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Grace and Mercy For Leaders


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“Hindsight is 20/20” is a saying which means when looking at the past, everything is clearly seen. We can apply this saying when the Holy Spirit is speaking to us. Often when we are under an attack from Satan and his minions, we can look back at our lives and pinpoint how the Holy Spirit was speaking to us and where we missed His guidance. 

God often warns us and gives us time to correct our path when we are going in the wrong direction. When we push ahead of God, we walk out of His covering and right into the hands of our adversary, the Devil.  

On Wednesday night, God revealed that I was outside of His covering, and as a result, I had a pain in my shoulder that prevented me from sleeping. I have reached a place in my relationship with God where I know that if the enemy can afflict me with pain and suffering, it is because I am away from my Defender - the Lord. 

My defense and shield depend on God, Who saves the upright in heart. (Psalms 7:10 AMPC) 

The next day, a team member prayed with me and I confessed and repented for all I could have possibly done wrong. The repentance brought a small amount of relief but no breakthrough. I discussed the dream I had that night with that team member: 

I had gone back to rescue the second person from a haunted house, and no one believed his story about being attacked. Because of the rescue, I wasn’t able to cross the huge bridge in time. Instead of crossing over to safety, we had to climb up to the top of the bridge support. A wave came over the bridge, while we hung on for dear life. 

This scenario seemed to suggest that if I continued on the current path, I would have to scramble to safety in order to survive. During prayer with an Agape Team member, I received several visions and was made aware that I needed to take care of the following: 

I was walking on a balance beam, and my destiny was on the far side. I fell off the beam and was hanging by my left arm (the arm that was in pain.) 

At this point, the Holy Spirit had brought a lot of information, but I did not understand how to apply it to my life. After our Agape Fellowship Meeting, the elders interceded for me, and the Lord told us NOT to go into the Courts for charges. Instead, He said to us through three different people: 

“My grace is sufficient.” 
“Healing will take time.” 
“It is about balance.” 

That night, the pain intensified so much that I went to the hospital emergency room. The diagnosis was a torn rotator cuff or shoulder sprain. The escalation of the attack clarified that there was an open door for the enemy to attack me, and in order to get it closed QUICKLY, I had to cancel most of my meetings for the next day. 

I spent my morning crying out to the Lord, asking Him to show me where I had gone wrong. Several items came to mind that revealed the following: 

  • We uploaded new articles to the blog the day the pain began, and the topics of those articles did not focus on the Courts of Heaven or the Secret Place. 
  • We did not create a new class from one of the articles as planned. 

Over the years, I have learned that when God is in the mix, He causes projects to flow smoothly. Obviously, God wasn’t present in this new class. I deleted the class information and unpublished the articles and asked the Lord for mercy, but the pain didn’t get any better. 

While lying on my bed with tears streaming from my eyes, I cried out to the Lord, “I have dedicated my life working for You by helping others connect with You. Have I not shown that I will accept correction? Just show me what is blocking me from receiving mercy!” 

A thought entered my mind that was a word from the Lord, “Have you given My leaders mercy? As you have sown, so are you reaping.” 

Instantly I understood the issue: I had not shown mercy to God’s leaders. In my family, we have five pastors who have not accepted the revelation of the Courts of Heaven. Neither do they believe that Agape Christian Fellowship is a true church because it is an online church. 

Although these family members have been suffering from recent attacks upon their physical health, my heart was very hard towards them. I was not compassionate or merciful and did not respond with grace. 

In truth, these feelings went beyond family. Until the moment I cried out to God, I didn’t understand how someone really devoted to God could wind up so far from His ways. It didn’t occur to me how much they loved God and how hard they were trying to please Him. I only saw the mistakes they were making. Now I had a new perspective. When looking back, I understand the various signs that I had missed.  The biggest one was this: 

When I would lift up the footrest on my chair, the cord to my laptop would wrap around the end of the chair, causing it to unplug from the power source. This event continued several times, even after I had made partial corrections to my path (with God) two weeks earlier. 

Why hadn’t I recognized that there was still an issue? I’ve sat in the same chair for three years and never had an issue with the power cord. In hindsight, it is now perfectly clear: I was over-extending my reach. The tear in the rotator cuff happened for the same reason: we try to grab onto something we shouldn’t. 

The articles were correct; they were just off the path God had for me. I was overreaching where I was supposed to be. 

If I had continued on this path for many years, how far would I have possibly wandered from God’s ways? Although my intentions were good, I had not listened to subtle corrections from the Holy Spirit. This put me out in the open, away from God’s covering, which allowed the enemy to attack me. 

Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia, after they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not. (Acts 16:6-7 AKJV) 

There are many places we can go, but God has a right path and a wrong path for each of us. We must stay on the right path if we want to be under God’s covering. The purpose of Agape Christian Fellowship and the Courts of Heaven Academy is to help you connect with the Lord in the Secret Place. This is accomplished by: 

  • Clearing out attacks of the enemy. 
    • Often through intercession or soul healing. 
  • Removing blockages to the spirit realm. 
    • Through classes and fellowship. 
  • Helping you walk the Roadmap to Heaven. 
    • Through the free book, which gives a guide to the Secret Place. 

Once you are receiving from the Lord, then He can reveal all that you need to know. The new articles I had written were wrong for Agape because the classes focused on what the enemy is doing and where other leaders have gone wrong, not on your walk with God. 

  • You really don’t need a class on demons; the Lord will reveal that in time. 
  • You don’t need to name and call out the mistakes other leaders are making; the Holy Spirit will guide your heart. 

If I had continued in that direction, two things would have occurred: 

  1. The revelation could be hard for some to accept and be a stumbling block for them. 
  2. It would delay me in my progress toward the destiny that He has for me. 

God's grace was truly sufficient! It would have been so easy to start down the wrong path with the best of intentions. Only that extreme pain got me going in the right direction: 

  1. The possible “stumbling blocks” are removed. 
  2. My heart has softened for the coming correction upon God’s leaders. 

I would love to say the pain disappeared as soon as I confessed, repented, and plead the blood over these sins. It did not. It only lessened a little. The Bible is clear: 

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7 AKJV) 

Throughout the next few days, I began truly repenting:  

  1. I prayed for each person I had felt unmerciful towards. 
  2. I interceded for them for mercy. 
  3. I confessed that I had not truly forgiven those who had rejected me. 
  4. I asked God to bless them. 

This is what repentance means. If you have done wrong, you must go back and do it right! 

Signs of An Attack 

When I didn’t give grace and mercy to other leaders, others were not giving it to me. Over the last few months, we have received more emails with complaints than we have had in the preceding three years! 

I now know that when my work is being constantly challenged, it is because God’s grace has lifted. The Holy Spirit no longer “has my back,” so to speak. I am truly grateful when I receive corrections for typos etc., but recently the comments have been quite harsh. 

  • When a leader has a “mantle,” that shields those under them. It keeps the harshest attacks of the enemy at bay and allows the Holy Spirit to bring wisdom. 
  • When a leader is out of alignment with God, it opens a door for all those who are under them to be tested. That spirit can come in and try to gain a place. 

Each person’s walk is their own. Being connected to a leader with many open doors just means there is less shelter; it gives the enemy permission to come knocking on your door. We must still open the door for the enemy to move into our lives. 

In one of the two meetings that were not canceled, the Holy Spirit allowed me to speak about what was happening in my life. Someone pointed out that she was led to repent for not granting me mercy for the minor errors and typos they encountered in my work. They didn’t get the nudge from the Holy Spirit until the day I repented for not giving leaders grace and mercy. This was when I knew that God would turn this “life lesson” into a class at the Academy. 

If we want to receive grace and mercy, we must give it to others. If you have a hard heart towards a leader for mistakes they have made, you may need to ask God to help you to forgive them and repent by asking Him to have mercy and grace towards them. A few “leaders” to consider: 

  • Your husband is the leader of your home - we are to honor our husbands, and mercy is part of honoring him. 
  • A “boss” at work is a leader. If you want favor at your job, make sure you are responding with grace and mercy. 

When you learn that someone is continuing on a wrong path, especially a leader, pray and ask God to grant them wisdom. This is the way the body will become stronger, not by attacking each other! 

What happens when a leader of a ministry is removed or out of commission? An Agape Team member was concerned about this when I was injured. The pain was so fierce and the doctors did not know how long I would be totally unavailable. During her prayer time, the team member received a vision that answered her question: 

A beautiful wine goblet had a unique stem: red wine filled it, and a large globe on top.  

The scene switched, and there was a wine vat with the spout turned on. She pressed the button to turn it off, and it didn’t work because it was broken. 

As the team member went on her afternoon walk, the Holy Spirit showed her what it meant: 

  • The goblet is Agape Christian Fellowship. 
    • It has a strong foundation, filled with the covenant of the Lord (the red wine), which brings His presence. 
    • We even have a “Foundations” course at the Academy. 
  • The wine vat is the Lord; the wine is His presence. 
    • Even though the leader of Agape was out of commission (the broken button), He was still pouring His presence into the ministry because of the strong foundation. 

The Lord has created “Agape Christian Fellowship.” This church is bigger than one individual, even the leader. One person cannot keep Him from working through what He has built. Because of the solid foundations, the Lord will continue to pour His presence into what He has established. 

Receiving Breakthrough 

Sunday, I spent time in prayer. It was more difficult to enter the Secret Place to visit with the Lord with an echo of pain surrounding me. Every twitch of my arm would bring intense pain. 

Determination set in. I would seek the Lord. What else did I have to do? I couldn’t move without waves of agony piercing my left side. 

What usually took minutes took almost an hour. I rested at the feet of my Lord, praying, “You know the destiny for which you created me. You know I will do anything You want. I trust your grace is sufficient. You will heal me in Your time and in time to accomplish all I need to do for You.” 

The next morning, I woke with about 50% more mobility. With no appointments or meetings, I spent more time seeking the Lord, just to spend time with Him. The following day I woke with 80% of the pain gone. The following day, only a twinge of pain was present when I extended my arm too much. 

The orthopedic surgeon could not come up with any reason for the pain to decrease so dramatically. She will do an MRI to make sure the rotator cuff muscle has not detached from the shoulder blade, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  

This is the way to receive breakthroughs. We must rest in the fact that His grace is sufficient. In His time, our healing will manifest in the way that He sees fit. 

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