Thursday, December 24, 2020

2nd Signpost: Focus

VIDEO: 2nd Signpost - Focus

The second sign appeared when I least expected it. Usually, I receive new instructions once I have completed the tasks given to me. There had been a feeling of building pressure; my workload was behind schedule from the previous week. Life was getting in the way and I hadn’t yet recorded the revelation about the first sign in this book. 

The gray-haired gentleman on a TV program, dedicated to supernatural occurrences within the church, was interviewing someone who had an incredible healing ministry. The pastor said that the Lord told him that the old ways to the Secret Place were closing. The new path He was opening would be available to all Christians who would seek it. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

New & Old Wineskin

VIDEO: New & Old Wineskin

Every great revelation of power and authority from God undergoes the same process:

  • Discovery: That is the moment of an initial realization of something hidden or forgotten in the Bible. Seeds of this new or renewed information are planted and take time to grow.

  • Acceptance: New discoveries are not widely accepted at first. After some time, they become more mainstream resulting in a revival.

  • Formula: As revelations become widely known and accepted, man creates a formula for how to operate in it.

    • formula prayers: 1 + 1 = 2 -- We say this and expect to always get the same results

  • Degradation: Eventually, every power-based revelation loses the anointing of God as man takes control.

1st Signpost: Communion

VIDEO: 1st Signpost: Communion

After I had said the Aaronic blessing for 21 days, at lunch with a friend, I asked the Holy Spirit, “The vision You sent me had four words for the ‘Roadmap.’ If this information is part of that book I am now writing, which word is first?” 

The Holy Spirit now brought those memories vividly back to my thoughts. A word came instantly to mind, and inside my head, I could see it lying across a mountaintop. 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Harvest Time in the Secret Place

 Harvest Time in the Secret Place 

Our family vacation had been very busy with visiting relatives we hadn’t seen in a few years. This kept me from spending as much time with the Lord as I usually do. Although He had given me the “core” of the message for the following week, I had yet to create it! 

The first day back, I sought the Lord as I worshipped Him and a scene opened up before me. This “vision” is what we now know as a visit to the Secret Place, where we can meet with the Lord to receive instructions from Him. The Secret Place is different from my very vivid imagination because of the surprising things that often happen there: they really are not what I am expecting to occur. The following  is what happened on the first day of our family vacation: