Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Defining Which Books Must be Free

No matter how clearly you believe the Lord has spoken, I have learned to keep my heart open for the Holy Spirit to refine what He has said. For years I believed what I had heard a TV minister say, “We are to command our angels for they are ministering spirits.” When I was asked where that was in the Bible, I began to search the scriptures.

First I searched all the books by the minister who I was quoting. The only verse quoted was, “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” (Heb 1:14). When I opened the Bible, the Holy Spirit brought me to the story of the Lord when He was on trial. At this time He was operating as a “son of man” meaning that He was doing what men could do on the Earth when they are aligned with God's will. The Lord Himself said that He could, “ask the Father” who would send legions of angels to rescue Him. If the Lord had to ask the Father for angelic assistance, then so do we. Since that time, I am careful to verify quotes from ministers before I put them in my books. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

A New Year's Miracle

When I first received the revelation from God that all books had to be free, it was hard to accept – especially giving away the printed copies without charging for shipping. As a publisher, this went against everything I had been doing for the last decade. Everyone charges for their work, why couldn’t I?

God sent someone I had never met to put $1000 in my Paypal account the very day the books were free, everywhere and every type of book. It was a miracle I couldn’t deny. A well known  televangelists mentioned that ministers needed to “freely give what they have freely received” (Matthew 10:8-10) more than 1000 people downloaded the free eBooks! Up to this time, only 500 people were downloading the books each month and I had done nothing to cause this increase. 

Despite these signs from God, I still only gave the books for free out of obedience, not joy. Then, on the first day of the year, my heart changed…but not without a struggle.

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Secret Place Open Eyed

September 26, 2017

Focusing on God as music plays has become second nature. Though the songs were unfamiliar, I closed my eyes to see if Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the Father would meet with me in the Secret Place. Instantly, I saw the Lord as He held me while we danced.

This time I was in His arms. His face was clear and I could feel His hand on the small of my back as He held and guided me in a two-step like dance. "I love dancing with you," I whispered."

"I love to dance," His reply was more than the words He spoke. I knew He chose to dance with me because I loved to dance. This revelation, that the Lord who created everything, would do what I loved to do, just because it meant so much to me... tears cascaded down my cheeks.

When the next song began I had some fun with Daddy. He took me to a river where we swam and played. Standing with Him, feeling the flow of water rise as we walked deeper and deeper was a wonderful sensation.

The third song began and this time I saw myself dancing before the throne of God. I was right up front. Unlike in my natural body, I was graceful, coordinated, and did a wonderful ballet type dance to the rhythm of the song! Each time they we sang, "Laying our crowns at the feet of Jesus," I did a bent low and placed something in front of Jesus, knowing that without His sacrifice which allowed the Holy Spirit to come and guide me, I would have nothing. These crowns really belonged to Him!

At the end of the song, Jesus leapt down from the stage and swept me up into His arms. I floated with Him across the floor in a blue ball gown like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. As we spun and floated He whispered, "Open your eyes."