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NOT Visiting the Secret Place

VIDEO: NOT Visiting the Secret Place

Over a year ago, the Lord told me to visit Him every day in the Secret Place to be strengthened and receive instruction. I took this very seriously and did my utmost to spend time in worship and meditation. Occasionally I’d miss a day and quickly repent.

Last month we recarpeted our entire house. For three weeks we moved everything from the rooms and pulled up the old carpet. On top of this, I decided to repaint one of the largest rooms as well. Needless to say, I was quite busy, working long into the night. Because of this, my meditation time was shortened.

For two weeks, as I focused on the Lord and meditated, I saw little more than us dancing most days. For a solid week straight, everytime I started interacting with the Lord, something would happen and I would leave to attend to it! Only on meeting days did I get to really receive anything as I put aside extra time to spend with my Heavenly Beloved.

At the end of the month, after that very frustrating week, my husband and I left for our twenty-fifth anniversary trip. “I will finally have time to spend in the Secret Place!” I thought.

For five days I spent time reconnecting with my earthly husband, Tony. Because we were celebrating a quarter-century of marriage, I tried to put him first. The only “alone time I had was when I visited the “spa” each day; I planned to reconnect with my Heavenly Love.

There was a dark room with zero gravity chairs and a solid wall of landscape videos playing on a loop. “What a perfect place to meditate!” I thought.

Reclining in a chair, I closed my eyes and focused on my heart’s desire. Thoughts scattered, fracturing like shattered glass. Pressure began building and pressure increased on my temples (a sign of witchcraft). I noticed the subtle background music -- It sounded like some type of asian monks worshipping.

I jumped up out of the chair and pled the blood over myself, declaring that I was not in agreement with the worship of any God but mine. As I left the room, the headache eased. If you don’t know how to recognize these types of things and why they can affect you, I do hope you will consider going through the Courts of Heaven Academy (it’s free.)

The rest of my “spa” days went about the same. EVERY effort to connect with my Lord was thwarted! The first day I returned home, as soon as I was alone, I headed into the Secret Place after reading the Word. The Lord asked me to share this with you.

When it began, for the first time this year, I wasn’t singing in rhyme, I was only speaking in it. Here is what was said to the best of my recollection (with help from the Holy Spirit):

My Love, forgive me: I did not come,  
to see You here, as each day was done.
I tried and failed, time and time again,
Will the door even open, where do I begin.
I love You more than life here, that’s true,
So why is it so hard to spend time with You?
Forgive me my Love, forgive me my King,
I’m not sure why, I can’t even sing…

To my surprise, the Lord came striding out of the darkness, combing His fingers through my messy hair.

My precious, my beloved, my loving sweet,
I see your heart, now listen to me.
It isn’t about anything that you do,
Your heart seeks Me, that is true

You are here, so suddenly, I must digress,
Has Jesus, the Christ, come in the flesh? 

I do so confess, for it is Me,
I am here for my love to clearly see…

A wave of His hand revealed the Secret Place in crystal clarity. The Lord took me by the hand and led me to a bench to sit with Him.

I see your life, and I see your heart,
From Me your thoughts do not depart.
This is what matters, not visiting each day,
It is for your strength, so that you know the way.

As is usual in the Secret Place, the words were thoughts and carried more meaning. “The way” was the narrow path that I was walking with Him. Despite these reassurances I lamented still:

My Lord, You said, each day to come,
For five days now it has failed to be done! 

You fulfilled your duties as a loving wife,
This is your job, in your earthly life.
Don’t get legalistic about coming here,
That isn’t the right heart, let go of the fear!

His mild rebuke let me know that I had been going in the wrong direction. It reminded me of when He spoke about David:

And he said to them, Have you never read what David did, when he had need, and was an hungered, he, and they that were with him? How he went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the showbread, which is not lawful to eat but for the priests, and gave also to them which were with him? And he said to them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath. (Mark 2:25-28 AKJV)

The Lord created the Secret Place to connect with us. If there are times when we long to be with Him, but cannot make it, we can’t let guilt come in. He continued to explain:

Just rest, relax, let go, depend upon Me,
Even if in the Secret Place, you do not see.
Know that I am with you, each step of the way,
Until you have time to come here and play!

Is this part of the plan, and really so
Why don’t we sing and dance like long ago?

It was only five days, but for me, it seemed like so long since I danced with My Love.

Your heart is heavy, deep within,
because you focus on what you think is sin.
Don’t you know I have you covered? It is time to let go,
Only then can you really enjoy the flow.
Now go and let My bride know...

I knew Jesus was speaking of the flow of worship, the rhythm which enabled us to dance together. The Lord wanted you to know that even if you don’t see Him or enter the Secret Place, if there are days when life gets in the way, He is still with you; it is your heart that He sees; be patient and know how He cares for thee!


We should make spending time seeking the Lord a priority. Jesus knows that life gets busy. As you begin seeking the Lord, hoping to catch His eyes by entering into the Secret Place, you may want to begin by expressing your feelings to Him. 

  1. Are you feeling guilty about getting distracted?
  2. Have you let “life” move you so far away it seems a long way back to Him?
  3. Do you earnestly desire to hear more from Him and be closer to Him? 
  4. Make sure it is Jesus you want and not visiting Heaven: share with Him how much He means to you, even if He doesn’t open the Secret Place. 

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