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Dangers of Praying in Agreement

VIDEO: Guides in the Courts of Heaven

Again I say to you, That if two of you shall agree on Earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven. (Matthew 18:19 AKJV)

Many Christians quote this verse as they pray together. We sit with heads bowed, sometimes silently, sometimes with an “amen” to declare our agreement with what has been said in prayer. If God gave any two individuals whatever they agreed upon, it would be chaos. Think about it in terms of your local government:

Let’s say two people ask in prayer to have a president removed from office, and another two decide they don’t like other heads of state and their positions on issues. After a time, we might conceivably run out of civil servants to preside over local and national governments. In fact, there may NEVER be a leader that every citizen likes. No one would last in a government office long if God said yes to the prayer of agreement by two people and consequently removed a leader with whom they disagreed.

Reading a bit further in the Bible, you find there is a qualifying statement:

And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us… (1 John 5:14 KJV)

Now this makes sense: God has a plan! When we search His word and listen to the Holy Spirit, then we know His ways and what He wants. Those are the prayers that get heard by God and then answered. Are there any consequences for NOT praying in alignment with God? The Bible tells us this about Satan:

...which accused them before our God day and night… (Revelation 12:10 AKJV)

We have an enemy who likes to attack us; where does Satan do this accusing? The Greek word for accused is katÄ“goros, meaning a complainant at law; someone who places charges against us in the Courts of Heaven. This means if we are making demands and decrees that are not according to God’s will, we are in violation of what God told us to do. Recent experiences in the Courts of Heaven have shown the reality of the danger of joining a prayer that the Holy Spirit has not authorized or approved.

In our church, it came about as we began to understand that we are the Body of Christ. What good is a body if the parts don’t work together? We need to be connected so that the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be used to help one another. Teams comprise of a Guide and at least one Seer should be present so that if the Lord lets us know that He wants us to enter in the Courts we are equipped to receive what He has for us. They are trained in how to operate in the Courts of Heaven to help petitioners who need assistance approaching God as Judge because they may not have the gift of seeing in the spirit realm.

In one particular prayer call, the Guide led the prayer to enter the Courts. After presenting the petitioner, they asked for charges, and all waited to see and hear what the Holy Spirit (our Counselor) revealed. A few petitioners had been enthusiastic and had begun making declarations concerning healing or financial restitution, or sometimes even vengeance. I never thought much of this until one particular visit to the Courts:

Abby was 90 years old and had a plethora of reasons to visit the Courts. When the first round of charges was dismissed, she began to declare that her heart was healed and made whole. Though I didn’t receive confirmation from the Holy Spirit saying it was so, I agreed with her, as did the two other seers with me.

The following day, my nose became stuffed up. “I wonder if I caught Abby’s cold,” I thought. She had been sick for the last week with the full-blown flu! Immediately I rebuked that thought because I knew sickness and disease has no right to me, yet it only got worse. By the next day, I was exhausted, unable to breathe, and feeling like I was going to vomit. Knowing something was off, I asked the Lord where I might have transgressed. Getting no answer, as best I could, I fulfilled my responsibilities from my bed.

Abby had not experienced a breakthrough, so we took her to the Courts once more. While the others were receiving more charges, I had a vision:

A demon was before the desk of the Accuser on the left side of the Judge (I could only see the immense podium stretching upwards). He looked like the cartoon figure of the Tasmanian Devil; swirling darkness with lightning bolts arcing out of his two sides. This was a first, a demon with lightning…

“Holy Spirit, what does that mean?” I asked.

“It is the demon that is affecting the electrical system of her heart,” came the soft thought of my Counselor. I also saw a tiny, imp-sized demon and a giant of a demon. 

We, the seers, were finished receiving charges, so we proceeded:

After I shared the vision, one of the seers asked if that giant could have been a principality demon (usually big in size). This prompted a memory from the petitioner; Abby suddenly remembered that she had taken authority over principalities.

One of the other seers had received two Hindu gods, “Shambala” and “Mandala,” which we first had to look up online. Abby had been troubled for several months about what was being called “Holy Yoga” at her church. Here in the Courts, she suddenly recalled that she had done yoga in her earlier years. This is what the Holy Spirit does as our Counselor.

** A note about yoga: it is an ancient discipline and practice based in the Hindu religion. Yogic poses are designed as worship to their gods, a means of asking them to come into you. Putting “holy” in front of the name and playing Christian music does not make it so. Can you meditate in the Buddhist fashion and call it “Holy Buddhism,” thus making it okay?

No examples exist of God ever allowing His people to use anything even remotely associated with other religions. In fact, He had His people wipe out entire cities so that they wouldn’t be tempted to follow other religious practices. When one person, Achan, brought silver, gold, and a garment from another religion into the camp of God’s people, they were no longer able to win even minor battles until they removed those items. (Joshua 7)

Back to the Courts: The Holy Spirit put the pieces of this puzzle together, “The two smaller demons are the gods who attached themselves to Abby during yoga. The big demon is the principality she had taken unauthorized authority over by declaring her healing before the charges had been cleared. This created the rest of the bogus or counterfeit charges because of the illegal attack.”

Abby confessed, repented, and pled the blood over these actions. After asking the Judge to dismiss the charges for lack of evidence, the Holy Spirit gave the go-ahead to declare the healing of her heart.

After I hung up the phone, my nose cleared, my stomach settled, and my tiredness ended; I felt 100% better. That caught my attention. Thinking back, I recalled that the symptoms started after taking Abby to the Courts and our actions there. This was the answer to my question, where had I gone wrong? Wanting to verify what was happening, I called the others who had gone to the Courts with Abby to see if they had come under attack in the last few days. 

  • Neither seers nor the guide felt the Holy Spirit led them to declare healing in the first appointment.
  • One seer had experienced overwhelming tiredness.
  • The other seer had a cold and cough since that day and contracted the same flu symptoms Abby had.

The Holy Spirit spoke strongly: because we agreed with the declaration of healing when a demon had legal rights to afflict Abby’s heart, our team had tried to declare something illegal in the Courts of Heaven. The enemy was allowed a counterattack.

As Lydia and I entered the Courts and confessed our sins before the Judge, she recalled all the times she joined in prayers as an intercessor when the Holy Spirit hadn’t really told her to do so. She felt a powerful witness from Him as she repented for these actions. By confessing the wrongness of our actions, our team received relief instantly from every symptom, and Abby’s heart has been healed since that visit to the Courts.

Now that we know there is an Accuser in the Courts leveling charges against us, we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to let us know which prayers to pray. When we agree with a wrong prayer, we are guilty by association. This allows a counterattack from the enemy.

Many of those in training to help others in the Courts of Heaven have experienced backlash. Coming into agreement with illegal prayers is one thing that can cause this. If someone is guiding you in the prayer, especially in the Courts of Heaven, you need to let them lead; they will be held responsible for what is said. The seers present need to speak up if they discern anything. Though their consequences are less, they may still experience an attack.

When to go to the Courts

Jesus is our Lead Advocate. He is in the Courts interceding for us. He knows when we should come in and when it would harm us to enter into the Courts because we don’t yet have enough understanding to remove the charges we receive. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor, He is also in the Courts, and He knows our heart. He will let us know what the will of the Lord is for us if we will ask Him.

You will be learning about unauthorized authority! We know that we need to be in agreement with what is being done in Heaven for the Lord taught His disciples how to pray, “Your kingdom come Your will be done, here on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

God’s judgments in the CoH are His will in Heaven. A leader can lead others to rebel against just judgments from God as Judge which gives the enemy access to someone or to a country by wielding unauthorized authority. This is leading a rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to be very careful how we pray for leaders who have rebelled against the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do not be in a hurry in the laying on of hands [giving the sanction of the church too hastily in reinstating expelled offenders or in ordination in questionable cases], nor share or participate in another man’s sins; keep yourself pure. (1 Timothy 5:22 AMPC)

A leader who is under attack must learn where they have opened a door through sin which is allowing the enemy to attack them. Only when they see this sin the way God does, confess and turn from that sin, will the attack be removed. You do not want to pray for a leader to be restored unless you are sure they understand where they have gone wrong, lest you be found guilty of their sin.

Though we need to be cautious when helping leaders, they will need our help. The Lord told us to take Leaders, Teachers, and Intercessors into the Courts and present them before the Judge if they have walked in unauthorized authority. Obediently, we updated our website and made an LTI appointment available to those who have led the Body of Christ into rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven. Here is what happened in a particular appointment:

The leader had already confessed for the sin of wielding unauthorized authority and even stepped down from being on the board of the church who continued to wield unauthorized authority but he was still under attack. He began fasting, hoping to find out how to remove the attack. A few days into the fast, the Holy Spirit said, “Did I tell you to fast? Go to the Courts.”

Our team received a witness that going to the CoH was necessary. When I entered the Courts through prayer, I heard, “He has been barred from the Courts.”

It seems that a leader can be barred from entering into the presence of God if they have led a rebellion against God and they may need someone to intercede for them. We must be careful, though. Do they really understand where they have gone wrong? This is why we have developed the LTI course which only has classes that apply to leaders and those in authority. Leaders can learn where they have gone wrong, then they can receive prayer to receive relief from the attacks upon them and their families.

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