Friday, June 28, 2019

The Power of the Aaronic Blessing - 2nd Step: the Secret Place

2nd Step Meeting

The Lord gave the Aaronic Blessing to Aaron with instructions that this should be said over all His people by the priests. The hands were to be held in a certain way…

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Preparing for Intercession

VIDEO: Preparing for Intercession

When intercession is done for family members or friends, you will need to prepare for what is to come. Unlike interceding for strangers, when family or friends are involved we remain part of the process that is initiated with our prayer. Even if we are not leading the prayer, there will be an important part for us to play in order to receive fruit (good results) from a prayer of intercession. 

On occasion, Agape Christian Fellowship has seen the hearts of kids instantly open up after their parents remove the charges from the enemy giving generational curses a place. Unfortunately, this is rare. People have free will so their hearts must be ready to turn to God. More often than not, change takes time: it is a journey, not a magic pill. 

If God has placed others on your heart, you need to be prepared to be used by God. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Seeing God Face to Face - 1st Step

Seeing God Face to Face - 1st Step

God supernaturally implanted the “Roadmap to Heaven” inside my spirit. Little did I know that the key which brought this revelation held the key to opening the path to the Secret Place...

Monday, June 17, 2019

Holy Imagination & the Secret Place

VIDEO: Holy Imagination & the Secret Place

During our Tea & Coffee meeting, the topic came up: Should we be using our imagination, envisioning the Secret Place, Throne Room, Jesus, or Heaven to visit with the Lord by picturing the Secret Place, Throne Room, Jesus, or Heaven?

We had invited the Holy Spirit to lead the meeting, and I was shocked by what He revealed.

Teachings about using our “holy imagination” to enter Heaven are becoming prevalent in the Church. What is “holy imagination?” The word “holy” means separate, set apart, sanctified. Can our imagination be holy?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Resting in God to Enter the Secret Place

VIDEO: Resting in God

Rest seems to be an important topic in the New Testament: it is mentioned more than 75 times. I have found resting in God to be one of the most challenging parts of my Christian walk, but is crucial if we are to visit the Lord face to face in the Secret Place. I’m probably not alone in these difficulties because they are mentioned in the Bible:
“Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest...” (Hebrews 4:11 AKJV)
“Resting in God” sounds like it should be easy to do. Just sit back and relax. Yet here in Hebrews, it seems that it may be a challenge to do. Laboring to enter rest sounds like an oxymoron: the two things seem to contradict each other. This struggle begs us to ask:
  • What is resting in God?
  • What are the benefits of resting?
  • What can keep us from resting?