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Anointed by an Angel (First Test as a Prophet) - June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016

Preparing to move to a new home really impacted my life: it was several days before I could finally join an online church for their Sunday service - thank God for a DVR which allows me to catch up when life gets in the way. Pastor George started by announcing, “After service last Sunday, I felt a little let down.... It didn't seem like we had received the promised visitation. Had we not done what was necessary? Did we fall short in some way?” 

I nodded my head, I had felt same way.  Last Sunday George talked a lot about appearances of the Lord but nothing seemed to manifest – no one stepped up to say that they saw anything unusual and the presence of the Holy Spirit wasn’t any more than normal.

On the TV George continued, “That afternoon I received a text from the children's church leader: We had a visitation from the Lord!”

The Holy Spirit filled the room as he explained, “Usually we coordinate our services, but this week I hadn't said anything to her about the word I had received from God about having a visitation from Jesus at the service!” Pastor George described the miraculous visitation that had occurred in children's part of the church:

The teacher reported that the presence of God was so strong that she could barely stand. 
More than 80 children (kindergarten through 4th grade) sat perfectly still with no squirming or fidgeting for more than two hours as the Holy Spirit came in like a flood to fill the room.  
The teen assistant felt compelled to take each child, one by one, look them in the eyes and prophesy over each one: the other children waited patiently for their turn.
If you know kids this age, you know what a miracle this is. Many kids came to the stage of the main church to repeat the testimony they had given the previous Sunday. I watched and listened, every hair on my body standing on end as the presence of the Lord filled the room:
  • A boy saw Jesus flanked by two angels – love flowed from Him in great waves.
  • A girl saw herself holding the hand of Jesus, running through a very white, bright place.
  • One child sat on the stage with tears of joy cascading down her cheeks for most of the service. She said she saw the disciples in the room waiting, then tongues of fire appeared on each of their heads. When she looked out at the kids, the same tongues of fire danced on their heads.
Unfortunately, I had to pause the show and continue it the next day.

Thursday June 2, 2016

Pastor George gathered the kids on stage and prayed over them. Again, the presence of God filled my living room. A man stepped forward, “Pastor, while you prayed over the kids, I saw those angels again, the one that is 15-20 feet tall and the four smaller ones, two to each side...” the pastor encouraged him to remind everyone about the angles and what happened last time.

After the man refreshed their memory, he continued, “This time, the big angel looked at the two smaller angels on the ends. Each of them opened their robes and retrieved a key, turning to unlock a door that appeared behind them." He explained, "The Holy Spirit revealed to me that one door was for visitations and miracles to flow through and the other one was for the anointing to flow through – an anointing that is more powerful than anything that has come before.”

Tears cascaded down my cheeks, I dropped to my knees placing my forehead on the ground, “Lord, let these doors be unlocked at my church in Boise!” I petitioned God, knowing He is no respecter of persons, what He does for one, He will do for another (Acts 10:34, Romans 2:1). “Let your miracles, visitations, and anointing flow into my church and all of Boise!”

From the television screen, Pastor George declared, “This is for anyone who will ask, anyone who will receive it with childlike faith!”

I agreed with a whoop of joy and a shouted, “Amen!” in agreement.

After watching the remainder of the program, I readied lunch for my husband, Tony, who would soon be home. After he left, I sat down at the computer to do a few things he asked me to take care of. Before I could do much, the Internet connection disappeared. I reset the router; still nothing. My cell phone didn't even have reception, so I had no way of finishing the tasks Tony wanted done. I shrugged off the temptation to give in to irritation, “I guess it's not time to do this now, I’ll jump in the shower so I can go grocery shopping.”

Worship music filled the room as I started the shower. I sang along with the song as I stepped behind the curtain. Loud footsteps echoed from the stairs in the hallway outside the bathroom. I thought, “Maybe Tony has come back to surprise me?”

The feeling that someone was in the room on the other side of the curtain was so strong that I peeked around it, even though I hadn’t heard the door open. The room was empty. The awareness of “something” happening was so real that I was a bit freaked out. I declared, “In Jesus name, I command every demonic spirit to leave this house. I plead the blood of Jesus over my home, myself and everything I own...”  Confidant now that whatever was going on in the spiritual realm would be from God, I renewed my worship and let the warm water wash over my face.

A tickling touch raced from my heel up the back of my calf. “A bug!” I thought as I brushed the water from my forehead and eyes to examine my calf. Nothing was there. As the fear eased I noticed that my hands were covered with a strange substance. Like oil that has sat for a long time and become sticky, it didn't slide off, but clung to my skin, sinking into it. Water began trickling down my forehead and I wiped it away. My eyes opened in shocked surprise: my forehead was coated with sticky oil. Exploring my face, I realized this weird oil coated my face down to my chin.

“It's only been a few days since I showered last... My face has never, ever been this oily,” I thought, wracking my brain for any new products I might have used to create this mess.

I scrubbed my face with soap endeavoring to return to the state of worship. Cascading water washed over my head as I turned around to wet the back of my hair. My fingers couldn't penetrate the mass large my hair had become. Every strand was coated with the stick oil: it was clumped together in a massive bundle with a four to six-inch diameter.

The story I had read about an angel tickling a man with a feather while he worshiped flashed through my mind: The tickling happened three times during church service. After the third time, the man opened his eyes to see an angel standing right before him. Like a bright ray of light, it all came together in my head, “The tickling on my leg was an angel letting me know he was here as he dumped oil on my head. I have been anointed by an angel sent by God!”

Realizing the tremendous honor, I praised and thanked Him. I tried to worship, but thoughts of the strangeness of the oil intruded as I couldn't help but touch and explore the hair it coated.
“You had better finish cleaning up before the hot water runs out,” said the whisper I have come to recognize as the Holy Spirit.

While I reluctantly washed my hair and then the rest of me, I began to convince myself that my Rottweiler, Sonya, had once again popped open the back door and come downstairs. This was all just too strange... Why would an angel anoint me?

Still wrapped in a towel I search and found Sonya outside. I recalled the phrase I had uttered so many times since being called by God, “Until I have been anointed and sent on assignment, all I can do is wait and draw close to the Lord.”

Jumping and skipping with joy, I climbed into bed to pray, “God, this anointing is all Yours: it is definitely from You. I know that you don't do things like this for show: Without a purpose behind it. What do you want me to do?”

A touch of my finger started a worship collection from my iPad. The presence of God fell upon me in gentle waves. Before the first song was finished, I heard myself praying for the Pastor. At that moment, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wanted me to pray for Pastor Trevor from our church. Memories of the service I had watched earlier that day flashed through my mind. I had asked, in faith, for the doors at our church to be open. I had not even considered that it was not “my church.” Pastor Trevor would have to be willing to accept this direction for the church he was leading.

The presence of God began to fade. As I begin dressing, I felt a strong urge to drive to the church and pray for the pastor right away. It was like a solid… thing… deep inside my upper stomach. I had never felt anything like this before. I just knew that if I circled around behind the church I would find Pastor Trevor there and be able to pray for him.
“That's crazy!” I thought, “This is a big church, over 1000 people. It usually takes a week or two weeks to get an appointment to talk with the pastor for 10 minutes. I'm going to drive there and just find him hanging out in the parking lot?”
I tried to shake off the feeling. Before I left to go grocery shopping, I sat down at my computer and sent an email to the pastor: Would you happen to have 10 minutes in which we could meet? I have a word from the Lord concerning the my church.
The feeling that I needed to go to the church and drive around behind it became stronger and stronger. “What can it hurt? If I don't find the pastor I can go to the front desk and request an appointment,” I thought.
I was compelled to pray in my heavenly language and worship God as I started out towards the church. It was almost automatic – all I had to do was yield to the desire welling up inside me. A part of me wanted to call Mom and tell her about what was happening, but there was a much stronger leading to focus on God and call no one on my way to the church. Along the way I came before God, “Father, I ask that you place Your words in my mouth. Let me speak only what You would have me say and all that You would have me say. Guide me strongly so that Your will can be done: in Jesus' name I pray, amen.”
Although I had received no spoken words from God or His Spirit, other than hearing myself praying for Pastor Trevor, I knew what I was supposed to do. The “sense” of “knowing” was like an invisible string pulling me toward the church. Obedient to this calling, I drove around behind the building.
My mouth dropped open in amazement as I saw a figure striding across the rear parking area. Before I was close enough to recognize him, I knew who it was. I barreled down the row in my maroon SUV, swerving around him and into a parking spot. Forgetting that my hair had just been put up into a clip, I had no makeup on, and was wearing a simple shirt, I threw open the door
I charged toward him waving my arms, shouting, “Pastor Trevor, Pastor Trevor!” As I neared him, I spoke a little more calmly, “God told me you would be back here, He told me to drive around the building and I would find you. I am supposed to pray for you.”
The pastor cocked his head to one side as if evaluating me, “Okay...” Is the single word he uttered.
“If you have a few minutes, I can explain how this came about?” I asked, unsure if his response meant he heard me or if I could pray for him, and feeling he should know what I was praying about before I began.
“Okay,” Trevor repeated the only word he had said so far.
I related the story about the other church and the anointing from the angel to him, concluding with, “I apologize if I asked presumptuously for those doors to be opened in the church. I know that you try and follow the Holy Spirit, but this is your church.  You are in charge of it... I hope that you are open to angelic visitations and a more powerful movement of the Holy Spirit...?”
He interrupted me, “This is God's church, not mine. I always seek God to find out what he wants for it and am open to having anything He wants in it.”
That’s wonderful. Can I pray for you?” I asked.
“Sure,” the pastor extended his hands.
I had not practiced or rehearsed, or even thought about what I would pray. I was leaning, completely on the Holy Spirit as Jesus instructed us (Matthew 10:19, Luke 12:11). Taking his hands in mine I said, “Heavenly Father, we come before you thankful for the gift of your Son, Jesus.” As I prayed, I felt a pressure building around our hands. “In His name I ask that you open Trevor’s eyes, his spiritual eyes, his spiritual ears, all his spiritual senses wide. Let the Holy Spirit speak decidedly, directly, and distinctly to him so that he will know how best to guide Your church. In Jesus' name, amen.”
The pastor seemed surprised at the shortness of the prayer. When he opened his eyes, I asked, “Would it be okay if I prayed over the sanctuary as well?”
“Sure. We will have to walk the long way around, the doors in the back are locked.”
While we sauntered around the building I realized I had no idea how he felt about angelic visitations in the world today? Did he even believe in them? I had jumped out of the boat, so to speak, and now I was looking at the size of the waves… I probed cautiously, “So, how do you feel about angels visiting the you and your service?”
“I was raised in Roland Buck's church... Have you heard of him?” He asked.
“No, I haven't.”
Pastor Trevor explained, “He wrote a book, Angels on Assignment – I think we have a copy in the bookstore. It went all across the world in the late 70s, early 80s. Angels visited him and his church.”
Hiding a sigh of relief, I followed him into the building, “Over the last couple years God has convinced me that it is His will that all who are willing to work for Him come and visit Him in Heaven for training.” The pastor led the way into the darkened foyer of the main sanctuary. I continued, “Would you like to visit Heaven, your spirit that is, and speak with Jesus?”
“If it is His will, I would love to talk to Him,” he admitted before giving me some basic instructions concerning the doors of the sanctuary and taking his leave.
With the enormous room all to myself, I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit then let myself out of with the doors locking them behind me. Later that day I was telling Mom about it. I asked, “Isn't an anointing given for more than just one occurrence? Should I pray for others as I did the pastor?”
“That is a good question to ask God,” she said.
“I'm so glad you said that! I was just on my way downstairs to pray about it,” I grinned into the phone.
Waves of soft energy poured over me moments after I laid down and began meditating on the Lord. The Holy Spirit explained that Pastor Trevor was chosen because his heart was open to receive it.
It is clear that a new, more powerful anointing had been released. Could this be why God has anointed me? Did He wait until this new level was available?
The first person to ask for me to pray for them was my 15-year-old daughter. After telling her this story, she asked excitedly, “Oh, oh! Can you pray for me?”
“I am so happy you asked!” Tears gathered in my eyes, “you are the first!”
“Yeah! I wanted to be the first!” She exclaimed.
Around a month later, she came to me one morning, “I had the weirdest dream... It was so vivid.”
The Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me, “It wasn't a dream, but a vision from me.”
As she told me the dream, the interpretation came instantly. It outlined the general course of her life.
Should I, or another anointed person pray for you, and you have a vivid dream, just ask the Holy Spirit what it means. If the meaning of things comes quick and clear – precise – then it is God revealing it to you. It shouldn't be, well it could be this, or maybe it is this, or that. That is human reasoning and not God. Things only have one meaning if it is from God and He will tell you EXACTLY what it means. I hold a weekly Dreams & Visions meeting if you would like help:
In the two months that followed, I prayed for many people, most of which received a vivid dream or a vision of what God’s destiny is for them. This seems to be the first step in the process of having your spiritual eyes open. Also, most reported hearing the Holy Spirit more clearly and/or an increase in discernment into the spiritual realm.

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