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Getting Grace & Mercy for Our Children

Praying for Our Children

Children are nearest and dearest to the hearts and minds of their parents. In a series of visions, the Lord has revealed to us what we can expect when we pray for our children, especially as we place them before the Throne of Grace. This revelation can be applied to others outside our family as well. It was the prayers and determination of one mother that helped bring his revelation to light.

At our Tea and Coffee meeting, Jalo asked why things were getting worse for her son, Quin, when he was at the Throne of Grace. I gave this example of a natural application:
You have a young child who is prone to wandering. There is a highway on a hill nearby. You know that your child could be killed if they wander onto that road. You know the danger, but your child does not. In an attempt to keep your child from dying, you place barbed wire and other painful obstacles between your child and the road. The closer your child gets to the road, the more painful the obstacles. Some determined children will push through painful obstacles, but it is the grace and mercy of God that keeps putting more painful things between eternal death and His children.
We also warned her not to focus on her son, but to focus on God. He should ALWAYS be our main focus. If our kids are the center of our world, we have placed them above God and they have become an idol to us. We need to release them to God. Despite this warning and other reassurances, Jalo was not comforted at the meeting. Afterward she wrote us:

Thank you for today’s teaching, it had me looking at my perspective on being under grace and mercy. After the meeting I had to converse with Abba (God as Daddy or Pappa). After acknowledging my mistake, I had a vision in a Secret Place visit: a young man (my son at a much younger age) was walking together with Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) along the shores. His left hand was around Yeshua’s waist and Yeshua’s right hand over his shoulder. Joy has returned in my heart. It is well!
A few days later, the Lord impressed upon Jalo that she bring Quin in for a scheduled meeting at the Courts. Life-changing decisions for him would be made; Jalo wanted to make sure God would be involved. We set up an emergency visit so that Quin could come to this meeting.

I explained things to Quin very carefully before the meeting. He was so young, just barely an adult. After presenting him to the Judge I heard, “Private Counsel,” which was confirmed by the seers with us. Our group exited the area of the Courts escorted by an angel with Quin shuffling along with us with his hands and feet bound in thick chains.

Once the door closed behind us, I explained what I had seen to Quin. With him aware of the situation, I then I looked to the Lord and asked why this boy was chained, wasn’t he before the Throne of Grace and Mercy?

Jesus crossed His arms over his chest, “He isn’t mine. He hasn’t submitted to me as Lord.”
“What?” I thought, “He said he was a Christian. I’m not supposed to judge him spiritually.”
The Lord just looked at me and I knew that He had judged Quin, not me. My thoughts were scrambled as I struggled with what to say. Then peace came over me and suddenly I had words from my Counselor, the Holy Spirit. I spoke slowly, one word at a time as He gave them to me. “What does the name ‘Lord’ mean to you? When you call Jesus “Lord,” what are you saying?”
After a few seconds of silence Quin whispered, “It’s like, God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus, it is what we call them.”

“The word ‘lord’,” I explained, “actually means ‘owner.’ A landlord is a landowner. In order to be a part of God’s kingdom, we have to pledge ourselves to Jesus as Lord, meaning He is our owner and He is our Master. This is why the New Testament talks about Christians as bondservants: who choose to become pledged to a master of their own free will. Is it possible that you have never made this commitment to Jesus?”

“It is very possible,” Quin replied.

“The Lord told me that there is nothing He can do for you. You are not part of His kingdom until you make that commitment. Just like an earthly king or duke can only protect those who have pledged themselves to their kingdom.” I continued to explain, though I knew Jalo had him in church for many years, “Jesus is gentle and kind. He will never ask more of you than you can give, but you must be committed to doing things His way.

“It is no longer about what you want,” I said, “but what God has created you to be. He has a special destiny just for you that will bring others into His kingdom so His children can be with Him forever.
“Your calling may not be a preacher or even in the church. Whether you are a sports player, a lawyer, or working in an office, you must be willing to listen to Him and do what He says. When you find this destiny, it will be better than you could have ever imagined. Are you willing to give all of your life to God so it isn’t your life any more, but whatever He wants for you? Are you ready to be a willing slave to Jesus so that He is on your side and can help you in this life?”
Quin simply stated, “Yes, I am.”

I asked him to repeat after me, “Jesus, I take you as my Lord. My life is no longer my own. You just let me know what I need to do, and I will do it.” Quin already knew Jesus was the Son of God, so only the act of confessing Him as Lord was necessary. I told Quin what I saw, “The Lord drew His sword and touched you on your head. The chains holding you unlocked and fell to the ground, turning into dust. Light shone down upon your head. Now it is up to you to learn about His kingdom and remove any sins from your life. It’s not like jumping off a cliff. I see a lighted path before you, it will just be one step at a time. He will never ask more of you than you are able to give.”

One of our other seers, who didn’t know about Jalo’s vision, saw Quin put his arm around the waist of Jesus and Jesus put His arm around Quin’s shoulders. The Lord had shown Jalo what was happening right now. From this point forward, Quin would walk with the Lord. Jesus told me this young man had enough for one day, Quin just needed to focus on how much the Lord loves him. That is the meaning of a sandy beach, God’s good thoughts towards us are as numerous as the grains of sand along the shore.

There is much to learn from what Jalo experienced.

  • what grace and mercy looks like
  • letting go
  • walking in peace

Jalo struggled with what grace and mercy looked like for her son. When we place our loved ones before the Throne of Grace, it doesn’t necessarily mean their lives get better. In fact, sometimes the opposite may happen.

The most merciful thing God can do is bring a person into submission of Jesus as Lord so that they can be with Him (and us) for all eternity. It is appropriating the full grace of what Jesus has done. Often, in order to achieve this, God allows the enemy to attack us until we are on our knees and have no place to look but to Him.
That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God… (Ephesians 2:7-8)
As we continue through eternity, we are proof of God’s great kindness because it is His gift, through grace, that we are in Heaven with Him. To let someone endure Hell, that is not kind or merciful. If you pray for a loved one for grace and mercy and their situation gets worse, it may be because they don’t yet know Jesus as Lord of their life. You must trust that God’s mercy will not take them from this Earth until they become part of His kingdom.

This is why we are to pray for our enemies. The biggest blessing is for God to be in our lives even though the process that brings us there may be quite painful. Once God really moves into a person’s life they will no longer be our enemy, but our brother.

The hardest part of interceding for grace and mercy for those we love is letting go of what we think it should look like. We must surrender them to the Lord and place our children upon the altar just as Abraham did with Isaac. Whatever idea we have of what God should be doing for our kids or even our spouse, we must trust in God. He has a plan, just as He had a ram hidden in the thicket for Abraham.
And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)
You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you: because he trusts in you. (Isaiah 26:3)
Even if we say we trust in God, how can we be sure that He is directing our path? When we have fully surrendered our will to God’s will, the Holy Spirit will bring peace that passes our understanding. It may not be in the form of a vision as it was with Jalo, but the Lord always shows up. Once you release them to God, peace will come.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
Commit your way to the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass… (Psalms 37:5)
When we are committed to the Lord and place our trust in Him, we are inviting Him to move into the situation and direct our path. I have seen this in visions in the Courts:
A petitioner we were escorting handed a glowing blue ball over to the Lord. This ball represented a problem she was struggling with. After a few seconds, changing her mind, she grabbed it back. This happened several times in the next few minutes. The Lord continually stood beside her, patiently waiting for her to return it to Him.
Do you want your hands to dominate the lives of your children or husband, or do you want the Lord’s hands on them? To receive answers to prayers, we must:

  • Make Jesus as Lord of our life.
  • Trust in the Lord.
  • Place your problem in the Lord’s hands.
  • Know that for a time, it may not look perfect.
If you have these in your heart, you are ready to pray for your children and release them to the Lord. You can use the prayer for Grace and Mercy for them with minor alteration. 

Heavenly Father,

I come before you, as Your Word tells us to come boldly before Your throne; Not in my own righteousness, but in the righteousness of my Lord, Jesus. I come to present my child (children) before you: [call them by name]

I have spoken wrongly about them. I renounce any words I have spoken that don’t line up with Your plans for their lives. I ask that the Blood of Jesus blot these words out now from all records in Heaven and Earth. 
I confess that their ancestors’ ways were not your ways. They have sinned against You and Your kingdom. They need to know more about You.  
According to your Word, the blood of my Lord, Jesus, cries out from the ground, asking for mercy. I stand in agreement with the cry of the blood of Jesus. 
Father, I ask that you grant my kid(s) a season of mercy; Blot out the sins of their ancestors and keep the enemy from pushing them away from You and from the destiny you have for them so that they may come to know and learn Your ways and turn from their sins. 
Lord Jesus, the Word says You will contend for us. I ask that You contend for them in the Courts of Heaven should the enemy come against them. Remove any veils hindering their thoughts and open their spiritual eyes so they may see and understand the ways of Your Kingdom. 
I thank you for the grace and mercy granted through the blood of Your Son! Amen.

The Agape Team is available if you would like help placing your children in the hands of the Lord. You will be able to schedule an appointment with them after completing this class and the other previous classes you completed before this one on our website. 

The Lord had us create an online school, the Courts of Heaven Academy where you can learn more about removing attacks of the enemy from your family. It is freely given under the principles of Matthew 10:8-13. I hope you will take a look:

After the meeting about the Highest Level in the Courts we had a Tea & Coffee discussion. Mostly we talked about how to pray for our children:

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