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Hidden Prayer for Secret Place Visits

VIDEO: Hidden Prayer for Secret Place Visits

Standing strong while you wait on God to do as He has promised can be hard. The Bible speaks of it this way:

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth… (Ephesians 6:13-14 ESV)

We stand against all that the enemy brings against us while we wait for God to open the door to the Secret Place. I will not explore the entire armor of God here, but before meeting with the Lord face-to-face, the “belt of truth” is what will fuel your tank while driving toward your destiny. The Word of God, the Bible, is the truth. It is the first thing mentioned when describing the armor of God. There are some hidden truths about the Secret Place that we can apply here! 

Aaronic Blessing

First Level

You may have heard about the Aaronic blessing, but do you know what it meant to those who initially received it? In order to understand the fullness of what God wants to give us, we need to research the section of the Bible where the blessing originated. We need to look at two factors for greater understanding:

Times have changed so much since Moses and Aaron walked the Earth that we need to go back to see how the people lived and what this meant to them, and then apply what we read to the era in which they lived.

The original Hebrew language is based on pictographs, words that are pictures that convey great meaning. 

When the scriptures were written, they chose letters for the words and the root words would convey additional meaning. This reveals a more complete meaning to what is being said.

The Lord presented a prayer of blessing to Moses, instructing him to tell Aaron and his sons to bless the people of Israel by saying these words. The Bible tells us that Gentiles, those who aren’t Hebrews by birth, are “grafted in” to His family (Romans 11:11-31). 

Grafting is the process of bringing a plant into the stem of another so that they are fed from the same roots and become one plant. For this reason, when He is instructing His priests to say this blessing over His people, He is also instructing us to say this blessing over ourselves because every Christian is a priest. 

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people… (1 Peter 2:9 AKJV) 

And have made us to our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. (Revelation 5:10 AKJV)

Aaron was not the High Priest, Moses was. Each Christian is a priest of God with access to His throne. You can say this prayer over yourselves just as I did when I received the revelations and empowering for the Roadmap to Heaven! 

While saying this prayer, the hands of the priest were to be held in a certain way…

Placing their thumbs together with the four fingers separated into two parts and the thumbs touching represents the Hebrew letter shin. Shin is also the letter on the mezuzah, the parchment inscribed and placed over the doorway of Jewish homes and represents one of the Hebrew words for God: Shaddai, God Almighty. According to Jewish tradition, the Divine presence would shine through the fingers of the priest as He blessed the people.

Placing the palms over the eyes has special significance. The first line of this blessing asks for gifts. What greater gift could be given than to open spiritual eyes so we can receive from God in the Secret Place.

The Lord bless you and keep you… (Numbers 6:24 ESV)

This first line begins with the Hebrew word barak (baw-rak'), which means to kneel and place gifts with respect to that person. It is translated as “bless” but it is much more than that. God is respecting the fact that you have dedicated your life to Him as a servant and a child of the Most High through Jesus. He is bringing gifts to you. 

At the end of this phrase is the Hebrew word shamar (shaw-mar') which means properly, to hedge about (as with thorns). It is derived from the words typically translated as “to guard and protect.” The root of the word is the Hebrew word shamiyr (shaw-meer'), which means “thorn.” In ancient times, shepherds would place a corral of thorns around their sheep to protect them. A full, modern translation that understands this as God’s people did, may read:

Lord honor them with your presence and grant them gifts and place your thorny hedge of protection around them which keeps us close to you and the enemy far away.

This is the beginning of receiving from God what is necessary to abide in the Secret Place. You must be willing to stay close to God and turn back to Him when you are going the wrong way. When you press through a thorny bush, it is painful. We may be moving away from God when things in our life begin going wrong, when pain affects our flesh. Are you willing to turn back to God and His ways? Until you are, you cannot move on to the next part of this blessing.

Second Level

Once you have received and implemented the first level of the Aaronic blessing, then the second level begins: 

…the Lord makes His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you… (Numbers 6:25 ESV)

Paniym (paw-neem') is a Hebrew word that is actually plural to represent knowing the many different aspects of a person, which is often translated as “face.” This word also means “presence” or the “wholeness of being” of an individual. Shine means to reveal. 

The Hebrew word hanan translated as “gracious to you” literally means to “provide for and protect.” It is derived from the word hanah (khaw-nan'), which refers to a “camp.” 

When the instructions were given to recite this blessing, it indicated that if you wanted to protect something you would bring it to the security of your camp. The Secret Place of the Most High is referred to as the “camp or tent of the Lord.” The meaning behind this verse is:

Lord, reveal Yourself to me and bring me into Your presence in the Secret Place of the Most High where I can be protected and provided for.

Can you see the progression with these two verses? First, He gives you gifts, like the gift of salvation, and then you become one of His sheep. He will protect you with the thorny hedge as your Shepherd as you learn to stay close to Him. 

Next, He will reveal Himself to you as He brings you back to His tent–the Secret Place. Psalms 91 tells us we are to occupy or camp in the Secret Place and we will be protected. 

Third Level

And the LORD spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend… (Exodus 33:11 AKJV)

Most people know that God spoke to Moses, face-to-face. Did you know that this was God’s will for all His people, but because they had forgotten God’s ways, they were too afraid to do it:

And they said to Moses, “Speak you with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die.” (Exodus 20:19 AKJV)

This is why God commanded everyone but Moses to stay away from Mount Sinai. Their own words had cursed them and kept them from approaching God. God’s original intention was to speak to all His people, the same way He spoke to Moses; as a friend, face to face. Through Jesus, we are friends of God as well.

You are My friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do. (John 15:14 AMPC)

To be considered a “friend” we must do what He tells us to do, which is the first level of this blessing. The final level is more than an encounter in the Secret Place:

…The LORD lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace. (Numbers 6:26 AKJV)

Nasa’ (naw-saw') translates as “lift up,” but also means to “bear up” or “be lifted up.” The Hebrew word for “His countenance” is paniym (paw-neem'), which also means “presence.” The word suwm translates as “upon you and give” and means “to put, set, lay, put or lay upon.” Many have come to know in recent years that shalowm (shalom) translated as “peace” also means “to be complete and to make whole in every aspect.” Putting all these concepts together, this should read:

Lord, lift us up into Your presence, let it lay upon us, and make us complete in every way.

This last verse of the Aaronic blessing is power-packed! We go from meeting with Him in the Secret Place to being lifted up into His very strong presence. The best part is that we don’t just get to visit, rather we become carriers of His presence! 

These are the face-to-face encounters that Moses had. If we look at a few verses before this we see what happens when we have this type of visit:

And it came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle, the cloudy pillar descended and stood at the door of the tabernacle, and the Lord talked with Moses. (Exodus 33:9 AKJV)

The Ark of the Covenant was kept in the tabernacle. The word tabernacle means tent. The Secret Place of the Lord is often referred to as the tent of the Lord (Psalms 27:5). By continuing to visit the Lord in the Secret Place, He can teach us, heal us, and strengthen us. The final steps or level to this relationship are visits where God’s glory will come upon us as He speaks with us face to face.

Use this blessing in your prayer time while you wait for your visit to the Secret Place. Know that this is God’s will for His people. He is faithful and will bring us to Himself in His time when we are ready to handle what He gives us! 

There is power in the spoken word. I encourage you to say the original blessing then state your acceptance of the meaning that is behind it. In case you want a template to pray from, I've placed the interpretation here with a personal application for easy access:

Lord grant me gifts and place Your thorny hedge of protection around me to keep me right where I should be.

Lord, reveal Yourself to me and bring me to the Secret Place of the Most High, the tent of the Lord, where You can be gracious to me by providing for me and protecting me.

Lord, lift us up into Your presence, let Your presence lay upon us, and make us complete in every way.


Seek the Lord and ask Him if there is a prayer you should begin praying every day. A few to consider are (you can find these on our YouTube channel): 

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