Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jesus' Favorite Place

Life has become busier than I could have ever imagined. The Courts of Heaven - Worldwide group on Facebook took off like a rocket in a way that says, God is upon this ministry. It truly is more than a social media group. The Lord has had me organize this like a ministry; It is an organized place where people are training to help others learn and visit the Courts of Heaven with a Seer. 

In 5 months we have had more than 2500 people in the group who have wanted to know more about the Courts and receive help with prayer. Many miracles and deliverances have resulted from the dedication of those who are volunteering to help the Body of Christ. The Lord is good, those who volunteer to help others, are finding their spiritual gifts are growing and multiplying. 

The busyness kept me from quiet worship time with the Lord for months. I felt the loss, and Him calling me back to Him. Quieting my mind was harder than I thought possible. Thoughts of the needs of the group kept pushing into my mind - so many needed healing for themselves or a loved one. Worship music helped: focusing on the Word and my love for Him brought the peace and stillness I sought. 

The Lord came striding out of the darkness toward me. He took my hands in His. I threw my arms around His neck and cried, “I need to know you more! I need to be with you more! Will you take me to your favorite place in Heaven?” He had always been so good at giving me what I like which showed me how much He cares for me. But now, what I really need was to KNOW Him: to really know someone, you must know what they like. 

He took me by the hand and instantly we were sitting on a rocky ledge of a cliff. I was shocked to see a desert surrounding us. My attention was captivated by what resembled a sunrise: off in the distance, spread out across the horizon, was the Holy City of New Jerusalem. Vibrant and gold, it sparkled like ocean waters with a shining, brilliant white light in the center instead of a yellow sun.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered, “Why is this your favorite place?” 

His voice is quiet but strong, “This desert reminds me of my time as a Man. Here I can see those who are able to come because of what I did.” 

Tears well up in my eyes. Jesus puts His arm around my shoulders and pulls me close to snuggle with Him. “I didn’t know that Heaven had deserts. It is a place of God’s abundance, not a lack of water…” As soon as the thought comes to my mind, I speak it to the Lord. 

“Just because you are in a place where you are not seeing God’s abundance, it doesn’t mean that He isn’t there.” Suddenly I smell this wonderful scent. It reminds me of the desert around Phoenix when the flowers are in bloom, but it may just have been the fragrance of Heaven. Jesus continued, “When you don’t see God, it is a time to search for Him and let your roots grow deep.”  

I was tired, I had been working long hours on the group and the needs of so many were a weight I wasn't used to carrying. Jesus seemed to know this. Without words, He encouraged me to lay my head in His lap, “Rest…” He said as He stroked my hair. My eyes were heavy, but I wanted to see more. I lay there on the edge of sleep with my Lord as long as time would allow.

I wasn’t sure I would write about this. Would it help anyone? Did people really want to know such things? Would it encourage others? Let me know if I should keep sharing these… comment, share or even just “like” this if you think sharing these visitations are helpful.

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  1. Wow. This was a word I needed to hear. Please keep sharing these adventures with Jesus, Lynn

  2. I really needed to hear this,pls keep sharing Pastor

  3. Please don't stop sharing yours visits to Heaven, I enjoy it! Thank you, Pastor Lynn!