Monday, October 26, 2015

Angelic Confirmation of the Appointment - October 5th, 2015

Around noon my cell phone rings. “Craig Johnson,” I think, “it must be important if he is calling on a Monday after returning from a vacation.”

This is the same Craig from Angels Believe in You who showed up at my office when I asked God for help with my accounting. 

“Hi, Craig, how was your trip?” I ask.

“Tiring: 1,400 miles in four days was fun but exhausting!” He tells me, “Something really weird happened a few nights ago. In the middle of the night I woke thinking I heard my son awake in the next room of our motor home. All of the sudden, there was a bright light in the bathroom, just down the hall from where I was. It was so bright, so white, it really frightened me. Then a voice came out of the light. It said, ‘Lynn.’ I thought perhaps it was looking for you so I said, ‘She’s not here right now.’ After that it went away. Lynn, what the heck was that?”