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The Survival of God's Generals - Part 2

God’s Generals will come under fire during the outpouring of God’s glory. Thanks to John’s encounter in Heaven, previously mentioned in Part 1, we know that many of the generals may be removed or nearly destroyed in the coming wave of Glory. God has sent many dreams to leaders that illustrate how this will occur. There is a chance that more than a few Generals will survive, if the Army of God will step forward. God sends dreams and visions for a purpose. The plans of the enemy are just plans, they are not the divine future unless God sends a dream twice, in two different forms, like He did to Pharaoh about the famine. Until that time, God sends dreams as warnings of a possible future. I received a dream a short time ago that shows how this disaster heading for God’s army can be diverted. I’m not quite sure how to implement this information, but perhaps you can help. Let me know what you think.

The dream:

I approached a door to a home with a pen and paper in hand like a reporter. An elderly, over weight woman opened the door and showed me inside. She used a walker to get to the kitchen table.The old woman sat at the table with two fully grown sons. They began serving themselves out of a large pot of beans and hot-dogs until it was running off the sides of their plates. All the while they complained about how much the electric bill cost and other expenses.  

I followed the old woman as she left the table. There was a toilet by the big window in the living room which she sat on to do her business while telling me how their ticket has been stolen. If they had that ticket, then everything would be taken care of. She claims they had nearly completed the ticket. 

I left the home and went to a business. There was a scruffy-looking guy behind a messy desk. On the shelf behind him I saw a piece of paper. “You know that doesn’t belong to you.” I told him.

“Ya, so?” he replied.

I held out my hand, demanding “I’m returning it to it’s rightful owners.” The guy huffed, but handed over the paper which was the ticket the old woman spoke of. It is a crossword puzzle: thee sections across and three sections down. All but the top middle section was filled in. Looking at the blanks, I realized I knew the missing words. Two of them were sex and Ice.

From there I found myself flying, without a plane, into a beautiful, picturesque farm. The central buildings were surrounded by acres of farmland and a some woodland as well. Like superman, I landed gracefully in the area between the main house and the barn. It is quiet, with little activity. A young man in is early his 30’s has lead-lines trailing a group of four horses behind him, one has a rider. I knew that this is the farmer’s son. A farmer approached. “What happened?” I asked, I thinking this place should be busier.

The farmer gestured for me to follow him to the barn. I saw what happened in a sudden vision: the two robust men I had met at the house pulled hay bales out from the bottom of the stack which caused the rest of the bales to fall into a heap. 

“They really made a big mess.” The farmer told me. I nodded my head in agreement, “They will have to pay to have this fixed.” He says sternly.

 I sighed, knowing it’s true. Instantly, I was standing at the door to the old woman’s home. Her son’s answered. I handed them the ticket, which is now complete, and said, “You know you did some damage at the farm. You are going to have to give half of this to pay for the damages.” The man agreed and took the ticket from me.

I soared into the farm again. This time, the area was bustling with activity. The farmer’s son was leading a group of people out on horses. Servants were preparing more horses for departure. The farmer greeted me warmly. He ushered me to the barn where the hay was neatly stacked.I asked, “Have they begun making their payments?” The farmer nodded. I continued, “Are you sending more supplies to them?”

This time he smiles sheepishly, “Not yet, but soon.” As we exit the barn he says, “I have a gift for you…”

At that moment, a huge horse stuck its head out of the three story wooden window at the top of the barn. It was a blue roan, meaning the hair is both blue and white. This three story horse charged out of the barn and ran down the road then came to stand right in front of the farmer and me. “He’s all yours!”

 I looked at the horse wondering how I was ever going to get into the saddle…

The interpretation:

The home is the world-wide church. The people inside are the leaders. A table is where messages on the Word of God is served (spiritual food). Beans and hot-dogs are basic food they are giving out. Serving themselves a ridiculously big portion says that the church leaders today are appropriating more money for themselves than their plate will hold and using expenses as an excuse. 

The toilet is where we eliminate sin from our lives. The fact that it is in front of the window says the the whole world witnesses the sin in the Church. 

Satan it the thief mentioned in the Bible. The ticket contains the keys to God’s kingdom; access to Heavenly visits so He can move through His church upon this earth. The knowledge of this was almost complete but Satan works hard taking God’s truth, which is the true power, out of the Church. The scruffy guy is Satan who I retrieve the ticket from. Three is the number of divine perfection and completion; with words (the Bible) The ticket is the perfection and completions found in His Word. The two words: “Sex” is an intimate relationship with God and “Ice” is the cool refreshing of the Holy Spirit (water). After completing the ticket I visit the “farm” which is Heaven.

In the Bible, God is referred to as the farmer who sows seed. His Son is Jesus. Jesus is ready to lead people into heavenly visits (He is leading so the timing is when He chooses). The reason people haven’t been visiting Heaven is found in the barn. 

“Hay” is supplies from Heaven. It is food for horses which represent power. God’s leaders here on Earth have been disrupting the flow of the power supply by taking their supplies in a wrong fashion. As clearly described in Part 1, the leaders of the worldwide Body of Christ have stopped doing things God’s way. They no longer give the revelations God given them away for free, instead they charge a price for the revelations that are recorded in books and have even begun charging for conferences. This destroys the system God has in place. 

When people give an offering, acknowledging that they have received from God, this allows God to move miraculously into that persons life. If people are charged for a revelation, they don’t get to make the choice of what that revelation is worth and how to honor God for that revelation. This is what an offering is, honoring the fact that God has brought something to you. The Biblical outline and scriptures for this are in the Part 1 post…

God, the Farmer, says there is a penalty for what they’ve done. Christ paid the price for our sin so that we have eternal life, however, sometimes there are consequences for that sin while we are still on Earth. For instance, if you kill someone, God forgives that sin, but you may still have to serve some time in jail. 

I have been tasked with delivering the message to the Church leaders: If they have been charging for their books, they will need to give 50% of their supply to God. I am sure that this doesn’t mean they can give 50% of their income to some friend of theirs who have a ministry… But to God. 

The cool part is this. All Christians are welcome to cash in this ticket. It is the “Roadmap to Heaven” book that will guide you there. As the next part of the dream shows, Jesus is leading people around in Heaven. Horses are power. So when you visit, it is so that He can train you and endow you with power to show the world how much He loves them! 

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