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Jezebel, the Church, and You

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But I have this [charge] against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [claiming to be inspired], and she teaches and misleads My bond-servants so that they commit [acts of sexual] immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols. (Revelation 2:20 AMP) 

The Jezebel spirit is so evil that in the Book of Revelation, God warns us about the consequences of hosting or tolerating this demon in the church. This applies to people who are operating under her influence. Three things that they do are mentioned: 

  1. Give fake, obvious, or vague prophecies to appear prophetic 
  2. Twist the Word of God  
  3. Mislead people into sin 

I gave her time to repent [to change her inner self and her sinful way of thinking], but she has no desire to repent of her immorality [and refuses to do so.] Listen carefully, I will throw her on a bed of sickness, and those who commit adultery with her [I will bring] into great anguish, unless they repent of her deeds. And I will kill her children (followers) with pestilence [thoroughly annihilating them]. (Revelation 2:21-23 AMP) 

Churches should gently correct people who have this spirit and give them time to repent. This spirit will bring the person power and abilities of manipulation for a time, but in the end, there will be consequences: 

  • Sickness 
  • Pain—both emotional and physical 

To understand this spirit, we need to look at the physical example we have of the person from whom the spiritual principality gets her name. In 1 Kings, Jezebel is a wicked pagan queen who worshipped Baal or Satan. She was married to King Ahab and manipulated him to bow down to and worship other gods. She committed murder to please her husband, and she tried to kill the prophet, Elijah. Jezebel hates the prophets. 

Her intimidation tactics are ruthless when she is angry. This is the same spirit that was exemplified by Herodias, the wife of King Herod, as well as her daughter Salome who danced around the King to seduce him, then asked him for the head of John the Baptist. 

The name “Jezebel” can also mean married to Baal, and Baal, as already established, is Satan. This principality can also manifest itself as a dragon and works hand in hand with Leviathan. When Jezebel is influencing a person in a church, she will disguise herself as someone spiritual, a false prophet, a member of the worship team, or a seer who has a counterfeit holy spirit. Often someone who has a Jezebel spirit will manipulate their way onto the worship team or into a leadership position in the church, where she wreaks havoc in every area of the church. The goal of this spirit is to move up in the church to get as close to the pastor as possible to eventually control him/her.  

As it is moving into position, if anyone gets in its way, this spirit will attempt to destroy them, their relationships, marriages, and/or businesses. By the time people realize what’s going on, it can be too late. The damage has been done, and it can take years to pick up the pieces and mend the brokenness that Jezebel causes. 

Someone dominated by the Jezebel Spirit will have many of the following traits: (The sin is listed inside the parentheses). 

  • Jezebel shows up when there is a vacuum of power: The power-hungry spirit may appear to be helping out when the real intent is to take control of that position. (Striving for power) 
  • The Jezebel spirit manifested in women will try to befriend and manipulate as many members of the opposite sex as possible through lust to turn them into Ahabs. (Manipulation, using lust to seduce others) 
  • Loves and seeks out money and power, wishing for control over it. (Love of money, love of power) 
  • A skilled liar, it will say whatever it has to in order to win someone over to become its eunuch or puppet. (Lying) 
  • Through manipulation, it uses the fear of being rejected to excuse bad behavior, which further controls others (Manipulation) 
  • Jezebel likes to isolate and pit people against each other. (Divisiveness and causing strife) 
  • The spirits are prone to jealousy and envy when someone is promoted before them or is getting more attention than they are. (Jealousy, envy) 
  • They are never wrong and cannot take constructive criticism; they will accuse people falsely to attempt to prove they are not at fault, “it’s always someone else’s fault.” (Manipulation) 
  • They initiate and partake in witchcraft prayers which center around what will benefit them) to manipulate circumstances to go their way. (Manipulation, witchcraft) 
  • They pretend to be spiritual and to hear the Holy Spirit all the time, using scriptures manipulatively. They will make you feel like your walk with God is not as special as their close relationship with the Holy Spirit. These are the same traits as a religious spirit. (Self-Righteousness) 
  • If they are ever allowed to speak or preach, they will be prideful and make sure their name and all their titles/credentials are on display. If they are not on the screen in front of you, they will ask to be introduced with them. If you don’t call them by their title, they will remind you to call them Dr., Pastor, or Prophet so and so. (Pride) 
  • Vanity concerning looks. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily good-looking. However, they will be overly concerned with minor aspects of their physical appearance. (Vanity) 
  • Exaggerates all the time. (Lies) 
  • Bitter and unforgiving when they do not get their way. (Unforgiveness) 
  • Knows more about you than you realize which is often a familiar spirit at work so they can use it as a weapon against you later if you don’t cooperate (Witchcraft) 
  • Will always try to fulfill a need you have so that they can take advantage of it later with a “you owe me” setup. (Manipulation) 
  • Has a temper that makes others fear them. (Rage) 
  • Prone to emotional excess in prayer or if corrected; uses tears and anger as a weapon. (No Self-control) 
  • Has a problem submitting to legitimate authority. (Rebellion) 
  • Hates the opposite sex. (Without love) 
  • Criticizes others to make itself look better, sowing seeds of discord. (strife) 
  • Operates in the flesh. (No fruit of the Spirit) 
  • Pushy and domineering. (Lack of faith that God will get it done) 
  • Leads others into sexual promiscuity. (Lust) 
  • Creates confusion when present in a group. 

Although the Jezebel spirit is more prevalent in women than in men, it is not only in women. A few signs that may be more apparent in men are: 

  • Abusive, controlling personality; pastors most likely have this spirit. 
  • Always reminding the congregation they are there to serve him, or the church is his house. (We should be in church to serve one another, not the pastor.) 
  • Never seen getting his hands dirty, because ‘he is the pastor.’ (This arrogant attitude is another sign of Jezebel working hand in hand with the religious spirit.) 

Jezebel’s purpose is to derail any attempt of God to bring true revival or to prevent the Glory of God from entering the church. Over the years we have heard of revival breaking out in churches. Have you ever wondered why it stopped?  Jezebel most likely walked in unnoticed by the leadership, and her presence and actions pushed out the true presence of God. 

Jezebel and the Church 

I have seen firsthand how Christians might realize something is not right but are slow to react and afraid to speak up and say anything bad. Many in church do not know how to sound the trumpet on what they are discerning. The problem is that many churches do not teach discernment and how to recognize when the Holy Spirit is showing them something. 

We’ve all been there: we don’t want to say anything negative for fear that we are the one that has a ‘heart attitude problem’ or we will be labeled a troublemaker. It is good to know where God is at work in our lives and in the church, but we must also know how to discern where the enemy is at work. The Number One demon at work in the church today is the Jezebel spirit. When you do recognize this spirit at work in someone, don’t label them but instead pray for them and your pastor so that they do not submit to this spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to show them, convict them, and lead them into repentance. 

If Jezebel is operating as a woman, she will dress seductively in church, or she will do whatever she has to in order to get the pastor’s attention. A person dominated by this spirit will have a word of knowledge all the time and appear very spiritual. Once they have gained the pastor’s trust while operating with a familiar spirit, they will be allowed to prophesy over people. Never allow this person to lay hands on you in prayer or speak into your life. 

This is how defilement runs rapidly in the church: innocent people who blindly follow whatever the pastor tells them without seeking the Holy Spirit about it will come under major spiritual attacks with witchcraft, oppression, strange illnesses, and even death. Always ask the Holy Spirit first before you allow anyone to prophesy over you or to lay hands on you. The body of Christ needs to avoid being “blind sheep” and have a close personal relationship with God so that the warnings of the Holy Spirit can be heeded. 

It is usually in your personal prayer time that God will expose the Jezebel spirit at work in you and/or your church, and you can pray for your pastor and leaders to not fall victim to its spell. Pray that your pastor will heed the warnings given to him or her.  

Some pastors who are warned about a Jezebel spirit operating in a woman will react out of the flesh. Instead of heeding the warning and taking it to prayer, he may feel bad about what was said about someone he knows. If he goes out of his way to be nice to this person, he may be stepping into the snare that Jezebel has laid. Sadly, his good intentions may backfire because he did not listen to the warning, and he may wind up being seduced by her. 

Once a Jezebel spirit is tolerated, many more people with this spirit will start attending the same church. It seems to be a spiritual law. When you tolerate Jezebel, compromise with it, and submit to it, this demon spirit will multiply in the church!  

I have watched this spirit manifest in many ways in the church. Once you have encountered this spirit, it is easier to spot each time. I have had many people with this spirit walk up to me and say the Holy Spirit told them they were to mentor me. I always giggle inside because while the devil can put on many different masks, he’s not very creative. Don’t be surprised if you are approached by someone saying the same thing. The Holy Spirit is my teacher, and if the Lord has decided He wants me to be mentored by someone, He will reveal it to me first. 

Jezebel and You 

Over the years, watching how this demon can influence both men and women, I have concluded that “everyone” may have some traits or patterns of sin that are related to the Jezebel spirit. When we commit these sins, it opens the door for a spirit to attach itself to us. If an attachment develops with a spirit of Jezebel, it is strengthened each time we commit her sins. Eventually, we attribute these sins to part of our personality, making us believe “it is just who we are.” This is when Jezebel is able to work through us for her purposes. 

Perhaps the most devastating aspect of Jezebel is that she loves to hide. Often, the person operating under her influence is ignorant of her presence; they love the Lord, but Jezebel has been given access to them, and she won’t give up easily. As mentioned before, entertaining her brings some consequences: 

  • If you are “on a bed of suffering” of sickness or pain that no prayer will deliver you from, there is a chance that you have unknowingly entertained a Jezebel spirit. 
  • If you have been prayed for and received healing for a time, but the sickness or pain returned, Jezebel may be in action in your life. 

We were all born with sin. Before we go on a witch hunt, looking for who has a Jezebel spirit, we need to be aware of her traits and examine ourselves first and “repent” for either entertaining Jezebel in our own life or for submitting to it. In other words, we must also make sure we have not been an Ahab. The key is to nip our sins in the bud so that this spirit has no chance to blossom in our lives. 

Looking over the characteristics of Jezebel is a good place to start. If you don’t feel you have any of these traits, then ask someone close to you. A person who becomes infuriated when these traits are pointed out has this spirit already at work in their life. If you are offended by what is mentioned here, that is Jezebel trying to get you away from the knowledge that can expose and remove her from your life. Only a repentant heart will deliver you from the Jezebel spirit. 

By the way, this demon is known to reside in the pituitary gland, which is why it can take control over your mind and personality. Jezebel’s ultimate goal is to prevent us from living a life of holiness. She will do her best to defile us with fornication, sexual perversity, witchcraft, and false teachings, and lead us to the wide path that keeps us in sin and away from a close walk with God. 

The apostle Peter told us that just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do. For it is written, “Be holy, for I Am holy.” (1 Peter 1:16)   To stop Jezebel from controlling our very being, we must live a life of being quick to repent when we have fallen short of the glory of God and turn away from sin and all temptation. We must have discernment and make sure we never befriend anyone with a Jezebel spirit because “bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Corinthians 15:33) 

If we have any Jezebel-like traits in us, we will not be able to stop tolerating Jezebel in other people. Below is a list of sins to take an honest look at our own lives, going back to our childhood: 

  • Lying: including manipulation facts which is dishonesty and exaggeration 
  • Pride: 
    • Pretentious religiousness or trying to seem spiritual 
    • Desiring and seeking money, including desiring power 
    • Showing hatred or despising the opposite sex 
    • Operating in the flesh and praying manipulative prayers using the word of God to try and get what I want 
    • Having your own agenda in ministry or at church instead of looking for what God wants 
    • Accepting false prophecies and keeping old prophecies 
    • Not wanting to submit to authority 
  • Fear: including victim mentality, self-pity, self-promotion 
    • Attention-seeking or loudness when talking or praying can include tears (lack of self-control) 
  • Lust: not only sexually but coveting things or positions of others 
    • Secretly wanting a high position and coveting the positions of other leaders to the point of plotting to have them removed so you could fill it 
  • Jealousy including speaking actions and words causing division (causing strife) 
  • Rage: including speaking death over people or aggressive, pushy, or domineering behavior 
  • Rebellion: including false humility 
  • Bitterness: including being revengeful, unforgiving 
  • Causing confusion 

You may choose to confess, repent, and plead the blood over these sins, then revoke Jezebel’s access to you. Here is an example of a prayer that can be prayed to accomplish this: 

Father, I acknowledge that I have yielded myself to the spirits of Jezebel. 

I come to you, humbling myself before you. I desire your standard of righteousness and holiness in my life. I ask you to forgive me for allowing the Jezebel spirit to manifest in my own life and for tolerating it in others. I should never have been sympathetic to its ways. I confess that my ancestors were also wrong in tolerating this spirit. Please forgive me for every way I have opened myself up to this spirit. Help me to ruthlessly reject its way of thinking and every desire to control and manipulate other people. 

I confess that I was in agreement and compliant with her network. Whether willingly or ignorantly, I received her deceptive tricks and got caught in her web of destruction. I have reviewed her traits, and I have concluded that I and my ancestors have been guilty of these sins. (State the traits/sins here that have applied to you personally, at any time in your life; you do not want a false confession) 

I am so very sorry for all these sins and will turn from them now. I cover all of these sins with the blood of Jesus and ask that the sins of my ancestors be blotted out as well. 

I renounce the demons of Jezebel connected to these traits and ask you, Holy Spirit, that you help me on a daily basis to turn from these sins in my life.  Through the Holy Spirit I will live by God's standard of righteousness, holiness, and conduct. Holy Spirit, I ask that you open my eyes and cause Your light to expose any darkness and help me to walk in humility and truth. In Jesus Name. Amen 

The Courts of Heaven Academy and Agape Christian Fellowship has a policy that everyone working for Agape CF, including Team Members and even those in training at the Academy who attend appointments of others, use this template as a guide to repent in a prayer meeting for any of the Jezebel sins in their lives. If all churches and Christian organizations did this, Jezebel would no longer have a place within the body of Christ. 

The Jezebel spirit must never be tolerated, as stated in the Book of Revelation. When you see your children manifest any traits, teach them to repent even at an early age because it grieves the Holy Spirit when we don’t teach them in the ways of the Lord. This will help them to avoid being a victim of Jezebel later in life. 

Ahab Stronghold 

King Ahab allowed Jezebel to influence his decisions and run his life. If you let someone with a Jezebel spirit influence you into doing something that you shouldn’t, it gives her a place in your life. Even if it sounds like a good idea, if they are using manipulation or flattery to convince you, and you agree, then it opens a door to Jezebel. When you do it often, it is an Ahab stronghold. 

Our own life should be examined for Jezebel traits first. Once we make sure we have removed any of her traits, we should make sure we do not have an Ahab stronghold. If we are drawn to those operating in Jezebel traits allowing ourselves to be led into sin or bad decisions, then we need to say an Ahab prayer. 

This prayer is just like the Jezebel prayer, but instead of being guilty of the sin, we are guilty of coming into agreement with those under the influence of Jezebel. The most common sins are manipulation, gossip, slander, and sexual sins, but any of the other sins may also be present. 

The Spirit of Ahab – Prayer 

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that I opened the door to the Ahab spirit in my life, and I have submitted to those with a Jezebel spirit. I humble myself before you according to James 4:10. I am open to your Spirit of truth and submit myself to your godly counsel and corrections. 

I confess that I was in agreement with Ahab going back to the time when I was a child. I confess that my wrong words, actions, and beliefs attracted Jezebel to my life, causing me to submit to this spirit. This may have been done consciously or unconsciously. I confess that my ancestors were also submitted to these spirits. (If this applies to your family line) 

I confess that I have been guilty of the following traits of Ahab: 

    1. People-pleaser 
    2. Fear of man 
    3. False humility 
    4. Submitting blindly to some Jezebel traits 
    5. Turning my back on the truth 
    6. Foolishness 
    7. Thinking less of myself 
    8. Believing lies 
    9. Not being good enough 
    10. Thoughts of being a failure 
    11. Cultural beliefs 
    12. Sitting back and letting others control me (not having a backbone) 
    13. Compromising with others to avoid conflict 

I ask for forgiveness and cover all these traits with the blood of Jesus. 

I renounce all demons of Ahab. I pull down the stronghold of Ahab in my life, in Jesus' name. I cast out all demons of Ahab hiding in me. I renounce the spirits of Jezebel who may have come in through the Ahab spirit as well. I will no longer submit to those with a Jezebel spirit. 

Heavenly Father, I ask for your spirit of wisdom, love, and of a sound mind to come. I ask for supernatural boldness and courage to be given to me. Show me if these spirits try to gain access to my life again, for I do not wish to follow their leading anymore. Amen. 

There is so much that can be taught about this evil spirit, but the key is to discern it in yourself first and repent and turn away from your sin. It’s better to confess a weakness to God before it gets rooted in your heart and the enemy has legal ground to attack you. 

So submit to [the authority of] God. Resist the devil [stand firm against him] and he will flee from you. Come close to God [with a contrite heart] and He will come close to you… (James 4:7-8 AMP) 

We know from experience that when you confess but do not repent or turn from the sins you are guilty of, the situation gets worse. The same applies here. Several people have said this prayer, yet they still experience backlash because some of the Jezebel traits remain in their life. 

Jezebel Cleanse 

Since the dawn of motion pictures, there have been a plethora of women role models who have iconic Jezebel traits. The acceptance and admiration of a promiscuous lifestyle and the indoctrination of women into "sexy" poses helped this spirit rise to a place of power in the world. Televisions and movie stars have taught us that a woman can get what she wants through manipulation, intimidation, and sex appeal. 

We practice the way we look in a mirror, placing one foot in front of another, leaning a certain way, parting our lips in a come-hither fashion. When posing for a picture, you should ask yourself, am I trying to look good or sexy. We should pick out flattering clothes, but not ones that are revealing and drawing attention to our feminine form. These things will give Jezebel a place in our life. 

Years of practice have ingrained these “traits” in us. Often, we don’t even know that we are manipulating, exaggerating, or intimidating others.  It is a great test to say this prayer and see what happens. If all chaos breaks loose, like people verbally attacking you for no reason or if more than one appliance or electronic device of yours breaks down, or you feel like you are under an attack from this spirit, it means there is an open door somewhere. You will need to find out where the door is and close it. In many cases, it can take 30 days or more of trying to remove Jezebel traits before we can successfully turn from them. I have come to refer to this as a Jezebel Cleanse. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to detect how you are operating with Jezebel. We have gathered scriptures about the traits to help you grow and understand them better. Look for them at the back of this book and on the website link in the class. You will need to look at the list and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where the spirit may have gained access in your life. 

We received a testimony from one of our Agape Team Members concerning Jezebel and the 30-day cleanse: 

I have suffered from asthma all of my life. My first attack was when I was 5 days old and continued throughout my life. Asthma is one of those things that runs through my family (think generational curse). 

This year I have really been going through carefully and looking at generational curses and the Jezebel spirit. Really going in and being very specific and diving into a lot as the Holy Spirit led me. I had a lot of unforgiveness and things that I did not know I harbored. I have repented of my Jezebel traits and for allowing the traits from others around me, influence my life. I had become an Ahab without knowing it. 

God is so good and merciful. I had not prayed about the asthma in a long time, but I had always felt he would heal me when the time was right. Earlier this year, I knew I was finally healed. I live in Colorado and 5 miles away from my home was the biggest wildfire that this state has ever known. For months, the entire area was covered in ash. People that do not have asthma were struggling to breathe. 

The other day someone asked me why I was not having any issues other than a little eye redness and occasionally some hay fever. They couldn’t figure out why I had not had problems when they had struggled to breathe. This person also knew that I had lived in another area that had had smoke for months and really struggled that time. I was able to witness that I had been healed. 

I have seen healing in my health, finances, and so many other areas. I started the 30-day Jezebel challenge, and I encourage each of you to do it as well. For the next month, really let the Holy Spirit guide you and take a hard look at all areas of your life. Each day, go through the Jezebel traits and repent for each one. It is amazing how there are so many little things we allow and often do not know it. 

My journey was not an easy one, and there has been a lot of difficult soul searching and routing out very deep issues. I had been on a bed of sickness and attacks that would end for a little while would then return. If this has been your experience, you might be healed or have finances restored for a time, but then you find you are struggling again, you could be experiencing the impact of the Jezebel spirit. If this is you, please join me and start your own 30-day Jezebel cleanse.

Gail J. 

Gail’s breakthrough came with a very patient application of what she had learned. There was no prayer, no spiritual warfare, no trip to the Courts, just time listening to the Holy Spirit and removing what God didn’t want in her life. The next Courts of Heaven Academy workbook will help you understand more about how to hear from the Holy Spirit and clear out what may be blocking you from connecting more with Him, your Counselor, so that you can do the same! 

Operating in the Traits 

There are two main ways Jezebel may retain a foothold to attack us: 

  • Did you operate in one of the traits? 
  • Did you respond to someone in your social or family circle who did? 

If you are giving in to either of these, the Jezebel spirit will still have a place in your life. It is easy to take care of Jezebel “slip-ups” as the Holy Spirit points them out. After saying the Jezebel prayer, the Holy Spirit may whisper a thought to you which sounds much like your normal subconscious thoughts, such as: “You know you exaggerated,” or “Did you manipulate the situation?” If this happens, you must do the following: 

  • Confess that you have sinned. You must see what you did as wrong. 
  • State your intention to stop acting in this way and ask the Holy Spirit to help you. 
  • Plead the blood over the sin. 
  • Thank the Lord for contending for you in the Courts and removing charges against you. 
This will keep Jezebel from regaining a place in your life. 

Binding Jezebel 

Once you have come out of agreement with Jezebel, it is up to you to remain free of the traits. If family members operate with this spirit, it can be quite challenging to not come into agreement with them. Praise God; He has sent a Helper. 

Before you interact with someone whom the Lord is still freeing from Jezebel, simply state: 

Holy Spirit, Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world. I ask that you bind any spirit from speaking to me today through (name of the person). 

If the person still displays the traits of Jezebel, it means there is an open door in your own life. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. 

This prayer is very effective. A student in the Academy had some interesting results from binding this spirit after he had removed it from his life: 

I came across Agape on Facebook when searching Courts of Heaven as I had become acquainted with the Courts with another organization. My marriage at the time was overcoming severe problems. We had a Christian marriage ceremony, and my wife said that she was a Christian when we met. As I was coming closer to the Lord and learning His ways, I realized that my spouse could possibly benefit by me trying to intercede on her behalf. 

When I got to the Jezebel class, I realized what the problem in my marriage was. I had often wondered why I attracted the same type of women. This issue turned out to be a generational curse which was revealed by the Holy Spirit and dealt with over a period of time by repentance. 

I won't go into too many details, but the background from my wife’s heritage is some charismatic practices and cultures which don't line up with the Lord and His ways. Our relationship began in sin with me not divorced from my first marriage (Buddhist ceremony) and my current wife not divorced from an Islamic paper marriage of convenience. This was a classic Jezebel/Ahab relationship that needed to be overcome. 

Sometime into the relationship, my spouse was displaying many characteristics on the Jezebel list as well as saying some things that really disturbed me, such as “I am a daughter of Satan.” 

Anyway, back to the Jezebel class. After talking with Agape Advisors in the CoH Academy, I started doing the 30- day Jezebel cleanse. I asked the Lord to bind Jezebel in my presence each day, hoping that this would give an opportunity for her true character to have a chance to come out and seek the Lord. 

  • Within the first week, my wife stopped eating any food or drinks that I prepared. Then started sitting on the opposite end of the couch. 
  • The next week, she stayed on the opposite side of the house and slept on the opposite side of the bed. 
  • By the third week, she moved out of the house completely. Afterwards, on two occasions, she said she couldn't breathe in the house at that time. 

Although I love my wife, and it has been difficult, there is now more peace in my life, and I hear from the Lord more. There is a Biblical reason for a divorce, and though she has tried to come back into the house as a “tenant,” the Lord has firmly told me not to allow this. I have found that I must be vigilant to keep this spirit out of my life. Being free of Jezebel is a journey, but I’m grateful to be walking that road. 

This testimony brings to light several key components of attaining freedom from a Jezabelic spirit: 

  • We can bind Jezebel from speaking to us: 
    • on a daily basis. 
    • after we are no longer operating in the traits or tolerating them in others. 
  • Once the spirit is removed, it will come looking to have its place back. 

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he said, I will return to my house from where I came out. And when he comes, he finds it swept and garnished. Then goes he, and takes to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. (Luke 11:24-26, Matthew 12:43-45 AKJV) 

Freedom is often a process like peeling an onion; it comes off in layers. We must be diligent in keeping this spirit from our lives. Removing Jezebel is only the beginning of the journey to total transformation and healing, which will occur in the months following the Jezebel cleanse. 

All of the testimonies we have shared in this book are a few among many which we have received about the freedom that has been gained by applying the principles in the Courts of Heaven Academy. We hope that you will consider beginning classes online with us. The questions are the same as the ones in the books. 

  • Go to CoHAcademy.com 
  • Click on How to Register to learn how to sign up for the free classes 
  • Click on “Courts” 
  • Read the information about the classes based on the CoH 

We hope to see you online! 

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Believers’ Boot Camp, Volume 1

Eager hearts cry out, hoping for a single word to confirm that He hears us. Yet, many times the only sound is silence. Over the years I have heard several reasons why God speaks to some and not to others. One night, as I tossed and turned, I brought each of these reasons before the Lord, stating why each of them did not line up with who I thought He was. 

Words rose from my soul, pleading for Him to reveal why He has remained silent when a single word from Him would mean so much to so many. For the next few hours, God used things I learned about years ago and things I had just discovered to show why He talks to some and why He doesn’t, and in demonstrative ways. 

In His grace, He also showed me how people could hear more from Him. Basic instructions on how to hear more from God and how to be led by Him are included in this book. Thank you for taking time to consider the answers I received and share with you now.

Keys to Authority for Every Believer

Believers’ Boot Camp, Volume 2

There is untapped power that is easy for every Christian to access in the form of authority. The keys to this authority will unlock weapons we can use to free ourselves from the attacks of the enemy. We must be intimately aware of the bounds and limitations of our weapon if they are to be used effectively. 

Find out about your authority:
  • Why you need it.
  • Where it comes from.
  • What you can do with it.
  • How to get more.

Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven

Believers’ Boot Camp, Volume 3

Our rights to appear in the Courts of Heaven have been greatly undervalued. The missing key to our authority is here. Jesus has provided the access and the Bible shows us the court procedures. When we learn to operate in our rightful place as children of the Most High, the enemy will be defeated and we will see the victory we have prayed for.

The death of Jesus freed us from the curse of the law. However, we must declare this freedom just as we must make a declaration for our salvation.

  • Can curses be passed to our children?
  • What are signs of a curse?
  • How do you get rid of one?

Every answer is backed by scripture. Come and find out how easy it is to be free!

Roadmap to Heaven

Believers’ Boot Camp, Volume 4

As I meditated and sought the Lord, a vision overcame me. A “Roadmap to Heaven” was deposited into my soul. We are entering a season of unparalleled access to Heaven. Jesus is calling all who are His to visit with Him in the Secret Place of the Most High.

  • What is the Secret Place?
  • How do we enter?
  • What will we find there?

The Bible holds the answers, the mystery has been revealed. As you use the map given in this book to journey to the Secret Place, discover your destiny and find the gifts the Holy Spirit will bring along the way.

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