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Calling all Seers!

Which Books Must be Free

Super Blue Blood Moon - Doom or Hope? 

Seers, Prophets and the Gift of Prophecy

Destroying the Chains of Autism

Redefining the Deliverance Ministry 

The Blue Moon Passover - What is God Saying? 

The Dangers of Taking Communion

Wrongly Appropriated Authority Brings Bogus Charges

Interceding for Others Testimony

Can We Sue for Damages in the Courts of Heaven?

Grouping Charges from the Courts of Heaven

The Blood Speaks! -- New Court Procedure

Intercession: The New Wine Skin vs the Old Wine Skin

Dangers of Praying in Agreement

Attacks that Come After the Courts of Heaven

Jezebel, the Church, and You

Avoiding the Trap of Jezebel

No Guarantees in the Courts of Heaven

Why We Must Go to the Courts of Heaven

Preparing your Mind for the Courts of Heaven

Finances Have been Stolen!

Familiar Spirits and the Courts of Heaven

Your Gift is Waiting for You!

Jesus' Favorite Place

Seeing Heavenly Butterflies with Abba

Fruit from a Tree in Heaven

Dreams about our Past

Mercy and Grace in the Courts of Heaven

Courts of Heaven - Worldwide: A Closed Facebook Group

Final Key to Healing Autism

Leaders, the Church and Backlash

The Purpose of the 3 Court Visit System

The Deceptiveness of "Freely Given"

More than the Courts

Endless Flowing Oil a Bible

Identifying Numbers as a Sign from Heaven

The Bible Flowing with Oil - Many have MISSED the POINT!

The Awakening & the Feast of Trumpets

The Courts of Heaven, the Oil, and Prayer

1/2 the Revelation - Miraculous Confirmation

How God sees Us!

How to Visit with God, Face-to-Face

It's About Balance

Why Waste Time Having Fun?

Ministering to Our Spirits: Why, When & How

Courts of Heaven - Testimony

Levels of Demonic Attachment

Removing Hidden Demonic Attachments

Clearly Defined Unauthorized Authority

4 Steps to Walk into Your Destiny

God in the Middle of Man

The Biggest Danger for Every Christian

Why Didn't I Get Healed

Azusa Street Online

A Gift for You from God

God Verifies Messages

Conversations with God by Sandra Perreaux

Conversations with God 2

Testimony: Unauthorized Authority Backlash

Can we Plead the Blood Wrong?

Signs in the Heavens - American Solar Eclipse: Part 1

American's Doom - American Solar Eclipse: Part 2

Satan's Plans for God's Generals

Survival of God's Generals - Part 2

The Secret Place Open-eyed

A New Year's Miracle
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FREE Books

Believers' Boot Camp series

Believers' Boot Camp - Volume One
Believers' Boot Camp: Volume Two
Roadmap to Heaven
Destroying Curses
in the Courts of Heaven

Many people think of boot camp as a place you train for combat. Any veteran will tell you that basic training is about three things:
  • Knowing what weapons are available 
  • Learning how to use those weapons 
  • Receiving orders and following them 
Believer’s Boot Camp series is a collection of books which teach us how to hear more clearly from God with the goal to ready ourselves for a face-to-face meeting with our Lord, Jesus. The series reveals the “weapons and tools” God has given us and how to use them, so we can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. Each book in the series focuses on a single topic to clearly define one tool or weapon from our Heavenly Father. 

The series uses the Word of God to reveal all that He has given us through Jesus. The Bible is our instruction manual and the Holy Spirit is our guide to understanding it.

Volume 1: Why Doesn't God Speak to Me?

Eager hearts cry out, hoping for a single word to confirm that He hears us. Yet, many times the only sound is silence. Over the years I have heard several reasons why God speaks to some and not to others. One night, as I tossed and turned, I brought each of these reasons before the Lord, stating why each of them did not line up with who I thought He was. 

Words rose from my soul, pleading for Him to reveal why He has remained silent when a single word from Him would mean so much to so many. For the next few hours, God used things I learned about years ago and things I had just discovered to show why He talks to some and why He doesn’t, and in demonstrative ways. 

In His grace, He also showed me how people could hear more from Him. Basic instructions on how to hear more from God and how to be led by Him are included in this book. Thank you for taking time to consider the answers I received and share with you now.

Keys to Authority for Every Believer

There is untapped power that is easy for every Christian to access in the form of authority. The keys to this authority will unlock weapons we can use to free ourselves from the attacks of the enemy. We must be intimately aware of the bounds and limitations of our weapon if they are to be used effectively. 

Find out about your authority:
  • Why you need it.
  • Where it comes from.
  • What you can do with it.
  • How to get more.

Angels Believe in You

In March of 2014 I released Angels Believe in You. This book covers a 13 year period of my life where some interest things occurred:
  • I heard the voice of God 
  • received two undeniable physical signs from God 
  • saw angels and demons on thirteen separate occasions 
  • was healed three times from serious and fully documented medical conditions 
Have you ever wondered…
  • What do angels and demons look like? 
  • How can angels help us? 
  • What proof do we have that angels are among us? 
  • What power do we have over demons? 
Inside the pages of “Angels Believe in You” you will find some surprising answers.

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