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Correction, Encouragement & Dreams from the Spirit - January 24, 2016

January 24, 2016

The Holy Spirit urged me to pick up James Durham’s books after seeing him on TV. I had a gift card from Barnes and Noble, so I immediately bought “Keys to an Open Heaven.” By Tuesday, I had completed the book. I found the message to be good for renewing my mind to what being a Christian is all about. However, there was one point that I didn’t fully, whole-heartedly, believe should be applied to my life:

One key to opening Heaven and visiting Jesus in Heaven is being united with
God’s chosen people: Israel. I believe what the Bible says, “I will bless those who bless you,” (Genesis 12:3) but I didn’t really think that giving to support outreaches which support to the Jewish people were necessary. I supported Christians United for Israel and I thought that was enough however I asked God to correct me if I was wrong.

Wednesday, January 27

I set aside the next three days to completely honor and seek God. I wanted a clear direction for what to do next with Him. This means I didn’t:

  • conduct any business 
  • talk to my mom or sisters except about spiritual matters have any recreation – no games on my iPad or secular TV. 
  • I was determined to seek only God.

The first day was tough. The seclusion wasn’t as freeing as I hoped. By the end of the day, I was missing the outside world. Did I really need to be excluded from family time at night? Would it hurt to just watch a program with them?

I shook the thought from me. I NEEDED to hear from God and I would honor Him all day long!

As I read, I had a revelation. I realized that I had ceased to be grateful for the presence of God that came upon me when I worshiped and sought Him. When His presence (James Durham’s book taught me it is His Living Water flowing into me) falls upon me, I enjoy it for a few minutes, but then become frustrated and I wonder, will I go to Heaven this time or will I just be disappointed again?

This was the entirely wrong attitude for me to be having! Now that I knew what the problem was, I was sure I could fix it. That night when I meditated and prayed, God filled me with the Living Water. I thought about how many times this has led nowhere crept in and immediately the flow from God stopped. I burst out into tears, crying, feeling like my heart was breaking in two. How could I stop this? It seemed like a vicious circle.

Thursday, January 28th 

I read more, watched programs about God, and just worshiped the Lord. I found within James’ book an admonishment that it is hard for God to give to a child who is ungrateful for what He has already done for them. Having experienced this with my own child, it really hit home: I need to repent for my ungratefulness. I needed God’s help. Through the Lord we overcome sin, not by ourselves! (
1 Corinthians 15:57)

I quickly called Mom. Through my tears I confessed how ungrateful I had become. How I took for granted what God has given me, what He has done for me. I repented (changed my mind completely, determined to go the opposite way) and felt a huge weight lift off me.

When we confess our sins, Christ will cleanse us continually cleanse us from all things that are not of God  (1 John 1:9). We confess our sins to a fellow believer, not because we have to or because we are not forgiven, Christ is our High Priest. He is the one who cleanses us, but so that our fellow brothers or sisters in Christ can encourage us and remind us that we are forgiven and that God is able to help us overcome whatever we are facing.

After this the Holy Spirit urged me into prayer and worship. God poured out His Living Water and it washed through me. I was so very grateful for the refreshing, uplifting touch from Heaven! I know the Lord will call me when He is ready to train me as His prophet – I am content with being refreshed in His presence until then.

That night I sat down at my computer to update my blog. It details my journey with God, so I counted it as spending time with Him. When I opened the statistics page I was shocked to see that I had 536 people visit my blog on Wednesday.

If you subtract the views since Wednesday, this is exactly 10% of the TOTAL visits to this site. A click of the mouse opens the pageviews by country. All 536 views came from Israel.

The fact that this was done the day after I asked God for correction about supporting Israel made this much more than a coincidence. This was something I could not ignore: It was a correction from the Lord! Supporting Israel was critical to my journey with Him. Some research online allowed me to find a good program to offer support, not only my Jewish brothers in Christ, but a missionary effort in Israel as well. Even though my checkbook was at the office, I purposed in my heart that I would send one out next week.

As evening approached I thought, surely I have received my breakthrough, now I can join my family for the evening. To tell you the truth, I was getting a little tired of the solitude. Yet, the Holy Spirit urged me to be strong. After dinner (which my husband lovingly prepared) I went back into our basement, secured myself away from the family and all non-God activity.

On Friday, the third day, I began reading “100 Days in Heaven” by James Durham. This book really gives you a good idea of how rich your relationship with Jesus can be. An idea began forming in my mind…

God has been good to me, He has revealed His will to me. What if, when I go to Heaven, it isn’t yet time for His glory to be poured out? What if I need to be trained first? I know that this outpouring of God’s Glory is linked to the second coming of Jesus and will come at a time set by God. Will I be obedient to God, even if it means not running to the hospital to pray for those who are sick when I return from Heaven?

This was a tough one. I thought I was obedient to God because I was willing to do whatever He says to go and do. Never did I think that He would tell me to wait… My heart breaks for the suffering, those that have not felt God’s love for them through the miracle of healing.
“God has a plan. Your will be done, not mine.” I said to Him in my prayers that day.

That night I had a really rough time when I went to bed. Around midnight my bedroom door opened. “Sarah?” I asked, wondering if she needed anything. I didn’t get an answer. Something felt “off.” There was an uneasiness in my stomach. I am not prone to fear, I have cast out demons and know they hold no power over me through the authority of Jesus. But this was different.

After going upstairs to check on the kids, I crawled back into bed. A short time later I thought I heard a dog bark. Nope, the dog was sleeping. I was starting to become just a little freaked out, so I said, “In Jesus’ Name, Satan I rebuke you. I plead the Blood over myself, my home, and everything in it. Father I ask that You send your angels to stand guard around me and mine, in Jesus’ Name.”

Then I asked, “Holy Spirit, if this is You trying to get my attention please let me know if there is something more I need to pray about. Something You need me to do?” Getting no more directions, I prayed in the heavenly language until I became drowsy. Rolling onto my back, I said, “Holy Spirit, the Bible tells us that you bring wisdom, so I pray that You will not let this time be wasted in idle fantasy, that while I sleep You grant me wisdom.” (I try to do this every night) I finally dozed off around 2 AM.

I had a strange dream. I woke up, thinking, “That was weird, surely there is no hidden message in that mess of a dream.” I rolled over onto my side to try and relax.

Three hours later I woke. I had fallen asleep on my side, which I rarely do. Being on my side relaxes me, then I role to my back to sleep. The dream I had was so very vivid I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Even though I only had a few hours of sleep, I was wide awake, not even close to being ready to go back to sleep. As I lay there I said a quick prayer, “Holy Spirit if this dream is from you, I have no idea what you are trying to tell me. Can you open my spiritual senses and show me what it means? If it is from You, keep my memory of it perfect and clear.”

As I began to think over what I had seen, working my way backward, immediately information began unfolding in my mind with no effort on my part. (Dream interpretation has never been a strong suit of mine. I can make great stories and even modify them, but I am, on my own, not good at picking out what things stand for) All I had to do was think of an item or person and what it to correspond with was revealed. I was shocked and amazed at how well it all fit together. I didn’t even remember the first dream until a little nudge in my spirit reminded me of it. The Holy Spirit showed me how they were part of the same message!

I don't believe it is time to release the meaning of these dreams to the public yet. I will include both the dreams and interpretation in my book, To Heaven and Back Again.

Supporting Evidence

When God declares His will, He will say the same thing to many; this is a type of confirmation. On February 1, 2016 James Durham recorded “What Heaven is Saying” on his website as he does each day after God speaks to him.

Two of the visions graphically stated that God was getting ready to release His glory but it wasn’t yet time. Seeing the vision in two separate ways meant that it was set and could not be changed.
Thank you Lord for verifying that my dreams were from You!

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