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Leaders, the Courts, and Backlash

A recent visit to the Courts of Heaven revealed several key factors about operating in the fullness of what Jesus had provided for us:
  1. Freedom and healing, both physical and emotional, can come quickly.
  2. The Courts of Heaven is not a “one and done,” it is a lifestyle.
  3. Listening to the Holy Spirit in the Courts is crucial. 
  4. Seasoned Christians can experience backlash as they operate in the Courts.
There are many testimonies in the Courts of Heaven - Worldwide Facebook group and our website Agape Christian Fellowship that show how instant healing can come in the Courts. However, what many do not tell you is that operating in the Courts is not a one time thing. It is a lifestyle; it is the beginning of a prayer life that considers the Courts of Heaven as things come up as a possible tool to use. Additional visits to the Courts of Heaven will be necessary in our life. Leaders are not exempt from this, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Returning to the Courts is vital for those who are helping others obtain all the Jesus has done in the Courtrooms of Heaven.
There are basic procedures that God expects us to know, but following the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit is vital to receiving all that Jesus has done. A petitioner, let’s call her Rehab, has graciously agreed to allow me to share the details of her visit so you can clearly see these things in action.
Rehab had been through the Court process, yet she still felt something was blocking her so she signed up for at 4th visit to receive additional charges. Her sister, let’s call her Evon, also needed a second set of visits and was scheduled right after her, they were to be present at each others’ visits.  
We began by asking for charges. Two discouraging visions were received which was a heads up that this would be a rough visit. Two of the words received were: root of bitterness and unforgiveness along with words that revealed a timeframe: yesterday and day before. This meant there was something in her past, long past that was a root of bitterness from unforgiveness.

The Holy Spirit brought thoughts of past trauma to Rahab. She submitted her will to His by confessing to all those present, things from her past which she had never fully expressed before:
She had been sexually attacked by several men at the age of 11-12. She was staying with her friend, and this friend’s father began visiting her room at night to molest her. When she told her own father about it, he told her to keep her mouth shut and endure it.  
Rahab sobbed as she recounted the incident, revealing a root still buried. One of the  Seers suggested she needed to declare her forgiveness of these men. After she did this, I gave instructions that surprised me because it was not something that I would think of; this was from the Holy Spirit, “Now, Rahab, ask the Father to forgive these men and if they are no longer in this world, then to forgive their children.” 
The heart of Rahab was clear for everyone to see as she did this, meaning every word. The charges were dismissed and Rahab received her first visit to the Secret Place, right then and there! She told us, “I saw myself as a little girl, climbing onto the Abba’s  lap. He pulled a blanket over me…”   
One of the Seers verified the vision declaring what she saw, “I saw a warm blanket cover you…”  
I declared what the Holy Spirit was bringing to my heart, “God wants you to call upon Him as Abba and remember this vision each night before you sleep. He will bring you to the Secret Place where you will experience the sweetest sleep you have ever known.” 
Rahab began to cry once more, “You have no idea what this means to me. I have suffered with insomnia all my life. I wake up, afraid someone will assault me while I sleep.” 
We finished the appointment with much rejoicing before placing her sister Evon before the Judge. As we reviewed the charges, I heard this loud rumbling sound. As it got louder, I realized it was snoring! The loud laughter from our group brought Rehab from a deep sleep. We excused her from the meeting and the words from the Holy Spirit were fulfilled: She had the deepest, most wonderful sleep. 
While reviewing Evon’s charges, one of our team members kept posting in the chat, “I’m repenting for that, too, and pleading the blood!” The interpretation for many of the words was hitting the members heart; they were something they and been guilty of in the past. 
Evon joked, “My appointment is doing double duty!” which got a big laugh from all team members. 
This particular member of our team had learned early on that when you hear other people’s charges in the Courts of Heaven and the Holy Spirit reminds you, that you too were guilty of that sin and if you don’t repent, then you can get backlash as Satan places charges on you the next day. If you repent and plead the blood as things are revealed, there is nothing left for Satan to use as evidence against you in the Courts of Heaven. 
That night I didn’t sleep well. The Lord was speaking to me about reorganizing the ministry and thoughts of my past kept playing through my mind: 

My uncle, who was around 30 years old, had been caught in my step-sisters bedroom - she was twelve. My father, her step-dad, said that it was her fault, that she had seduced him. 

I found out about this several years later and wouldn’t see him again until  I was seventeen years old. At a family bar-b-q, my uncle came up to me, as friendly as ever. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “I have spoken to my sister. I know what you did. Don’t you ever speak to me again.”

I turned on my heel and walked away and never spoke to him again. He died about 10 years ago. 

Although the Holy Spirit kept me awake, reminding me of this, I didn’t connect it with the possibility of charges coming against me. The next morning I woke with definite signs of backlash:
  1. My computer wouldn’t let me do my morning prayers, live broadcast on FB. 
  2. Pressure surrounded my head, like it was in a vise. 
  3. It felt like something was inside my ears, like a balloon expanding in my ear canals.
Backlash can appear in unique forms; these were just the symptoms this time. I knew it was backlash because I had a busy day and the more I went to the Courts the worse it got. I struggled to hear from the Holy Spirit which is usually so very easy. 

With only an hour in between appointments, there was not time to seek the cause. My head was so foggy, I couldn’t think of what it was. During a visit, I asked for a private sidebar with my Counselor. “Holy Spirit,” I begged, “What is going on with my head and my ears?”

I saw a picture of myself with a black bag over my head. When it was removed, there was a blob with four tentacles on top of my head. Two of the arms held it in place, the other two were in my ears. This is why my head felt so bad! 

Later that night as I was crawling into bed, I told my husband about that difficult trip to the Courts and how it affected me afterwards. Instantly, I knew that was the issue, as the Holy Spirit convicted my heart: I hadn’t forgiven my father or my uncle, yet I told Rehab to do so. This is where the charges were coming from. 

The Holy Spirit also brought to me the warning dream He sent before the appointment: 
There was a scholarship that would take care of all my needs, but I had to pass a test first. I wasn’t worried - the test was easy. The results came in, I had failed scoring 24%! I knew something was wrong.  
Looking at the test, I saw I was one question short. I had the first 24 questions right then all the rest wrong. I had skipped one of the questions, making the rest wrong after it.  
I had asked the Holy Spirit what had I missed that was causing me to fail, but had heard nothing. I knew it was something that was in the foundational teachings of God because 24 is maturing and the government of God.  
Now I know what this dream was about: Forgiveness is the one thing that Jesus tells us that we must do so that His goodness can come upon us. I had overlooked that part of my past and now that the enemy had spotted it when I was in the courts, it would hinder me from receiving from God until I corrected it. 
I went to the Courts as soon as I understood what was against me. Just as I had advised Rehab, I announced my forgiveness and asked the Judge to forgive those men and their ancestors. When I asked for the charges to be dismissed, I asked for justice to come and for God to restore more than what had been taken, for Him to increase the gifts the enemy was trying to hinder. 

Immediately the pressure went away. The next morning I woke refreshed, feeling the strong presence of my Friend surround me once more. I dare the enemy to come at me again… I will not rebel against God’s way and his attack will only increase my effectiveness for the Lord! 

The Courts of Heaven are not a “One and done.” Even seasoned Christians who have operated there to help others need to be continually aware that the enemy may put charges against you.

But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. For he that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” (1 Corinthians 11:28-31 AKJV)

We must continually look at our lives and judge ourselves, confessing and turning from sin. This alone will let us escape judgments from Heaven while on this earth. 

Healing, both emotional and physical can come through the Courts, however, that is not the purpose. It is to clear out all the things blocking us from the close relationship with our Father in Heaven so that we can achieve the divine destiny He has called us to. Leaders need to be proficient in operating in the Courts so that the plans of the enemy can be seen and removed before they can bring harm. 

If you would like to learn more about the Courts of Heaven, our Facebook group is equipped with resources and team members eager to help you with your visits to the Courts of Heaven. The Lord is constantly expanding our team, so if this message has touched your heart, please come and join us and let's see if working as a member of our team is part of the path to your destiny.

Facebook Group: Courts of Heaven - Worldwide

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