Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Removing Hidden Demonic Attachments

The Holy Spirit brought a recent revelation to us about a new “tool” in the courts of Heaven. A pattern has emerged. Often people are cleared of charges and even receive healing, but something still keeps popping up every now and then. They come back to the courts and receive charges, but a short time later, it resurfaces. It is like a demon is dealt with and slides out of view only to put on a new mask with a slightly different approach to interfere with your life!
There are many ways a demon can “hide.” One is to pose as a member of the Trinity, most often, the Holy Spirit. Just last week, a demon  tried to do this with me. If they can get us to believe they are speaking for God, this imitation can lead us astray. Here is a good example of why so many Christians wind up in a ditch:

I had been experiencing correction in the form of vertigo. When I would walk in the wrong direction, depending on the severity of the offense, I would get dizzy when I would stand: at the worst point, I even threw up because the room spun for so long! It was a repetitive process:
  1. go to the courts 
  2. find the cause
  3. repent for the sin
  4. Cover it with the blood
  5. Get the charges dismissed
For a couple of days it would be better, then it would hit me again. Three weeks into this cycle, I laid down on the couch on my left side and when vertigo assaulted me I cried out for help, “Holy Spirit, what is going on? Why is this happening.”

My eyes were closed and a familiar form appeared before me. It was the full-grown man who I knew as the Holy Spirit laying on his side, facing me. He was so clear, so vivid. As we talked, something seem a bit off so I asked, “Holy spirit, do you confess that Jesus Christ (the Anointed One) has come in the flesh onto the Earth?”

The man laughed. I had seen the child form of the Holy Spirit laugh, but never the man. It seemed different somehow. About that time, my dog did something so I was momentarily distracted. When I refocused, the man was finishing up what he was saying. I continued talking to him but a voice nagged me: I hadn’t really heard him say yes. I asked again, “Holy Spirit, I’m sorry, but I have to ask once more: Do you confess that the Son of God, Yeshua the Christ has come in the flesh to the Earth?”

The vision began to crumble like a piece of paper being wadded up as distortion lines ran through it. Then it vanished. “Holy Spirit,” I cried, “What happened?”

“That wasn’t me,” said the voice filled with so much love that I knew to be the true Holy Spirit.

“Why was it allowed to come when I called for you?” I asked.

My Teacher replied, “You gave it a place by listening to it.”

I cried out in panic, “When? How did I give this spirit a place?”

My mind filled with memories of sharing the last few posts a couple dozen times I hadn’t felt lead by the Holy Spirit to do it: it just seemed like a good thing to do. Now I know that was a prodding by the fake holy spirit, causing me to get into self effort. It is up to the readers to share the posts, not me.

This is an example of a hidden demon trying to gain a place in my life. It can be very subtle and seem very innocent. Sometimes, we just feel that something is hindering us still and we can’t put a finger on why or how. This is what was happening with a couple of the team members from Agape Christian Fellowship who were helping guide others in going before God as Judge in the Courts of Heaven.

Team members who help others are used to going to the Courts often. As soon as something comes up, we run to the Courts to see if it is the enemy, a trial or test or just part of life. When things persist against us, it is often because we have stepped out of line giving the enemy legal access to us.

As we visited the Courts, I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, demanding, not merely asking, that any spirit, even hidden ones that are not active, step forward and state their claims. I saw a demon that was fully formed, then he became a puddle, a few seconds later, the demon would pop up in a different location.

This is what a hidden demon does. It only exerts influence for a time, then it withdraws deep inside like a puddle. When we are in the courts calling for the enemy to state their claims, this demon remains a puddle (not exerting influence) so that it can remain hidden.

The first team member received their charges, which the Holy Spirit made clear where the root of the access was. Next we placed another member before the Judge, let’s call her Judy. After demanding all spirits, even hidden ones, step forward, we listened. What we received was a perfect example of how a spirit can remain hidden and why:

Judy heard “Oh, crap,” right away. This is not from the Holy Spirit. He will not use this type of language. Judy heard this spirit that was attached to her, begin to panic as it witnessed the fate of the spirit attached to the other teammate.

Our other team members saw a pair of eyes on her back and running to and from things.

This labelled the demon as a “watcher” and its job was to distract her from her destiny.

Judy began to explain things that the Holy Spirit was bringing to her:

She had an old boyfriend who used to stalk her and watch her every move.
When she was really young there was a demon who used to talk to her but a friend’s mother who was a “Spiritualist” did a “cleansing” and the demon sang a “goodbye” song to her.

The only power we have over demons comes by the Name and Blood of Jesus. All the spiritualist accomplished was to push the demon into hiding. Years later, it manifested by attacking her through her boyfriend.

Judy repented for placing faith in something spiritual, that wasn’t of God and for anytime she had listened to this spirit. After she covered this sin with the blood of Jesus, the cases giving this spirit access were overruled and the spirit could be removed. This is how easy it is to deal with a hidden spirit.

Being in the Courts can be helpful because we have been given a place there by Jesus, as Children of the Most High. We can demand that they present themselves and ask why they have access. The Holy Spirit our Counselor, can then reveal to us how we gave the spirit a place. Notice that I didn’t have to go to the Courts, the Holy Spirit spoke directly to me and I was able to repent and take care of it with the Blood of Jesus.

It is very presumptuous to assume that there is only one way for God to handle things, that what we have experienced is the limit of how God moves.  These are just a couple of examples from our experiences.

We recommend continuing in the Academy classes and the Holy Spirit will help you to discern if you have a hidden spirit.

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