Monday, January 7, 2019

Conversations with God by Sandra Perreaux

How to Journal (video from Sandra Perreaux)

Conversations with God is an example of some of the Conversations I have had personally with God in the form of journaling. Not being one who journals or has ever really journaled anything, it was a whole new concept that the Holy Spirit introduced me to in order to teach me how to recognize the voices of Father God, Jesus His Son and of Holy Spirit Himself  (they are all slightly different) and so began a journey of writing my prayers and the responses I received as I sat quietly and listened.

To start with, I felt quite silly – was this me making up the answers? Does God answer us? What if someone saw what I had written, would they think I was crazy? (and here I am now making them public!)  Did I actually want to put my thoughts on paper where I could see them?

In the end I realized these were all attempts by the devil to try and stop me. I placated my fear with a bit of reasoning, thinking, “I don’t have to keep them. I can burn them anytime, although Holy Spirit said to keep them and now I know why.” I took the plunge and made the decision to just do it anyway.

Looking back over these conversations, I have tangible proof that yes God does answer. The answers were not typically how I would respond so that confirmed to me that they were from God and not just me making them up.  I now recognize the tone and the “sound” in the spirit of God’s voice, not only in written form but in spoken form as well. Now I hear Him so much more clearly AND I live each day with the expectation that I can and do hear His voice.

It is important to note that the enemy does imitate this, as he does with many things of God. To find out more about “Spirit Writing” CLICK HERE to read about it.

There is no formula, no ‘right’ way to do it, all I did was sit down one day and start talking to God with pen and paper. I have picked random conversations from 2016 onwards. Some will be prefaced with a brief explanation of the back story to give them context and it is my hope these will help you to see how simple it is to engage with and hear the voice of God for yourself.

(I have used plain text for me and Italics for the voice of God)

Sunday 13th November 2016

Good morning Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit. God What are You saying You want me to do with my life?

Sandra what I’m saying I want you to do with your life is keep doing what you are doing. You are faithful, you persevere, you press in and I love that about you.

Thank you God – really?

Yes really! I will direct where it goes and how it unfolds.

What if I don’t want to? You know I struggle with a lot of things, especially church. I’m not sure I trust You.

Have I ever let you down?

No, but I have been disappointed I guess. Have I had wrong expectations?

Exactly, you thought it should happen a certain way and when it didn’t you were disappointed.

Okay I can see that, I have made a lot of decisions and assumptions based on my way of seeing – I haven’t asked You the right questions and in a lot of cases I haven’t asked You at all. That’s because I didn’t even entertain the idea You would tell me. I know You talk to me but I didn’t KNOW You would have conversations with me. I’m sorry for my ignorance God and for petitioning You rather than talking TO You.

You don’t know what you don’t know – now you’ve been given the light and the revelation of what My heart’s desire is with ALL my children (smile)

Today is the beginning of a new day – a day of conversation, of real fellowship and a deeper friendship. Will You be my friend?

Yes. Yes. Yes – We will

Thank you so much for Your never ending love and infinite patience.

Sandra you are worth it.

Wow I’ve never really thought about what You think of me. I know what the bible says but it’s different, more personal isn’t it?     Holy Spirit the sun is shining.

We love you! We have watched and wept at times but always knowing the plan for your life will and is taking its course – you won’t be disappointed – you can trust Us. 

Thank you Lord – I feel more comfortable calling You Lord is that okay or do You prefer something else?

Yahweh. Check out what it means and you’ll understand why. It will answer your confusion over who WE are and who you are addressing.

Okay I can do that. We have church today Yahweh – what do You want me to do today? You know I ask for grace most Sundays to be able to love the people and not get overwhelmed by their problems and their self focus.

Get your eyes off the people and concentrate on Me. Forget about their issues and look at Me, I’ve got them, I’ve got their stuff just look at Me. If you come to church to meet with Me then I’ll be there to meet with you; forget all the other stuff.

Okay I think I’ll need Your help with this. Holy Spirit when I get drawn away from Yahweh please remind me, prompt me to focus on Him and not the people and help me to do it. I think there are habits to be broken? I know I’ll try to do it in the flesh and I don’t want to get into self effort. I flick into it without even realizing that’s what I’m doing.

Being aware is the first step. I’ll be there to help you.

Thank you Lord. I hear a very distant voice within or is it from outside? Saying it won’t happen, nothing will change. I feel defeated already. How do I fight that? Will You really change things in me and for me? Is there part of me who enjoys resenting the people and their problems – I think so.

Take the log out of your eye. Repentance changes things. Yielding changes things. 

Okay I feel stuff stirring within. Heavenly Father I repent of resenting the people at church because I have felt overwhelmed, swallowed up, engulfed, looked to for answers, consumed by them and have taken that on, in Your place instead of pointing them to You. It’s hit on the ‘Rescuer’ in me – I repent of being a rescuer and taking Your place, please forgive me for doing that. I can’t rescue them that’s what You did on the cross Jesus. I repent of bitterness and of putting up walls to protect myself instead of looking to You to be my protector, please forgive me Yahweh (Father)I don’t want to do that anymore. Please change me and help me to be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, helpful, gracious, without feeling like it will be my responsibility to fix them and their problems.

My perfect love casts out all fear. Watch and see. Keep your eyes on Me.

Thank you Yahweh (Father, Son ,Holy Spirit) I have anticipation in my gut, a bit of trepidation – how will today be compared to the past? I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s conversation but the dialogue will continue throughout the day? I don’t want to stop.

Yes that’s right. Both writing our conversations and inner dialogue are to be normal from now on. We love to be involved. I love to converse with My children. I enjoy talking to you and We will become more natural at this as you relax into expecting Me to reply.

That is our “Conversation with God” for today. Sandra will be sharing her journal with us regularly. If you would like to hear more, subscribe to this blog and you will receive each post as an email.

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  1. I must start. This is God's way of nudging me. Been on my mind and been lazy

  2. Hi - I just read your blog. What you have shared is great but I have a concern - the part where you say the voices of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sound slightly different. I also journal and have conversations with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - all three are distinct persons with different roles in our lives and having a personal relationship with all three is paramount, but all three are still one and do not sound different to one another. The way they speak to you can be different but all three are one and all have the same voice. Also another way to discern His voice from other voices is to pray for the discerning of spirits gift. He taught me that His sheep know His voice - the word know is 'to perceive'. You know His voice because your spirit witnesses with His Spirit. I have also found that those who have ears to hear and can hear God clearly like this are vulnerable to counterfeit spirits posing as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and they will quote Scripture and manifest feelings to try to deceive. I always wait for the knowing before I proceed. If it doesn't come ask God for confirmation. Thanks