CoH Academy

These are the articles for the classes in the Courts of Heaven Academy.

Hearing From God

H1: Removing Wrong Answers

H2: Why God is Silent

H3:  Why God Speaks

H4: His Word

H5: The Quiet Voice

H5 Part 2: Our Mind VS the Holy Spirit

H6: Gifts of the Spirit

H7: Dreams & Visions

H8: Finding Abba

101 Foundations

1A: Grace and Mercy in the Courts

1A PT 2: Trouble Receiving Grace and Mercy

1B: Getting Grace and Mercy for Our Children

1B PT 2: The Deceptiveness of Freely Given
               The Bible Flowing With Oil-Many Have Missed the Point
               The Bible Flowing With Oil-The Awakening & Feast of Trumpets

1C: Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven

1D: The Trap in Discerning Spirits 

1E: Your Gift is Waiting for You

201 Remaining Free

2A: Seer's, Prophets, and the Gift of Prophesy
       Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and Prophesy

2A PT 2: Dangers of Praying in Agreement

2B: The Blood Speaks, verified with Seers and Healing in the Courts of Heaven

2B PT 2: Can we Plead the Blood Wrong?

2C: Unauthorized Authorized-video unavailable

2D: Heavenly Hosts-Clearly Defined Unauthorized Authority

2D PT 2: Principalities, Powers, and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places-video unavailable

2E: Leviathan-Who, what, and How

2E PT 2 Jezebel, the Church, and You

1st Visit Training-Preparing your Mind for the Courts of Heaven

301 Receiving Charges

3A: Intercession: New Wine Skin vs. Old Wine Skin

3A PT 2: Receiving More from the Courts of Heaven

3B: Ministering to Our Spirits: Why, When, and How

3B PT 2: The Biggest Danger for Every Christian

3C: Familiar Spirits and the Courts of Heaven

3C PT 2: Cursed or Defiled Objects

3C PT 3: Coming Soon

3D: Levels of Demonic Attachment

3D PT 2: Removing Hidden Demonic Attachments

3E: Benefits of Soul Ties

3E PT 2: Find and Remove Soul Ties

3E PT 3: Spiritual Traps Through Technology

Receiving and Removing Charges

401 Removing Charges

4A: Grouping the Charges

4B: Attacks that Come After the Courts of Heaven

4B PT 2: Leaders, the Courts, and Backlash

4C: Preparing for Intercession

4C PT 2: Interceding for Others

4D: Higher Levels in the Courts

4D PT 2: Highest Level in the Courts of Heaven

4E: Discussion with Lynn - No Video

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