Thursday, July 30, 2020

God's Way - Waves will Break over Barriers South of San Francisco

VIDEO: Breaking over the Barriers

Breaking Over the Barriers

It was because you, the Levites, did not bring it up the first time that the Lord our God broke out in anger against us. We did not inquire of him about how to do it in the prescribed way. (1 Chronicles 15:13 AMPC)

Israel’s desire was to have the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem. However, when they went to retrieve it, they placed it on a cart instead of having the Levites carry it on poles. They didn’t worship Him in the way He had shown them and because of that, one man died as the Lord “broke out” against them. 

The Lord told me two things: 
  • “You need to turn your back on churches under the influence of Jezebel” 
  • “The waves south of San Francisco will break over the barriers.” 
When the waves break over those barriers, it is a confirming sign. I sought Him and asked why San Francisco?