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No Time for the Pain - August 12, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hurried steps bring me to the print shop next door. If I am going to get these books out before I leave for the soccer tournament in Portland, I'd better hustle, I think, ignoring the ache in right hip. I slide the stack of books into the trimmer leaning forward slightly to check the placement. Pain shoots down the back of my leg. When I turn to grab the next set of books, moving my right leg is agony like I haven't felt in a long time.

Something is wrong, very wrong. "John, something is not right in my lower back." I tell the owner of the shop, "I'm not going to be able to help with the rest of the books."

"You didn't pick up anything heavy, did you?" He asks.
"Not that I can remember." I shake my head, taking careful steps as I pass him. "I'll see my chiropractor tomorrow, maybe I just threw it out of place."

Luckily my chiropractor has an open appointment for the next day; she is one of the doctors who was working on me during the chapters "Angel on My Shoulder" and "My Third Healing" in the nonfiction book  Angels Believe in You. For the next 24 hours I put my feet up and try not to irritate my low back.

After a long night of pain I shuffle into the Chiropractor's office. "It looks like one leg is about an inch longer than the other," Dr. Fisher tells me. "I'll need to see you for the next few days so we can get your pelvis evened out."

"I'll have to schedule for next week." I reply. "My daughter has a soccer tournament in Portland; we leave tomorrow."

On Thursday, a couple hours outside Boise, my hubby yawns and blinks his eyes sleepily. "I've got to pull over and try to get something to keep me awake." He says.

"I think I can manage to drive." I offer.

"But what about your back?" Tony asks.

"How much worse can it be than sitting?" I insist. Five hours later we arrive at Tony's Uncle's house. I collapse on the couch; my daughter brings me an ice-pack.

Friday morning I slide my leg off the bed and a pain shoots down my let, almost to my ankle. Ashley needs me! She gets so nervous around new people and this is her fist time with this group of girls... I have to be there. I grit my teeth and stumble to the bathroom.

Have you ever been to a sports tournament? Parking is a nightmare! For each and every game, my husband Tony drops me at the entrance and I hobble like a wounded bird, taking only a half-step with my right foot to make the pain tolerable.

That night I use heat, ice, and Naproxen with my legs elevated on a pillow. By Sunday I am able to walk mostly normal although a wrong twist or turn of my hip still sends a shooting pain down my leg.

Dr. Fisher was out of the office Monday-Wednesday, however Dr. Young did a great job of getting my legs evened out so that they are now the same length. Even though I'm able to walk, my low back is still hurting more than it has in many years - these symptoms are very similar to how I felt when I fractured a disc in college.

On Thursday I lay flat on my stomach as Dr. Fisher probes the muscles on my low back and my spine. "Arrgghh!" I grunt, "That hurts, a lot."

"I'm really barely touching you. These muscles are very aggravated." It isn't surprising when she adds, "Your symptoms are consistent with a disc injury. I would like to send you for an x-ray. If have time to get them done tomorrow we can go over the results on Monday."

I shake my head, "I won't be here on Monday, I'm flying to my sisters house to help her after her surgery. Can we get the x-rays today so that I can see you tomorrow?"

On the way out of the office I dial Mom's number, "You got a minute?" I ask.

"Sure, what's up?" She replies.

"I just got out of Live Right Chiropractic. All the pain I've been in for the last week... she thinks I've damaged a disc." I sigh, "Mom, I don't have time for this. I need to be able to help Bobbi. I already have my ticket!"

"How are you going to be able to help her out of bed with you back the way it is?" She asks.

"I've had two other disc issues: The one in college took 7 years to heal. The one in my neck, God healed in one day. I know God can take care of this one, too. Even if he doesn't heal it in one day, he can heal it fast! Will you pray in agreement with me?"

"You lead," she says.

"Heavenly Father, I thank You for all You've done for me over these years. You have given me so many undeniable signs - Last week I shook the hand of my guardian angel! I thank You for your word that is always accurate and true. I thank you that it says in Isaiah, 'By His stripes they were healed.' I accept your healing for the disc in my low back. I thank you that it is being healed at this very moment, that moment by moment my healing is more apparent. In Jesus' Name - amen."

Friday, August 22, 2014

The next morning Dr. Fisher pulls up the x-ray. "See how the gap between your vertebra are more narrow when you are bending to one side?" she tells me. "But the gap on L5 is exactly the same when you are bending. That indicates that there is something wrong with the disc. I'm not surprised - your symptoms were A-typical of a disc injury."

I sigh, "I, too, expected as much. Right now, I don't have time for this kind of pain. I know discs can take several years to heal - that is time I don't have. I called my mom and we prayed to open the way for God to heal this as he did with C5. I believe my recovery will be swift and sure, but I still want to do the best I can for it in the meantime."

"That is a good attitude," Dr. Fisher agrees.

"I've been taking Ibuprofen, but it is beginning to irritate my stomach," I tell her, "I have been putting ice on my back several times a day. What else can I do to reduce the inflammation."

"Getting the inflammation down in important." Dr. Fisher informs me. "For the disc to heal, it needs to be able to move. I can use the ultrasound on your spine and the muscles in your low back. This should help some. I would also recommend coming in for an adjustment three times a week. When your spine is aligned it will take some pressure off that disc."

I shake my head. "I leave on Monday. I will schedule some appointments for when I get back into town."

As she requested, I click on my sister's number as I leave the office. "The Doc said it's a bad disc." 

"Oh no... Your flight is non-refundable..." she says, "How are you going to be able to help me when I get out of surgery?"

"My angel can handle it." I assure her. "He was an awfully big dude (see last weeks post for more info CLICK HERE). I'll pray and ask God to have him help me with whatever needs to be done when I'm there."

"If you say so..." 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dr. Fisher probes my spine, checking my vertebra. "How does that feel?"

"Fine, it doesn't hurt at all." I say.

"That is the fastest I've ever seen someone get over a disc issue!" the Doc admits, "You should continue coming in for adjustments, but I think twice a week will do it."

- - Five weeks from intense pain to pain free - only God can do that! Pray to open the way. When He opens a door, we do our best and trust God to do the rest! 

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