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4th Signpost: Time


VIDEO: 4th Signpost - Time

The fourth and final signpost is “time.” It was the hardest to accept and I have struggled with it from the beginning. One of my earliest journal entries I recorded while walking the Roadmap, when I was very young in my walk, shows how God revealed this to me in a very personal way:

As I get comfortable for the night, my thoughts speaking to the Lord aren’t exactly respectful: “What's up with this? All day today your presence has been surrounding me and now that I'm here, ready to meditate, You don't even call me? I thought we were practicing for Heaven?”

Silence surrounds me. The Big Guy offers no guidance.

“What's different from right now and earlier today?” I ask myself. “Well, I was worshiping and His presence surrounded me. But right now I don't FEEL like worshiping. I am so tired of waiting to go to Heaven! It's been over a year...”

In a flash of insight, a supernatural gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit, I see myself, my actions, in a whole new light: It is like a kid who knows that you have bought them an Xbox for Christmas, yet they throw a tantrum when you walk by the video game aisle in the store because they want the game NOW!

My heart crumbles and my attitude changes. “Lord, I am so sorry. This is your gift, I will try to be more patient. You know, I always thought that the reason You were often frustrated with your disciples was because they had not yet been given the Holy Spirit; of course, they were a little slow to comprehend the revelations You brought. But I have been actively working on listening to the Spirit for fourteen years and still I throw a tantrum, acting like a spoiled child.” The presence of God tingles across my body, letting me know I’m on the right path.

Thinking about this a bit more, I add, “I just don't understand what You are waiting for. I know that when I visit Heaven it will be the beginning of something that will help so many!” Tears cascade down my cheeks as my heart cries out for those who are lost and need to see how much God loves them.

 Into my mind flashes the dream I had many years ago: in part of it, I saw tent cities across the nation as thousands upon thousands were homeless. This is connected to the trip to Heaven? Is this all tied together with the financial blessing?

I have been waiting over a decade for God’s financial blessing to show up. Now I find out it is linked to visiting Heaven. And now it is also linked to a “Great Depression.” Unable to deal with the information I’ve just been given, I whisper, “Tony, are you sleeping?”

“Huh?” He rolls over. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve been talking to God. I really don’t like what I think I’ve heard…” Tears are coming faster now, a steady stream, “Can I talk to you about it?”

My husband nods. In short, quick terms, I explain what I understand about events being connected to His greater plan. “So let me get this straight…you’re upset about something that might happen when the first thing you think might happen, going to Heaven, hasn’t even happened yet?”

“That’s just it, Honey. I really believe God is answering my questions about why it’s taking so long to go to Heaven. Do you think I should still go even if it means that there will be a link to another Great Depression?”

Tony applies logic to my emotional response, “You said that you are just trying to do what God wants, right?” I nod. “And it is Jesus who is bringing you to Heaven?”

“Yes,” I reply, knowing I can’t get there without Him.

My husband concludes, “Then what happens is on Him, not you. He’s the one in charge, not you. If it is tied to a world-wide event, then it is His will and His choice.”

Giving him a hug, I whisper, “Thank you, Honey. That really helps.”

Tony rolls over, going back to sleep. The fierce tingling that I’ve taken to mean He is calling me to practice meditating descends upon my body. Laying on my back, I attempt to relax into meditation. Thanking the Lord for granting me wisdom and worshiping Him, power flows from my head to my shoulders.

Again, the scene of tent cities flashes through my mind. Tears spill over my cheeks as I think once again about the kids who will be without a warm bed. “Lord, the night before You went to the cross, You prayed so fiercely trying to avoid it that You sweat blood. Give me this night to morn for what is coming: for those who will suffer.”

The tears ease and I begin to hear Him speak once again, “This is why I helped you create Agape (uh-ga pei) Assistance Association. It is to provide for people during this time.” Our church is linked with Agape Assistance Association, a 501(c)3 charity that is putting in place relief for a world-wide disaster.

This helps me get more control over my emotions. “So You are providing for Your people like You did with Joseph in Egypt. Your financial blessing for me isn’t really only for my secular family, but my spiritual one: the family of God.” The basic details flow through my mind:

God sent Joseph two dreams in which he saw, in essence, his brothers bowing down before him (represented by sheaves of wheat). Joseph’s brothers already resented him because their father favored him, so when Joseph told them about these dreams, they sold him as a slave.

For the next fifteen years Joseph went through many trials, but eventually he came to the attention of Pharaoh. Joseph became the second in command of all of Egypt. God guided him to store food during seven years of abundance for the seven years of famine that would follow. (Genesis 37)

 “You sent Joseph dreams just like You spoke to me when you sent a vision. Why didn’t you tell him about the famine when you sent the dreams?” I ask.

The answer comes in a soft thought, “He was still a teenager – still a child. Today you decided to stop being a child. Joseph found out about the famine when he needed to do something: save the surplus food for the famine.”

It’s hard to miss the similarities to my journey:

  1.  2001 – God speaks, saying, “I bless you…Miraculously…Financially,”  and gives me a vision
    1.   I’ve been struggling for 14 years trying to figure out when God’s promise will come to pass
  2. 2009 – God helps me create Agape Assistance Association to provide disaster relief
  3. 2014 – God tells me that He wants me to visit Jesus in Heaven through meditation.
  4. 2015 – God tells me that a Great Depression will fall upon America and Europe around the time I am visiting Heaven.

“Lord, when did you know your journey would lead to the cross?” I ask. The answer comes, “When I was no longer a child. This is why my mother needed to prod me to begin my ministry at the wedding (His first miracle where He turned water into wine). I knew where it would lead and wanted to wait as long as possible.”

“Man, I totally understand that,” I think, “Suddenly I’m in no hurry to get to Heaven. Not that I don’t look forward to seeing You, but it means the time is approaching where so many will lose everything! I will be ready whenever you call, but there’s no hurry. I now have all the patience in the world.

“I’m glad you warned me about what is to come, but I can’t write about this in my blog” I tell Him, “People will think I’ve got delusions of grandeur or that I’m just one of those crazy end-of-the-world doomsayers.”

“Some will read it and believe. For some it will be too late, but for others this will sound an alarm and they will prepare: getting their finances in order and saving every penny to pay off all their bills or make a nest egg. When it hits, they will not be on the streets.”

I sigh, knowing that if it will help one family I have to write it. They thought Noah was crazy for building the ark…I suppose I will be in good company.

The next day, I am still struggling. It’s hard to find joy in anything when you know that so much suffering is not far off. A good friend of mine who has enthusiastically supported me through this crazy journey tells me, “God uses everything for the good of His people.”

As soon as I heard those words things clicked into place. God isn’t causing the Great Depression. Even though my trip to Heaven and the financial blessing are connected to it, they are not the cause either. The world has grown greedy. People are abusing their power. The collapse of the economy is going to happen anyways. God knows what is going to happen and He is setting up something to help His people!

First, God will show his grace and mercy by bringing people to Heaven to see the glory Christ has for us. Their stories will bring hope to those in need. In the Secret Place, they will be prepared for what is to come. Jesus fed 5000 with a couple of fish and a loaf of bread. Then, when the economy collapses, Agape Assistance will be there so His financial blessing can be used to help provide for His people.

This is the God I know. He is filled with kindness and compassion. He is our provider. He has the perfect time picked out for your visit with Him.

This is how I learned to be patient and wait for three years for my first trip to the Secret Place. Your trip may be connected to much more than you know! It has never been more clear that the most precious thing we have while on this planet is time. It is a nonrenewable resource. Rich or poor, you cannot obtain more. There are layers of meaning in this little four-letter word: time.

Communion or cultivating a relationship takes time and effort. We must set aside minutes each day to talk with Jesus and build a relationship, as well as time to read the Bible to find out more about Him. Focusing on the Trinity takes time, it requires setting aside other activities in our life and choosing to set our mind and heart on God. To cultivate desire we must spend time filling our heart and mind with good things and with thoughts of Him.

How can we make time for all these things? Suggestions follow in the Driving Directions section.

I was going over each of the four Signposts when the full meaning of “time” was revealed. It is a little frustrating to realize that your visit will happen when He chooses and in His time. I was following this very same Roadmap for three years before I finally had my first visit with Jesus. The map was in my pocket all along! It was just a matter of time before He opened the door to the Secret Place. My journey unfolded like this:

  • Communion: I have been walking with God, talking with Him and sharing my life with Him for many years.
  • Focus: When I learned of His desire for us to visit Him in Heaven, I began meditating and drawing close to Him. I blogged about the major developments in posts since 2014.
  • Desire: Year by year my longing to meet with Him increased as I read everything I could find about visits to Heaven finally realizing that I needed to focus solely on Him and NOT a desire to visit Heaven.
  • Time: The visits to the Secret Place of the Most High came after I resolved in my heart that my visit would be at the time He would choose, not when I wanted it to occur. There was nothing I could do to make it happen sooner. I was happy for Jesus to interact with me in whatever way He chose. 

Not only does the Lord require that we dedicate time out of our daily schedule to get to the Secret Place, but there is no way of knowing when that will be. All we can do is focus on Him and wait. It sounds easy, but the path is so much harder to walk. The Bible puts it this way:

So I say to you, ask and keep on asking and it shall be given you; seek and keep on seeking and you shall find; knock and keep on knocking and the door shall be opened to you. (Luke 11:9 AMPC)

Quoted from the Classic Amplified Version of the Bible, this gives the fullest definition making the meaning clear. The parable Jesus gave before this statement shows us that a widow who pestered an unjust King got what she wanted. How much more would our Just Father do? Persistence is the key: it may take time!

The Secret Place is for everyone who has taken Jesus as Lord and wants to be trained in His ways. Begin walking in what you know of His ways now. If you are not willing to do that, why would He give you more to do?

Keep on knocking and the door will be opened. Let your heart cry out  for Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and ask for entrance into the Secret Place to prepare more quickly, for the destiny for which you have been created by God.

Driving Directions

How much would you pay for a meeting with an esteemed head of state or the ruler of your country? What would you give for continued access to a world leader or the smartest person alive? Would you wait patiently until they called you for a meeting? We have a promise to visit with someone who is so much more than any of these. We have the extraordinary opportunity to have a meeting with God who created it all, who knows all, who can do all things!

The cost is high. It will require time. How much of your most precious resources are you willing to give to prepare for a visit with God? He will never ask more of us than what we have. That being said, we may have much more than we realize.

The majority of the time I used for meditation was during the evening before bed. The longest visit only took twenty minutes. However, during the day I took time to read the Bible, listen to messages about God, and for pleasure reading I chose testimonies about heavenly visits.

Take inventory of your day. You always have time for what is most important. Here are a few things to consider:

  • How much time do you spend watching TV or online?
  • What are you doing during your commute to work?
  • Is it possible to listen to music or podcasts while you shower or get ready in the morning?

It is up to you to make this a priority in your life. No one can make this decision for you, but there is one who can help. Your friend the Holy Spirit, will always be there no matter how much it seems like you have messed up in your life. Ask Him to help you find time to walk the Roadmap to Heaven.

Don’t give up. God loves you. He will open up the Secret Place when you are ready and when it fits into His plan for your life. 

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