond the courts, into the Secret Place is very important as well. This does not mean you stop going to the CoH however, it does mean there is a call to walk in a closer intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. Yes, I had all these wonderful things to say about God as a Judge but I quickly found that certain things would not happen, until I started going to the Secret Place, to connect with God as my Father. (CLICK HERE to read about the Secret Place)

Would it not be nice for each one of us to know or approach the Giver in person as opposed to just receiving gifts from him, which are of lesser importance?  Within weeks of spending time with my Father, blessing Him, loving Him, talking to Him and listening to what He has to say, I witnessed even more grace and blessings in certain areas. Brothers and sisters again within a short space of time the Father as I refer to Him now, has been revealing to me what he wants me to do. He went as far as telling me to reach out to his people, some of which involves prophesying over some of them and giving them prophetic poems. 

On top of that he gave me strategies to sell the books in bulk. So for those of you that think our Father does not speak, come to the Secret Place and meet with Him. How can you do this? Just let go of all the affairs of this world; bless and lavish Him with love. After doing this for some time, you will find that His love is so strong that you will feel like going to the Secret Place continuously, or in some cases, you will not want to leave because of His love. (CLICK HERE for a free book about how to visit the Secret Place)

It is an honour for me to testify that our Father works through the courts and I am living proof of His goodness. I am sure many of you will agree. Some may not yet understand it, but will come to the understanding of how the CoH and the Secret Place work.  All of this is important because just as Lynn has said, this is all for preparing for the outpouring of the Glory of God as we draw closer to the end of the age.

To conclude my testimony, I would like to ask some questions and attempt to answer all of them to bless you. 

1) Does, the blood of Jesus speak?  Yes, it surely does speak out for me through the CoH system. 

2) Is my conscious any clearer by the application of the blood of Jesus than it was before the CoH?  Yes, my conscious is a lot clearer. I have more peace than I ever had. I sleep well at night. The blockages are gone. (Hebrews 9:14)

3) Am I growing in God? Yes, I am, He is going from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory in my life. 

4) Am I a son as the scriptures say? Yes, I am. As a son, I now walk in an intimately closer relationship with the father than I ever have. 

5) Does the CoH bear fruit? Yes, it does. I have seen major curses break off my life and oppression ceased. 

6) What is the difference now and after going to CoH? I now know my rights and privileges. I am transitioning more and more into the new wineskin. The old is now a thing of the past. 

7) Does God have more for you and I? Yes, he does, but only if we are willing to obey Him. 

8) Am I telling you to leave your church? No, I am not. I am simply saying that the outcome of your obedience to Him will determine how far you will grow; it's not about the pastor or anybody except Him alone.

9) Can I still be attacked? Yes but I know that the CoH is always a place that we all may need to go to from time to time if we are attacked by the enemy. 

10) What has changed? Symptoms such as fear, paranoia and some other things are becoming a thing of the past. 

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