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2nd Signpost: Focus

VIDEO: 2nd Signpost - Focus

The second sign appeared when I least expected it. Usually, I receive new instructions once I have completed the tasks given to me. There had been a feeling of building pressure; my workload was behind schedule from the previous week. Life was getting in the way and I hadn’t yet recorded the revelation about the first sign in this book. 

The gray-haired gentleman on a TV program, dedicated to supernatural occurrences within the church, was interviewing someone who had an incredible healing ministry. The pastor said that the Lord told him that the old ways to the Secret Place were closing. The new path He was opening would be available to all Christians who would seek it. 

“Worship is the most important thing,” the pastor declared. 
The Holy Spirit spoke clearly, “Focus.” A picture of a white circle and blue words within it appeared in my mind. “Communion” came forth then “Focus” followed. 

Over the next 24 hours, information flowed. Focus on God. Some people may see this as worship, but it is more than that. It is a combination of meditation and worship. When you break down both of those things to the basic form, it is just a matter of focus. We must let go of everything but God. This type of focus means not thinking about:
  • Things happening in our day
  • What our body is feeling
  • What we need
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines focus as “a center of activity, attraction, or attention.” We turn our hearts and our minds to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They must be in the middle of our thoughts. Think about these things:
  • His powerfulness
  • His goodness
  • His love.
This is what happened when I was singing at Church: I was focused on Jesus. I wasn’t worried about how I sounded because the music was loud enough to cover me. I relaxed and then it happened. What I was not focused on:
  • Visiting Heaven
  • Finding the Secret Place
  • Seeing Jesus face-to-face
I spent two years focusing on visiting Heaven in worship. For two years I would feel the power of God, but nothing else happened. It wasn’t until I focused on my love for Jesus alone that I entered the Secret Place. The wrong focus will delay your entry to the Secret Place.

And to the angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Philadelphia write: These are the words of the Holy One, the True One, He who has the key of David, who opens and no one shall shut, who shuts and no one shall open… (Revelation 3:7 AMPC)

According to the Book of Revelation, one group of believers will be “kept out of the wrath of God” which will be poured out after the Great Tribulation. The Philadelphia Church needs to remember who holds the “Key of David” and who it is that “opens the door no one will shut.” What key did David have? What door was open to him? 
  • King David spoke about the Secret Place three times.
  • Moses spoke of the Secret Place once.
  • King Solomon, David’s son, spoke of the Secret Place once.
David was the original worshiper. He wrote more than half of the Psalms. David also mentioned the Secret Place more than anyone else. The key to opening the Secret Place is worship. The Lord holds that key. When we worship Him, He turns the key and opens the door no man can shut! 

Agape Christian Fellowship has received a revelation about worship and what music to use. This is a new season of “authentic worship,” where we learn what it means to worship God’s way. In the last course of the Courts of Heaven Academy, the final classes are centered around the miraculous sign we received to confirm that worship is changing and what exactly God expects from us concerning worship. We hope you will consider setting aside time for the classes in the Academy soon.

Driving Directions

Focusing on God can be done at any time, in any place — except perhaps while you are driving. However, practicing the act of focusing while behind the wheel of a vehicle is a great idea. I find my mind relaxes and I am able to focus on God with half my interest. This is great preparation for a visit to the Secret Place.

Sometimes worries about our daily life make it difficult to focus on God. Reading the Bible, especially the Psalms can help us focus on God who is the answer to our problems. Read through them and find the ones that speak to your heart. There is a pattern to many of the Psalms:
  1. The problem or situation is stated.
  2. Often the song cries out to God.
  3. The words then state that God is able to take care of the situation.
We can use this pattern when we worship God. Take time focusing on God and telling Him what you are going through. Pour out your heart to Him. If you are sad or if you are hurt, share those emotions with the Lord. 

Don’t stop there. Now it is time to lay it all at the feet of Jesus. Honor and worship Him by stating that He is able to take care of all of these situations. He knows the future, so those situations are not a surprise to Him. Quote scripture aloud if you are able, but most importantly, know in your heart that He has the answer and will reveal it to you in His time.

Science has proven that listening to things or even thinking about things over and over develops neural pathways in the brain so that we can easily access memories and feelings. (“Who Switched Off My Brain? Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions'' by Dr. Caroline Leaf) It is these pathways that can create instinctual responses. This is why we should read the Bible each day, it gives us material to work with.

You can choose to build pathways by focusing on God and all His good qualities which are stated in the scriptures. If you are good with words, the Holy Spirit may lead you to compose a song with lyrics that match up with the positive aspects of God. As these pathways are built each time you focus on God in that way, it will become more and more natural to focus on God in times of trouble. Perhaps this is why the Bible instructs us to: 
…be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; (Ephesians 5:18-19 AKJV) 
Here are some things that may help when getting ready for a visit with God:
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help. He is our Helper and Guide to the Secret Place. 
  • Create songs about God’s goodness to help focus your mind on Him.
  • Closing your eyes will remove visual distractions. It will also make it easier to see your visions as they begin to gradually appear.
  • If an unwanted thought comes, push it aside and refocus on God.
  • Practice helps!

Finding Daddy

I read an account of a woman who went to Heaven in a nightly vision. This particular author vividly described her encounters with “Daddy,” her Heavenly Father. Reading about her rich experience brought tears to my eyes.

I longed to meet God in that way. I called upon Him as “Abba,” in times of great pain or need. The Greek word means “Father,” a term of endearment used by a small child. In English it would be “Daddy or Papa.” 

I didn’t have any earthly experiences with a dad I could play with. Interactions with my dad were filled with so much violence and abuse that for most of my life I couldn’t even listen to songs about a kind, loving, and gentle father. It was hard for me to imagine a God who created the universe, who had such power, as a playful Daddy.

I sought God in prayer, asking for this experience night after night and for months there was no answer. Then, in church, they began playing songs that mentioned our Father in Heaven. I closed my eyes and was shocked to see the Lord before me. He was clearer than the last time I saw Him, but it was still just a picture in my mind. No physical sensations accompanied it. 

Jesus took me by the hand and led me to an open area. I saw a figure in the distance. Letting go of the Lord’s hand, I took off running toward Him. As I neared, I shrank and became small; my head only reached His waist. He scooped me up and hoisted me over His head. As He twirled me around and around I extended my arms as if soaring through the air. I shouted, “Higher, Daddy, higher.” 

After flying in His arms for some time, He swung me down into a big bear hug. As I nestled into His white hair He whispered, “I love you, my sweet precious child.” 

Tears welled up in my eyes and gently cascaded down my cheeks. This is what my heart had longed for all these years. This is the love I sought.

“I love you, love you, love you,” I squeezed His neck, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” thoughts conveyed my joy at being here with Him.

Continuing with this type of communication I asked, “Can I come more?” I envisioned being more fully there than here, more connected. 

He stroked my hair and whispered, “Soon.” The word was a solemn promise.

“I hope it is very soon!” He hugged me, delighting in my enthusiasm. “Why didn’t I get to come from there?” I pictured myself lying in my bed at home.

“In time you will,” He assured me.

“Teach me, teach me,” I begged. “So many need to come; they need to see you like this, too!”

In the real world, I opened my eyes for a minute and looked about wiping the tears from them. When I closed out the world, the scene changed. 

I was on the ground, with my hand in His as we laughed and frolicked about.

A tiny table and chairs appeared and we raced to its seats. His knees were high as He perched on the child-sized furniture, yet He struck an elegant pose. I poured tea into each of our cups and as we sipped, I chatted with Him about the tea parties I was having with my friends. “Mighty God…” I began.

“Uh-uh,” He corrected me gently.

I ducked my head in embarrassment and whispered “Daddy,” knowing that was the correct form to address Him in this place. Papa would also have been acceptable. Shyly, I asked, “Can my friends come, too?” Knowing how much they would like it. He assured me that it would be so. 

A plate of cookies appeared; I reached for one and nibbled on it as I sipped my tea. Looking into the kind, smiling eyes of my Daddy, my heart exploded with gratitude. I launched myself across the table, throwing my arms around His neck. “Oh, Daddy, thank you so much… You know exactly what I want, You even thought to bring cookies to have with our tea!”

My lips trembled as I cried, keeping my eyes closed. My chest heaved as I sobbed. I felt my body longing to collapse but I locked my knees in place, determined to stay with my Daddy as long as possible. 

He chuckled, a deep sound rumbling from His chest. “I created you. Of course, I know what you love,” He whispered. Swinging me around to sit in His lap He asked, “would you like Me to tell you a story?”
I snuggled down, resting my head on His chest. “Oh yes, You know how I love stories…”

As He began speaking, vivid pictures appeared in my mind that were so bright that His tale took on a life of its own:

“There once was a King who had a beautiful daughter who loved Him so much. With her whole heart, she loved Him. So He brought her to His side for all to see. He clothed her with tender mercies and crowned her with His loving-kindness.”

This is what I saw:

God was on His throne with multitudes before Him. He placed me beside Him in a blue dress that sparkled like it was woven out of jeweled thread. He draped an iridescent, gossamer cloak upon my shoulders that billowed behind me like Superman’s cape. Then He placed a crystalline crown encrusted with gemstones upon my head. 
With every new turn of His story, tears of joy came harder and faster. By the end, my entire face was drenched. For the first time, the fact that I am a true princess became my reality.
In a blink, I was back on Daddy’s lap. “Want to fly again, my little princess?” He asked.
Finding the answer in my heart, He bounded to His feet with me in His arms. This time, instead of merely hoisting me over His head, He thrust me into the air. An exhilarated shout sprang from my lips. I began to hover in mid-air longer and longer. I pushed myself into Daddy’s arms, “I want to fly with you!” I insisted, unwilling to be so far from Him, even to fly. Taking my hand in His large grasp we eased into the air… only moments passed then worship was done and I knew my time with Him was nearing an end. 
Words cannot accurately describe my experience; they are inadequate. It is one thing to read another person’s account and be moved, it is quite another to be a part of such a personal experience. If you see images while you worship, embrace them and see where they lead you. This may be your first visit to the Secret Place of the Most High. Perhaps  Daddy is waiting for you, too. 


One of my friends was uncomfortable with the idea of appearing as a child. Others have wondered why we must call Him “Daddy.” There are many ways that Father God is mentioned in the Bible. If God is on His throne, it is usually an intimidating sight of power and awe. 

Jesus told us, “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3 KJV). Many think of this as a childlike heart. However, there are several accounts of people visiting Heaven and seeing God in a more human form. When they meet with Him privately, often they appear as a child. The Bible tells us: 

“For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9 AKJV)  
What if the Lord was speaking the literal truth? I can tell you, being in a child’s body and knowing the person before you is superior in mind and strength is a humbling experience. Any thoughts about the level of our “intelligence” compared to His, is made abundantly clear. God is the Father of our eternal spirit and so much greater than us… why shouldn’t we appear in childlike bodies before Him? 

These are only secondary reasons to appear as a child; it also gives us an opportunity for a unique interaction. Children express love so exuberantly and are so playful, most of us love having time with grandkids or nieces. Why shouldn’t God begin a relationship with us while we are in the form of a child so He can experience these things, too? 

I have been visiting with Abba for many years now. Once I was done training and began walking in my calling, I morphed into a young woman in my early 20s. It seems that how you appear in the Secret Place is a reflection of your spiritual maturity. Once you are a mature adult and walking in the calling He has for you, then spiritual maturity is reflected in the spiritual realm. 

To be honest, there are times when I miss being a child. Sometimes I ask Abba to hold me, to cuddle with me as a child. Father has made it very clear; when I am learning something about the work He has for me, being a child is not appropriate. 

The age that you appear in the Secret Place is up to our Lord and where you are in your walk with Him. I hope to hear about your visit soon! 

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