Online Christian Church Courses

These are the written material for the courses and classes at the Online Christian Church

Courts of Heaven Course 

1. Establishing the Courts of Heaven
    Part 1: Government of Heaven
    Part 2: Members of the Courts of Heaven
    Part 3: Access to the Courts
    Part 4: Highest Level in the Courts 

2. Remaining Effective in the Courts 
    Part 1: New and Old Wineskins 
    Part 2: Shedding an Old Wineskin 
    Part 3: Court Access Revoked

3. Operating in the Courts
    Part 1: Items in the Courts 
    Part 2: Guides in the Courts 
    Part 3: Seers in the Courts 

4. Receiving Charges in the Courts
    Part 1: Entering into the Courts
    Part 2: Heavenly Lawsuits 
    Part 3: Other Spirits in the Courts 

5. Removing Charges in the Courts 
    Part 1: How to Remove Charges 
    Part 2: Avoiding Backlash
    Part 3: Lack of Results 

Removing Attacks Course

1. Relief from Attacks
    Part 1: Receiving Relief from Attacks
    Part 2: Water Baptism

2. Identifying the Enemy
    Part 1: What is a Curse? 
    Part 2: Attacks on our Family Line 
    Part 3: Discerning Good and Evil 
    Part 4: Spiritual Influences upon Items
    Part 5: Is this the Holy Spirit? 

3. Traps when Praying
    Part 1: Our Authority 
    Part 2: Principalities 
    Part 3: Commanding Angels 
    Part 4: Binding, Bloodlines, and Pleading the Blood 
    Part 5: New and Old Wineskins 

4. Attacks from People 
    Part 1: Leviathan 
    Part 2: God’s Anointed (Grace for Leaders) 
    Part 3: Puffed-up Soul 

5. Persistent Attacks 
    Part 1: Jezebel 
    Part 2: Cursed objects
    Part 3: Are they True Gifts of the Spirit? 
    Part 4: Returning Attacks 

6. Emotional Attacks from Within Ourselves
    Part 1: Your Soul
    Part 2: Demonic Attachments
    Part 3: Hidden Spirits
    Part 4: Curse of Illegitimacy 

7. Dreams and Visions 
    Part 1: Dreams and Visions 
    Part 2: Lucid Dreaming 
    Part 3: Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis 

8. Where is the Attack Coming From?
    Part 1: Good Ties
    Part 2: Bad Ties
    Part 3: Spiritual Influences
    Part 4: Closing Spiritual Gates

9. Prayers to Help Others
    Part 1: Preparing for Intercession 
    Part 2: Intercession for Others 
    Part 3: Grace for our Family

Narrow Path Course

Can Women Lead 

Hearing from the Holy Spirit
    Part 1: Small Quiet Voice 
    Part 2: Heavenly Language 
    Part 3: Your Spirit 

Loving God - Living Word

The Secret Place - Living Word

Effective Prayer - Living Word

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