Friday, July 6, 2018

Dreams about Our Past

Dreams about places or people from our past have a special meaning centered around that time when these things were in our lives. God brought me a dream like this that I believe will speak to many people in the body of Christ:


I received a phone call from a man, let’s call him Bruce, who I shared an office space with back in 2014. We weren’t partners, I had an office inside his business. He said he had some things of mine and asked me to come by and pick them up. 

The scene changed and I was in this HUGE printing company. It was everything his company wasn’t: organized and hustling with business. Bruce had a small corner space within this huge business. He showed me to some shelves of books. I went through them looking for any titles that I could use. I found a pair of paperbacks, “Route to Peace”  and many copies of an audio book I created in 2011 which I placed in a plastic bag. 
As I continued looking around, a young man came up. He was the son of the owner of this larger shop. He handed me a dark navy blue dress with tiny white flowers, “I think this is yours.” I placed the dress in the bag and the dream ended.


  • A phone call represents communication with the spirit realm. 
  • Bruce represents something that was happening at the time when my business was close to his. 
  • The new setting: the big and well-organized business where he is now located says things in my life are booming and bustling and organized. 
  • Retrieving items are picking up things that I have forgotten. 
  • An audio book is spoken words which brings “Route to Peace.”
  • The young boy is the Holy Spirit. My new business is the ministry, so the owner is God, the child-like aspect of God is the Holy Spirit. 
  • The dress is our relationship with our Heavenly Groom to be - Jesus. Deep blue is intense revelation and communion. White flowers are love and white is righteousness. 

God (the cell phone call) is reminding me to keep speaking the promises of His word and to continue in the quiet, warm, fellowship with Him that opened up the Secret Place. (the book Roadmap to Heaven shows you this) I was very focused on this at the time I shared an office space with Bruce. Lately, I have been too busy for cuddle time with God where I just worship and commune with Him. There has been a lack of focus on my love relationship with the Lord. This is what He is reminding me of. 

When life gets busy, it is important to remain in communion with God more than ever. I hope you will redouble your efforts as I am! 

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