Monday, July 11, 2016

Anointed by an Angel (First Test as a Prophet) - June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016

Preparing to move to a new home really impacted my life: it was several days before I could finally join an online church for their Sunday service - thank God for a DVR which allows me to catch up when life gets in the way. Pastor George started by announcing, “After service last Sunday, I felt a little let down.... It didn't seem like we had received the promised visitation. Had we not done what was necessary? Did we fall short in some way?” 

I nodded my head, I had felt same way.  Last Sunday George talked a lot about appearances of the Lord but nothing seemed to manifest – no one stepped up to say that they saw anything unusual and the presence of the Holy Spirit wasn’t any more than normal.

On the TV George continued, “That afternoon I received a text from the children's church leader: We had a visitation from the Lord!”

The Holy Spirit filled the room as he explained, “Usually we coordinate our services, but this week I hadn't said anything to her about the word I had received from God about having a visitation from Jesus at the service!” Pastor George described the miraculous visitation that had occurred in children's part of the church:

The teacher reported that the presence of God was so strong that she could barely stand. 
More than 80 children (kindergarten through 4th grade) sat perfectly still with no squirming or fidgeting for more than two hours as the Holy Spirit came in like a flood to fill the room.  
The teen assistant felt compelled to take each child, one by one, look them in the eyes and prophesy over each one: the other children waited patiently for their turn.
If you know kids this age, you know what a miracle this is. Many kids came to the stage of the main church to repeat the testimony they had given the previous Sunday. I watched and listened, every hair on my body standing on end as the presence of the Lord filled the room: