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Interceding for Others Testimony

Healing & Salvation

If you have heard about my journey with God, you know my relationship with God was renewed several years after I married. I asked my husband, Tony, if he was okay with it and he said, “That’s fine, but if you start acting like your mom I’ll divorce you.” My parents were Full Gospel pastors. When they came to visit, Tony asked them not to bring their Bibles because he didn’t want to be preached at in his own home.  

We only attended church on Christmas and sometimes Easter, until my kids were in school. The Holy Spirit told me to tell him, “It is time our girls learn about God. I assume you don’t want to teach them. This means I have to take them to church. What would you like me to tell them when you don’t intend to come with us? ‘Your dad’s too busy? Or too tired?’” 

“No, I’ll go…” he replied. Tony accepted Jesus as Lord a few years later and he was baptized in the river with the girls. However, there were still times, even as recent as 2 years ago when he’d say, “You are acting like your mother.” I had gotten too excited about what God was doing and talked too much about it - remember I had been healed instantly several times. 

I interceded for my husband in the Courts of Heaven, but instead of improving, they just seemed to get worse. Tony had a few minor "accidents" then around Christmas time he hurt his neck. He suffered through almost two months of intense pain before he was diagnosed with a bulging disc - C6. The level of pain was so high that even the strongest pain pills couldn't help him sleep for more than a few hours each night because of the constant agony radiating from his neck and shoulder. “You pray for everyone else,” he complained, “Why aren’t you praying for me?”

Obedient to his request, two of us went to the courts to intercede for Tony. The other person heard charges:
  • Abandonment
  • Mercenary
  • Prostitution
  • Rebellion 
  • Idolatry 
  • Persecution 
She also saw papers being shoved under the big calendar that sits on a desk. We learned that the calendar is called a “blotter.” At first we figured they were put there to be dealt with at a different time, but on hold, or maybe it meant that these charges were being placed under the blood of Jesus, blotted out. However, Tony’s shoulder just got worse. 

A couple of weeks later at our Christian Tea and Coffee meeting, we would intercede for our loved ones. When I prayed for Tony, someone saw a pitcher of water being dumped on his head. We thought it meant Tony would be baptized with the Holy Spirit, but we were not completely sure. 

A few more weeks passed, and my husband got the cold that everyone else in the house had weeks before. The coughing intensified the pain. “Why is this happening to me?” He demanded. 

I sighed, “You’ve asked me to pray for you, but I can’t. I know what you need to do, and I don’t think you are ready to do it!”

“I am getting really frustrated. your friend prayed for me, you prayed for me. I’m trying to talk to God more than ever, but He never answers!” He said, “I’m an engineer, I know when something isn’t working. Maybe I need to do it your way.”

“Honey,” I whispered, “We heard charges against you in the courts. At first I hoped that the vision of the blotter meant they were already blotted out. But, if that were so, you wouldn’t be getting worse. The Holy Spirit has been saying that pitcher of water wasn’t a baptism. I keep hearing ‘he’s all wet,’ when I ask the Holy Spirit about it. This means that the blotter was instructions. You need to get the charges against you under the blood of Jesus. But I don’t think you are ready for that yet.”

“There were charges against me?” He sounded surprised and a little worried. “What were they?”

“One of the charges was related to porn. This means if you aren’t willing to confess that this was wrong you can’t go to the Courts.” I continued to explain, “when you are in Heaven, before God as Judge and seen by witnesses in Heaven, what you believe and how you feel about it will be clearly seen. So if you don’t know in your heart that looking at porn is wrong, like Jesus said ‘to look at a woman and lust in your heart is the same as committing adultery.’ If you aren’t ready to admit this was a sin and turn from it, going to the Courts will just make things worse.”

“What were the other charges?” He demanded. 

“I’m not sure.” I yawned. “ they are buried in my phone messages somewhere. I think one was idolatry…”

“What the Hell does that mean!” He grumbled, “like idols? I don’t have any statues!”

It was nearing 11:00 pm and I had to be up before six; I kept a tight rein on my temper. “An idol is something you put above God: it takes a place He should have. In many cases you are the idol.”

“How can I be an idol?” He demanded. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, do you thank God for the job you have and where we live or do you consider that all your doing?” I asked.

“I’m the one who studied and took the classes,” Tony insisted. “I went to the interview, what did God have to do with it?” 

A few more exchanges about God giving him the ability to learn were getting me nowhere, so I sent a silent plea to the Holy Spirit for help. I followed the new train of thought flowing into my mind, “Honey, did you know that there are books about your perfect destiny? God wrote a book for each of us when Adam was created. He designed you for His purpose, according to His plans. Are you even considering that in your life or are you the god of your life doing whatever you think is right?”

This he understood. Tony asked if I could send him the charges in the morning and if my friend and I would take him to the Courts. Unfortunately, we were packed with appointments for two days! I suggested he go over the charges and ask me about the ones he couldn’t figure out. I will share the application of the charges because we hear these words a lot and this meaning may help others: 
  • Abandonment - giving up on God and not following through with what you promised to do even after receiving a miraculous sign. (The story is in Angels Believe in You.)
  • Mercenary - motivated by money. To repent you need to tithe, showing that God is the one who gave it to you and it is His portion. 
  • Prostitution - viewing porn is paying others to have sex
  • Rebellion - this could be refusing to do anything you know you should with God. In this case it was forsaking the assembly: not going to church in our early marriage.
  • Idolatry - something that is above God, even if it is you.
  • Persecution - the mean jabs and slams he’d say about my walking with God.
My friend agreed we would take Tony to the courts later so I headed out for an appointment but I called Tony to tell him to start repenting and “pleading the blood” over the list. To my shock he said, “When I couldn’t sleep, I started doing that at 2 am.”

After going through the usual Court procedures and asking for the cases against him to dismissed, my friend saw a hand being lifted as if in worship but it was twisted. The Holy Spirit revealed it was a charge for the prayers his ancestors had prayed to the Saints. We are to pray to God only, not angels and not anyone else but the Trinity.

I asked, “Is there anything else hindering my husband?” the other person heard, “Municipality and monopoly.” The Holy Spirit revealed that was a charge against his mom. Municipality is government position; she was a state paid teacher. Monopoly; she had complete control over her students' time. Every year, for every class, she showed all the Harry Potter movies to her kids. She was using her position to introduce the idea of witchcraft to hundreds of kids.

After Tony repented for his ancestors for these things and we asked for the charges to be dismissed, my friend saw Tony kneeling with his left hand raised, not twisted, and a drop of oil landed on his forehead. The Courts were clear! God was anointing Tony’s thoughts!
The pain had left early Saturday morning. Tony slept the entire night for the first time in months. On Sunday when our pastor called for those who wanted to dedicate their lives to the Lord to raise their hands, Tony’s went up for the first time in church! Praise be to God! 

On Saturday morning Tony woke up feeling fine. But around noon some of the pain returned. Unfortunately much of the pain came back on Monday at work. We had a discussion about how cursing opens the door for curses. It is the first time God has allowed me to speak to him about using the F-word.

Tony still sleeps through the night and the pain is slowly decreasing. He is determined to be faithful this time as I encourage him that his healing will manifest in God’s time. On Tuesday he began listening to the Bible on his Audible app on his way to work. Before we went to sleep, he wanted to tell me what he learned in the first 9 chapters! For the first time, we are tithing, not only on what I make, but on what Tony does… God is amazing! 

Though we entered into the Courts for charges against my husband, we have now realized that merely interceding for someone for grace and mercy can bring about the same type of events. If you are considering interceding for a loved one, know that it can get worse before it gets better. Be ready to stand firm and say what the Holy Spirit tells you to, when He tells you to!

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  1. Thank you Lynn Im gleaning so much from you.At the moment my life is so upside down i really need help going into the Courts of heaven.