Monday, December 31, 2018

God Verifies Messages!

Every so often, God verifies things for me in a special way. It started in January of 2016 when I sought confirmation that we should give 10% to support the Jewish people. God verified this should be done in a miraculous way:
In a single day, more than 500 people visited my website from Israel. It was exactly 10% of the all time total hits on my website! (Read that complete story, CLICK HERE)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Gift Especially for You!

As I prayed and asked God what to say for the Christmas meeting of 2018, He was very clear: He had a gift for every one of His children. Here is a brief video with that gift:

Here is the video of the testimonies that came after the gift was given. These are regular people stating how God has shown up in their lives... you may be surprised and what means the most to those who have experienced Him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Biggest Danger for Every Christian

VIDEO: The Biggest Danger for Every Christian

Narrow is the path that leads to life… (Matthew 7:14)   

The word “life” is from the Greek word zoe, which means not only “an active and vigorous life in God” here on Earth but also the promise of “everlasting life.” Many Christians focus on the fact that they have accepted Jesus as Lord, and in doing so they receive Heaven as their final destination. Meanwhile, they are not experiencing the abundance of God’s presence that brings both healing and provision in this life.   

I have encountered many good-hearted Christians who firmly believe they are on this narrow path, yet they haven’t found healing or financial blessing for themselves. Their families are torn apart and their children or their health and finances are under assault. This is a good indication that some of these well-meaning brothers and sisters have fallen prey to one of the biggest dangers of the narrow path: a puffed-up soul.