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The Power of the Aaronic Blessing - 2nd Step: the Secret Place

2nd Step Meeting

The Lord gave the Aaronic Blessing to Aaron with instructions that this should be said over all His people by the priests. The hands were to be held in a certain way…

Placing his thumbs together with the four fingers separated into two parts represents the Hebrew letter shin. Shin is also the letter on the mezuzah, the parchment inscribed and placed over the doorway of Jewish homes. It stands for El Shaddai, God Almighty. According to Jewish tradition, the divine presence would shine through the fingers of the priest as He blessed the people.

The palms being placed over the eyes has special significance. The first line of this blessing asks for gifts. What greater gift could be given than to open spiritual eyes so we can receive from God in the Secret Place. (First verse covered in this article: CLICK HERE)

The second verse shows that seeing Jesus is actually God’s will:
…the Lord makes his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you… (Numbers 6:25 ESV)
Paniym is a Hebrew word that is actually plural to represent knowing the many different aspects of a person. This word also means “presence” or the “wholeness of being” of an individual. Shine means to reveal.

The Hebrew word hanan translated as “gracious to you” literally means to “provide protection.” It is derived from the word hanah, which refers to a “camp.” When the instructions were given to recite this blessing, it indicated that if you wanted to protect something you would bring it to the security of your camp. The Secret place of the Most High is referred to as the “camp of the Lord.” The meaning behind this verse is:
Lord, reveal yourself to me and bring me to the Secret Place of the Most High, the tent of the Lord, where you can be gracious to me by providing for me and protecting me.
Can you see the progression with these two verses? First, He gives you gifts, like the gift of salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit being in you instead of upon you, and the gift of seeing into your new homeland: Heaven. Then you become one of His sheep, He will protect you with the thorny hedge as your Shepherd. As you learn to stay close to Him, next, He will reveal Himself to you as He brings you back to His camp – The Secret Place. Psalms 91 tells us we are to occupy or remain in the Secret Place and we will be protected and strengthened.

God’s greatest desire is for His children to visit with Him. Is there ever a time when you wouldn’t desire to see your kids? God is a good, kind, loving Father who wants to visit with us. The Hebrew word Abba is a term of endearment. It means Daddy, Pappa, Pa, or whatever else you would call your Father when you were a small child. Not all of us have had great examples of a kind, loving father in our lives, but God wants to be that for you.

Isaac Zadok connected with the heart of God and has shared what he found with us. Here is what Isaac received from the Holy Spirit:
Abba wants your heart!
I love you! With outstretched hands, I am reaching out to you. My love knows no bounds.

Only I, Abba, Father can heal you. It was I who sent Yeshua to save you. I know love because I am love. So I say it again and again my love knows no bounds. Let me heal your heart. Let me in. Pain and unforgiveness only seeks to slow you down. The enemy would like to see you remain in despair. I would like to see you free and healed. I am calling out to you, sons and daughters. Do you hear my call? Will you respond? Lies about my love is not my doing. Believe the truth and run to me in the Secret Place. All I want is your heart. Will you surrender it to me? Will you worship Me even when it hurts? I want to soothe your pain. I want to touch you. Let Me in.

Knock, knock, let Me in. I am awaiting your response. In the night hours, I saw your tears. Days when you went without, I was there. I saw everything. I saw your hurts and made a way. But sometimes you were not always accepting of My ways. Remember My ways are higher than your ways. When you think like the world does you won't see Me. When you think, chew and eat My Word, you are allowing Me in. When you cry out to Me, you are saying yes. When you walk in obedience by the help of the Holy Spirit you are acknowledging Me. When you let go of everything and worship Me, I will give you access to the Secret Place. I am not hate, I am love. Yes, I bring judgment. Yes, I discipline. Yes, I love order. Much more, than that, I love you. I have a big heart. Guess what? You have a big part of it. I never intended for creation to go through pain. Everything I birthed in you is from a place of love. I have kept you this long, have I not? Why not praise Me for the little and see the big things come through. Your heart is what I am looking at. Don't say, I don't love you because, I do love you.

I don't do things man’s ways because My ways are higher. Will you turn to Me? Will you reach out, no matter what? Will you study My Word which is truth. Will you believe it. For out of the fullness of your heart, your mouth speaks. I will visit at a time when you least expect. Hurry up, prepare yourself. I am coming. I want to surprise you. I want to show you how much of a Father I am. Look at what happened to Job in the Bible and yet he sought My face. I will give you double for your trouble. Instead of ashes, I will give you beauty. I will breathe on you. When I say yes, nobody can say no, not even the enemy. I am your Abba and all I want is your heart. Will you examine yourself daily and pursue Me even when you are tired?

Again, and again, hate is not from Me. I am love and truth. I desire to see you, set free. I am not a formula, I am hope. Put your trust in Me, not man. Remember there are three: hope, love and faith. I am love. I am the author and finisher of your faith. Yes, faith is necessary to please Me. Obedience does show that you have faith. I see faith in your heart and it pleases Me. I was moved by a man who said Lord, I believe please help my unbelief.

Will you forgive those that hurt you? For if you truly love Me, you will walk in forgiveness. I am love. Love is walking in the light not in the dark. Forgive those that have harmed you so that you are open to receive what I have in store for you. Unforgiveness is carrying baggage that makes it difficult to enter My rest and get access to the Secret Place. Remember, love is of My Spirit not hate. Yes, I hate sin and yes, I love you. You need to let go of the prejudice. Take off the lens of hate and I will give you access.

Some of you are about to enter into My Secret Place and others are not yet ready. I am not limiting you. Stop trying. Just rest and I will give you access. Some of you need to forgive Me in your heart. Why? For thinking that I was never there for you. Did I not say, I will never leave you nor forsake you? Did I not place My Spirit within you? Are you not sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise until the day of redemption? I am already speaking to some but you keep doubting Me. Why not test the spirit? Why not ask Me for confirmation? Why not look to see what is written in the scriptures? How can I be a loving Father and suddenly abandon you? Not, Me says the Lord. I am love from the beginning, love to the end and love for eternity.

I pray that you will meditate on this revelation and allow the Holy Spirit to remove any bitterness, unforgiveness or even anger from your heart. This will prepare you to see Jesus in the Secret Place, which is fullness of what God has for you in this amazing blessing.

After our meeting, we had a time of anointed worship where the Secret Place was opened for some. Here is the video with testimonies:

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