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Conversations with God 2

Conversations with God #2
by Sandra Perreaux

Did you know that our thoughts travel as neural pulses in our brain at a speed of around 275 mph? No wonder it can be difficult to ‘catch’ what God is saying to us because He speaks to us through our thoughts. Journaling helps us to slow down our thoughts so we can connect with our motor skills and write them down. From this we can learn to slow our thinking down and begin to hear God’s responses to our conversations with Him.

During the early hours of Monday morning we had a substantial earthquake that caused major damage in our city making many buildings unsafe to live or work in. Further down the country, a couple of people were killed and communities were cut off from help for weeks.  A lot of businesses had to be moved permanently out of the city to surrounding areas. In the interim both my son in law and a daughter in law had to commute on weekends back home from other parts of the country until their workplaces were set up again. It is only in the past year that many have got their lives back to normal.

(God's replies to me are in italics)

Monday 14th November 2016

Good morning Lord. Yesterday I looked up the meaning of Yahweh and discovered it translates to ‘Lord’. Thank you for such a unique and personal way of showing me that I’m hearing You in our conversations.
Good morning Sandra. We thought you’d like that 😊

It made me smile.

Oh good !  We love your smile.

Thank you for protecting us and all our family (including church) last night. That earthquake was a bit frightening and then the aftershocks could have caused fear in those who don’t know You. I’m so thankful for the assurance and peace I have in You.

We love you and those dear to you. My hand covers, protects, and sustains you, I will never leave you or forsake you.

Yes thank you Lord I felt that covering and protection for us all last night. You are so loving and kind. I also want to thank you for showing me You were in the meeting at church yesterday Jesus, how wonderful to have You as a guest.

You know, I really enjoyed being there joining with you all, worshipping and praising Father. And I enjoyed your love and adoration for Me as well. I was blessed being there.

You are welcome every week – I want You to come all the time.

I do (as you know) in My Holy Spirit

Yes I understand Lord, we love You Holy Spirit and we so love Your presence in our meetings.
Can I meet You (all 3 in 1) personally? Can I have a personal encounter face to face?


Maybe I should ask – When can I meet You? If I write this down its like once the words are out I can’t put them back inside – it will either happen or it won’t and I may be disappointed. Its like maybe I don’t think it will happen. I know You visit / meet with others but could it happen to me?

I WILL visit YOU!

I’m almost too scared to ask when.  Am I making an appointment with God?

Ha ha lol yes in a sense you are….. It will be soon, get ready. We need to have more conversations, we need to get to know each other on this level for a while so you recognize Us, so you know our voice more clearly than the voice of doubt. 

I will visit you.

You saw yesterday how I (Jesus) and Holy Spirit are one, we will visit you in the same way together. It will unfold in a way you can’t intellectualize.  Relax.  Enjoy our conversations for now. We desire to meet you face to face as much as you desire to meet us.

Okay Lord, Your timing is always perfect.

Thank you for helping me to see I’m serving You and honoring You on Sundays and for keeping my focus on You and off the people.

I’m just “tweaking” or adjusting your attitude by changing your focus. I want you to enjoy church and to be there for the right reasons. I know you are faithful and long-suffering. I want your life to be joyful, fulfilled, happy, satisfying, enriched.

Thank you Lord.  What is Your plan for today?

Let’s stay in conversation all day, I want to be involved in your work.

Yes Lord, I talk and converse with Holy Spirit but I think You are talking about a whole new level of conversation?

That’s right. I have many things I want to do and say in that place. Up to now I have been your helper, problem solver and enabler but now I have your ear, listen for My voice.

Okay, please help me to hear You, help me to listen and be aware. Help me to obey. You know how full of fear of man I am. I’m already fearful of letting You down.

You won’t let me down. We’ll just keep at it. I extend My grace to you. Receive it.

Okay I’ll try to.

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