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How do we Find Abba?

VIDEO: Finding Abba

Our Lord shows us three ways to address God in the Book of Luke, as Father, Friend, and Judge. When the disciples ask how to pray, He instructs them with the first step in our relationship with God:

“...Our Father who is in Heaven…” (Luke 11:2 AMPC)

The most important place to approach God is as Father. We must see Him as our kind, compassionate, loving Father. This can be quite challenging if we don’t have that kind of dad here on the Earth.

For [the Spirit which] you have now received [is] not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption [the Spirit producing sonship] in [the bliss of] which we cry, Abba! Father! (Romans 8:15 AMPC) 

Abba is not just another word for father. It is an Aramaic word for the intimate way to refer to your father, as a young child would. Coming to the Secret Place is the ultimate revelation of God in this way. 
Jesus tells us to enter Heaven we must come as little children:

Except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 18:3-4 AKJV)

The disciples were asking about who would be great in Heaven. Not only did Jesus answer that question, He told them how to enter Heaven! Many take this answer and apply it to our eternal life, but what if He was letting them know how they could experience Heaven now, and how they could get there?

There have been numerous accounts of people seeing God in Heaven. He takes two main forms: 

The powerful God on the throne, whose power makes us tremble. 
A kind, gray-haired but youthful, Abba.

God on His throne is the all-powerful, almighty God, but in the Secret Place, He appears as Abba and we appear as children, which reflects our spiritual development or what we need to receive from our Heavenly Father. Most often we appear to be between five and seven; we are still growing but we are old enough to learn. Occasionally we will interact with Abba as older versions of ourselves, but on these occasions, there is always a good reason for this exception. 

As a child, we are intimately aware of how big God is and how small we are. This is humbling. It also allows Abba to show the true heart of a father to us with intimate gestures that wouldn’t be appropriate for an older child. Here is my first experience with God as Abba:

Jesus took me by the hand and led me to an open area. I saw a figure in the distance and took off running towards Him: I was a small child and my head came up to His waist. He scooped me up and hoisted me over His head. As He twirled me around and around, I extended my arms as if soaring through the air. I shouted, “Higher, Daddy, higher.” 

After flying in His arms for some time, He swung me down into a big bear hug. As I nestled into His white hair, He whispered, “I love you, my sweet precious child.”

Tears built up in my eyes and cascaded gently down my cheeks. This is what my heart had longed for, all these years. This is the love I sought.

“I love you, love you, love you,” I said, as  I squeezed His neck, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” thoughts conveyed my joy at being here with Him.

Continuing with this type of communication I asked, “Can I come more often?” I envisioned being more fully there than here; more connected.

He stroked my hair and whispered, “Soon.” The word was a solemn promise.

“I hope it is very soon!” He hugged me, pulling me closer to Him, delighting in my enthusiasm. I asked, “Why didn't I get to come and visit from here like this before?” as I pictured myself laying in my bed at home.

“In time you will.” He assured me.

“Teach me, teach me, so many need to come,” I begged, “they need to see You like this, too!”

In the real world, I opened my eyes for a minute and looked about, wiping the tears from them. When I closed out the world again, the scene had changed.

I was on the ground, with my hand in His, we frolicked about laughing and running around.

A tiny table appeared and we raced to the seats. His knees were high in the tiny chair, yet He sat elegantly. I poured tea into each of our cups and we sipped tea. I chatted with Him about the tea parties I was having with my friends. “Mighty God,” I began.

“Uh-uhh” He corrected me gently.

I ducked my head in embarrassment and whispered, “Daddy” knowing that was the correct form to address Him in this place. “Pappa” would also have been an acceptable way to address Him. Shyly I asked, “Can my friends come, too?” knowing how much they would like it. He assured me that it would be so.

A plate of cookies appeared. I reached for one and I nibbled on it as I sipped my tea. Looking into the kind, smiling eyes of my Daddy, my heart exploded with gratitude. I launched myself across the table, throwing my arms around His neck. “Oh, Daddy, thank you so much… You know exactly what I want, You even thought to bring cookies to have with our tea!”

My lips trembled as I gushed tears. My chest heaved as I sobbed. My body wanted to collapse, but I locked my knees in place, determined to stay with my Daddy as long as possible.

He chuckled, a deep sound rumbling from His chest. “I created you, of course I know what you love…” He whispered. Swinging me around to sit in His lap He asked, “would you like Me to tell you a story?”

I snuggled down, resting my head on His chest. “Oh yes, You know how I love stories…”

As He began speaking, new pictures appeared in my mind. This time they were vivid and bright as the words took on a life of their own:

There once was a King who had a beautiful daughter who loved Him so much, with her whole heart she loved Him. So He brought her to His side for all to see. He clothed her with tender mercies and crowned her with His loving kindness. As He spoke, this is what I saw:

God was on His throne with multitudes before Him. He placed me beside Him in a blue dress sparkling like it is woven out of jeweled thread. He draped an iridescent gossamer cloak about my shoulders that billowed behind me like Superman’s cape. Next, He put a crystalline crown with jewels nestled in each layer of the curves in the crown upon my head.

With each new turn of His story, tears stream harder and faster from my eyes. By the end, my entire face was drenched. For the first time, I realized that I am a true princess.

In a blink of an eye, I was back on Daddy's lap. “Want to fly again My little princess?” He asked.

Finding the answer in my heart, He bounded to His feet with me in His arms. This time, instead of merely hefting me over His head, He thrust me into the air. An exhilarated shout escaped, springing from my lips. I began to hover longer and longer. I pushed into Daddy’s arms, “I want to fly with you!” I insisted, unwilling to be so far from Him, even to fly. Taking my hand in His large one, we eased into the air… only moments passed, then worship was done and I knew my time with Him was at an end.

Words cannot accurately describe this experience. They just aren’t enough. It is one thing to read another person's account and have your heart moved, it is quite another to be a part of an experience such as this. If you see images while you worship, embrace them and see where they lead you. Perhaps Daddy is waiting for you.

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