Monday, April 30, 2018

Grouping the Charges from the Courts of Heaven

Grouping Charges Video

This blog post is based on the Tea & Coffee meeting on April 17th. The information about charges begins at 31 minutes. 

If you go to the Courts of Heaven with an experienced seer (someone who can see or hear in the spirit realm) you will most likely come out with a list of words which relate to charges against you. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of charges. Often there are several words that will help pinpoint one charge against you. When taking others to the courts I had a vision of what was occurring:

The petitioner stepped forward when we asked for charges. The moderator/guide was slightly behind on the right. The seers were arrayed behind them. The Judge (God) was behind a huge towering podium. To the right side of the Judge was a table where our Advocate (Jesus) sat. On the other side was the adversary (Satan) who was cloaked in a cloud of darkness. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Redefining the Deliverance Ministry

Freeing people from demonic attacks is commonly referred to as a “deliverance ministry.” The techniques for removing the enemies presence were developed in the “Jesus Movement” of the 70s. These have been used for the last 40+ years with varying degrees of success. I have heard it said by some famous evangelist (forgive me, I don’t remember which book or TV program this came from) that the deliverance movement ended because man developed a “formula” for casting-out, rebuking, and binding demons. This created a domino effect: 
  1. We we stopped consulting the Holy Spirit
  2. He withdrew 
  3. The power left. 
During the Awakening, which began in 2018, God will be remodeling and fine-tuning this ministry as His people begin to take their rightful place in the Courts of Heaven. Recently, the Holy Spirit has revealed the truth of this in some miraculous ways. 

My step-dad has been very active in the deliverance ministry since it began. Because of this, I am very accustomed to enforcing my authority: casting out and binding demons. When I began taking others to the Courts of Heaven, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the change that is taking place.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Can We Sue for Damages in the Courts of Heaven?

Heavenly Lawsuit Meetings

If you were part of our Facebook group Courts of Heaven - Worldwide when we first began, then you might have seen and even signed the “Class Action Lawsuit” against the Kingdom of Darkness for financial restitution. I began preparing this for filing in the Courts of Heaven last week by reviewing the document in the Christian Tea and Coffee meeting on Tuesday. When I asked those present to pull up the document in our Facebook group to read along with me, I was shocked to find out the document was missing!

“The enemy must be in our midst… It seems we are under attack!” I said.  I’ve had the Holy Spirit send me interesting messages and confirmation on my computer before… (See that story, CLICK HERE) the Holy Spirit brought me up short and I amended my declaration. “we need to pray for wisdom and determine who is behind this.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Interceding for Others Testimony

Healing & Salvation

If you have heard about my journey with God, you know my relationship with God was renewed several years after I married. I asked my husband, Tony, if he was okay with it and he said, “That’s fine, but if you start acting like your mom I’ll divorce you.” My parents were Full Gospel pastors. When they came to visit, Tony asked them not to bring their Bibles because he didn’t want to be preached at in his own home.  

We only attended church on Christmas and sometimes Easter, until my kids were in school. The Holy Spirit told me to tell him, “It is time our girls learn about God. I assume you don’t want to teach them. This means I have to take them to church. What would you like me to tell them when you don’t intend to come with us? ‘Your dad’s too busy? Or too tired?’”