Monday, December 31, 2018

God Verifies Messages!

Every so often, God verifies things for me in a special way. It started in January of 2016 when I sought confirmation that we should give 10% to support the Jewish people. God verified this should be done in a miraculous way:
In a single day, more than 500 people visited my website from Israel. It was exactly 10% of the all time total hits on my website! (Read that complete story, CLICK HERE)
I had done no advertising, no marketing, and there wasn't even a new post. To have 10% show up in one day was an unmistakable sign! There have been many other times He has shown up in this type of way, I've written about two more of them:

Now, God has shown up once more. On December 4th I blogged about The Biggest Danger for Every Christian which was closely related to the Tea and Coffee message given on that same day where I spoke about "Why Didn't I get Healed." I believe this confirms both of those things! 

On December 5th, the next day, 1495 people downloaded a free copy of my books on Amazon. Normally it is 60-100 books a day, sometimes it surges up to 200-300. Nearly 1500 books qualifies as a miracle in my book. As with the first miraculous sign with numbers online, this number has a specific meaning:

1000 - The years we spend in what is known as the Millennial Reign
500 -  Measuring and dividing between the holy and profane. (Ez 42:20) 
Both of the messages the day before this sign were centered on being justified by what Jesus has done in the Courts of Heaven and how continuing in sin effects that. The number of downloads was 5 less then this number:
5 -  God's grace and the five-fold offices of ministry in the Body of Christ.
 Before the Millennial Reign begins, the fullness of God's grace must come through the Body taking its rightful place in the Courts of Heaven. The Courts are where the Holy Spirit reveals what is of God and what is from the enemy in our lives. What is Holy and what is profane. This played a key part in both messages the day before this sign came!

Thank you Lord for verifying these messages are from You: they are necessary! If you would like to learn more about the Courts of Heaven and even schedule a prayer session with our team who will help you learn how to do this on you own, visit our ministry website:

Agape Christian Fellowship

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Believer’s Boot Camp series is a collection of books which teach us how to hear more clearly from God with the goal to ready ourselves for a face-to-face meeting with our Lord, Jesus. The series reveals the “weapons and tools” God has given us and how to use them, so we can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. Each book in the series focuses on a single topic to clearly define one tool or weapon from our Heavenly Father. 

The series uses the Word of God to reveal all that He has given us through Jesus. The Bible is our instruction manual and the Holy Spirit is our guide to understanding it.

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Words rose from my soul, pleading for Him to reveal why He has remained silent when a single word from Him would mean so much to so many. For the next few hours, God used things I learned about years ago and things I had just discovered to show why He talks to some and why He doesn’t, and in demonstrative ways. 

In His grace, He also showed me how people could hear more from Him. Basic instructions on how to hear more from God and how to be led by Him are included in this book. Thank you for taking time to consider the answers I received and share with you now.

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