Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Blue Moon Passover - What is God Saying?

Many of us are familiar with the saying, “Once in a blue moon,” which has been around for more than 400 years. It originally meant “it will never happen.” However, certain events have caused the moon to appear blue in the last 150 years. It happens when there are particles in the atmosphere from volcanic eruptions, extreme dust from droughts, or widespread forest fires. Because of this, the term has now come to mean very rarely. 

In 1988 radio stations, news anchors, and newspapers talked about the folklore associated with the expression when there was a second full moon in a month. The phrase was so catchy that restaurants, clothing stores, and  bookstores opening in the following months sported the name “blue moon.” This was the birth of the second full moon in a month being labeled a blue moon, as is fitting since they usually only occur once every 32 months. 

This year is quite special. The second blue moon is occurring two short months since the last one in January and it too  will happen on one of the Feasts of Israel. (Read about the first one CLICK HERE) To fully understand the significance, you must be aware of the difference in the Roman and Hebrew system of days. 

Two of the most significant events in the Gospel are hotly debated by skeptics who see inaccuracies in the testimonies given in the Bible. These “inaccuracies” can be explained if you understand the difference in the Hebrew and Roman calendar system. (Read about those here: 1st post, 2nd post)

Roman Calendar
Most of the world counts a day as 12 AM (midnight) to the following 12 AM (midnight). This means we think of a day as beginning in the middle of the night. 

Hebrew Calendar
God’s people count a day as ending and beginning at sunset. So dinner, which usually occurred after sunset, is the first meal of the day. 

Taking this into account, when the blue moon occurs on March 31, 2018, it will be the second half of the first day of the feast of Passover. Jesus was crucified at about 9 AM on the first day of Passover - the blue moon will rise in Florida at 8:36 AM? on that day. The fact that this event is occurring on the very day our Lord was crucified is filled with meaning! The Bible tells us the last days will be filled with signs in the Heavens. This is one of them!

What does it mean:

-- Blue is a symbol of revelation and communion with God. 
-- The Passover Feast last seven days
-- It is a time when “leaven”, symbolic of sin, is removed from God’s people.  
-- This is the 2nd blue moon on a Hebrew Feast

In the Bible, days often represent years. For the next seven years, God is asking His people to leave sin behind and seek deeper communion with Him. Jesus is calling His people to meet with Him in the Secret Place of the Most High - a deeply intimate communion with Him. How do you get to this place of communion? This blog has several stories on this topic. The Believer’s Boot Camp series (free on Amazon) is a revelation from God designed for this very purpose. 

The first blue moon occurred the feast of "Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot (Hebrewראש השנה לאילנות‎), literally means "New Year of the Trees." (Read that post, click here) The combination of the blue and super blood moon on this holiday brought a depth of meaning to what God is doing.According to the Bible, with witnesses a thing shall be confirmed. This is the second witness; communion and relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is what God desires for us in this time. There was no super blood moon, but we have something much better, it is occurring when He actually shed His blood!

Don't wait, begin the journey now! I t is time to remove the leaven from your life and grow in your relationship and communtion with God through the revelation He has brought to the Body of Christ! 

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