Thursday, June 7, 2018

Your Gift is Waiting for You!

Meeting with Prayer to Receive Gifts from God

I received encouragement from the Lord last night in the form of a dream that I know applies to the entire body of Christ.


I was in a big mansion-like hotel. Some parts were a little run down. The entrance had a massive table with piles of presents stacked on it. I knew one of those was mine. My sister was there, and we were dressed in Hawaiian-type clothing with a jungle print pattern that had many leaves and very few flowers.
There were all kinds of activities for the hundreds of people in this large estate. Will Smith, the actor, was in charge and there was a group of actors around him – but I didn’t recognize any of them. I began hearing that Will had prayed for and healed these guys of “concussion syndrome” that occurs after head trauma.

The time of our stay was nearing an end, and I finally got up the courage to investigate. I asked Will if I could pray for his son and the other movie stars. He happily led me into the group’s secluded area.
His son was sitting on a lawn chair that was ragged, worn, and rusty. Unabashed, I sat on the top edge of the chair, drawing close to the young teen. I placed my hands on his head, and was really feeling around his head while listening to the Holy Spirit.
“He is mostly healed,” I proclaimed, “But there is one little area of damage that remains.” I pointed to 

the middle back of his head.
Will and many of the others looked really pleased during this process. First, that I was sitting and willing to put my hands on this child and, secondly, with the diagnosis. It seemed I passed some type of test. “May I pray for him?” I asked. 
Will said yes, but when I closed my eyes, everyone but one young girl disappeared. I tried to pray for the child, but I wasn’t connecting. I told the girl that Will’s son needed to be here for me to pray for him.
She stated, “They went to get your presents out of the trash. They will be back soon.” I remembered seeing a huge pile of presents at the entryway to the house, and in my mind, I could see them in the dumpster next to the house. I woke up excited that I would soon be receiving a gift.
Then confusion set in; I was unsure what it all meant. 


As I asked the Holy Spirit, He brought the interpretation:
  • Mansion: the Church on earth.
  • Sister: Christian sisters and brothers, jungle clothing means we are equipped for things on Earth.
  • Will Smith: His big start was in the series, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” (Bel Air – the air means Heaven). The Prince of Heaven is Jesus, so Will is Jesus.
  • Movie Stars: Christians who are more visible to the world – the ‘super-stars’ of Christianity.
The movie stars are Christians who have been working with Jesus in full view of others. He has corrected many ways they are thinking or brain trauma. However, there is a small part that still needs fixing.
When I began to look into a minister who passed away suddenly with much pain, I was examining all that he did and looking for how the enemy attacked him. Many didn’t feel it was right to look at the life of such a great man of God, but with the Holy Spirit, I forged ahead, approaching the group where no one else dared to go. (Full story in the FREE book "Why Doesn't God Speak to Me?")

The chair is what you are resting in. Some of the teachings are “old wineskin,” rusty, and in bad shape. The hair is our thoughts and the head is what we “know.” We must be willing to examine and see if there is something wrong with the way people are thinking and their mindset in order to know how to help them.
It seems this examination, done in love, was some sort of test. Jesus is bringing gifts to me because I was willing to speak in love and speak to what I saw.  

It takes a dedication of time and energy from people who want to be trained in the Courts and for intercession with the Holy Spirit who is our Counselor. When helping others before the Judge, words or visions are granted sometimes to those who don’t usually hear or see in the spirit. As they speak out about what they receive, then their new gift grows! 

This is what we do in intercession or in the Courts of Heaven, should our Lord, the Lead Advocate, wish us to appear before the Judge. We rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal what sin the enemy is using to have access to our brothers and sisters. We speak what we see with kindness and compassion. 

I now realize the gifts the Lord has brought are to help correct leaders as well. This is why He had us create the Leaders, Teachers, and Intercessors (LTI) course. It contains classes from the Academy which apply to those at the forefront of the spiritual battleground. Through what we learned in the Courts, if a LTI is under attack, these classes often show why. You may be the person God wants to use to correct someone:
My son, do not despise or shrink from the chastening of the Lord [His correction by punishment or by subjection to suffering or trial]; neither be weary of or impatient about or loathe or abhor His reproof, for whom the Lord loves He corrects, even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights. (Proverbs 3:11-12 AMPC)

 For the Lord disciplines the one He loves and chastises every son whom He receives... (Hebrews 12:6 ESV) 

When we take time to learn about God’s ways to help our brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit is faithful to give us what we need. If we are called into the Courts of Heaven, the Holy Spirit will guide us. The Bible is clear about this:

But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. Therefore it says, “When He ascended on high He led a host of captives, and He gave gifts to men. (Ephesians 4:7-8 ESV)

 Our Lord gives gifts to His people. What are these gifts? According to 1 Corinthians, these are the types of gifts the Holy Spirit brings to us: 

  1. a message of wisdom 
  2. a message of knowledge 
  3. faith 
  4. gifts of healing
  5. miraculous powers
  6. prophecy
  7. distinguishing (discerning) between spirits
  8. speaking in different kinds of tongues 
  9. the interpretation of tongues
In our intercession appointments, including trips to the Courts of Heaven, those we refer to as “seers” receive knowledge from the spirit realm by using many of these gifts. The words and visions we receive are a message of wisdom or knowledge. Many who join our prayer team also receive the gift of discernment – we know when a demonic spirit has a place with someone. The result of these visits is often healing.

Now there are [distinctive] varieties of spiritual gifts [special abilities given by the grace and extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit operating in believers], but it is the same Spirit [who grants them and empowers believers]. And there are [distinctive] varieties of ministries and service, but it is the same Lord [who is served]. And there are [distinctive] ways of working [to accomplish things], but it is the same God who produces all things in all believers [inspiring, energizing, and empowering them]. But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit [the spiritual illumination and the enabling of the Holy Spirit] for the common good. 
(1 Corinthians 12:4-7 AMP)

The Holy Spirit brings the gifts when we work for the Kingdom of God, serving one another. Which gifts we receive is up to the Holy Spirit. It is time for Christians to come and receive their gifts! “Iron sharpens iron,” but only when it’s rubbed together. We need to be willing to speak what God is saying and to hear His correction even if it comes from other people!

The Greek word diairesis (dee-ah'-ee-res-is) is translated as varieties or diversities but more fully means “a distinction arising from a different distribution to different persons.” The gifts of the Holy Spirit listed are really more like “classifications” because they may appear differently with different people. The list concludes with this scripture:

All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as He wills. (1 Corinthians 12:11 ESV)

 The Holy Spirit chooses who to give what gift to and how they will operate in that gift. We can teach you how the Holy Spirit operates with us in certain gifts, but we cannot give a gift of the Spirit to anyone, it is as the Holy Spirit chooses. For this reason, we should not ask someone to pray for us to receive a certain gift. If the Holy Spirit wants to use us to impart a gift to someone, He will tell us when and how to pray. 

 It is important to be guided by the Holy Spirit when operating in His gifts. At one time, many churches operated and embraced these gifts, but because they operated wrongly, the gifts diminished and ceased to function properly. 

To each one, the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. (1 Corinthians 12:7 ESV)

The gifts are given to help others. It goes without saying that these gifts should be given freely under the principles of Matthew 10:8-10. You should never be charged where the gifts of the Spirit are being used because these gifts were freely received and should be freely given. In addition to this, as Paul describes the gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 and how they must function together, he concludes chapter twelve with “And I will show you a still more excellent way.” He begins by explaining where we can go wrong with this powerful blessing:

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. (1 Corinthians 13:1-2 ESV)

We must operate in love with the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings. This includes the gifts of tongues, interpretation including dreams and visions, prophecy, and discernment. If what we give to others lacks love, it may be rejected like a clanging cymbal. No matter how great the display of God’s power, if we are not operating in love, it benefits no one. 

The Lord will bring correction through some of the gifts such as a word of wisdom or knowledge, prophecy, and discerning of spirits. It is important to walk firmly in love with gentleness when operating in any gift that brings correction. 

Brothers, if a man be overtaken in a fault, you which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering yourself, lest you also be tempted. (Galatians 6:1 AKJV)

The Greek word praotēs (prah-ot'-ace)  is translated meekness but more fully means mildness of disposition, gentleness of spirit, submissiveness, and a lack of resistance. We must not be harsh when we find someone in error. If we remain “meek” it gives more power for the Holy Spirit to move into the situation, especially when it is a correction! You know you have not operated this way if:
  • You feel you need to say something to show the importance of listening to what you are telling them. 
    • This is a type of manipulation.
      • especially if you are applying pressure to get them to take action.
  • You need to point out how they will be attacked if they don’t listen to you. 
    • This is coming into agreement with the enemy, instead of the grace of God.
    • You are applying pressure instead of trusting God to move in their heart.

Operating in these ways are the opposite of meekness. You are pushing to get someone to move instead of letting God move them. This is different from God using someone to tell you how or why you are under an attack. For example:

Right way:

I believe God may be saying there is an open door…. (explain where the door is opened).

  • You are identifying a problem that may exist.

Wrong way:

You really need to close this open door. If you don’t you will have such and such trouble.

  • You are coming into agreement with the enemy.

Right way:

Is it possible that you have been doing such and such, which has caused this attack? 

  • You are identifying a possible source of a current attack.

Wrong way:

If you don’t act upon this, you may be attacked again.

  • You are trying to motivate the person through fear.

Can you see the gentler, meeker way of presenting what you receive from the Holy Spirit? One is forceful which is not gentle. It is strong and bold, not meek. Put simply:
  • Never try to motivate someone through fear of what may happen, let God do the motivating. 
  • Only point out a possible source of a known attack, never declare that an attack will come. 
The only exception to this rule is a prophet, God’s mouthpiece who may be sent to declare a judgment they have heard from God. Prophets also face dire consequences for speaking presumptuously without hearing from God. 

If we have wrongly used what the Holy Spirit gives us, we should take action. There is a two-step process for most situations.

Step One

One of our team members had a dream which showed the very first step we should take:

Our team was performing on stage with red dollies which are used in moving boxes and furniture. They were a little out of sync with the music and kept hitting themselves in the mouth. Some lost teeth and others were even bleeding from the mouth. Afterward, they went to the Choir Teacher who had their teeth in plastic bags, and apologized for missing the steps. She returned the teeth to them with a kind smile “Don’t worry, that happens sometimes.” 

Red - Wisdom
Dollies - Helping others move forward in life
Music - Moving in time to the Holy Spirit
Teeth - Ability to receive and chew on wisdom
Blood - Sin 
Choir Teacher - Holy Spirit

We are only human. We can operate out of sync with the Holy Spirit. We may be hearing His voice (the music) and receive wisdom from Him to help others move forward in life (red is wisdom, dollies move stuff), but we may have issues in delivering what He is saying. We could be out of time or not operating in sync with Him. If we are not operating in love, we are out of sync with the Holy Spirit.  
If you have given what the Holy Spirit brought you in a wrong way, being out of sync with Him, this may hinder you from being able to receive His wisdom. It is easy to have your ability to digest wisdom returned, simply let the Holy Spirit know you are sorry you missed it and ask Him to restore right and godly wisdom to you. 

Second Step
If you have used the gifts of the Spirit in a wrong way, with force instead of meekness, pushy instead of meekly, then you will need to make it right with the person you have wronged. When we speak harshly to someone, we want to make sure we have done everything possible to correct the situation. God takes anger toward one another very seriously and if we have provoked our brother, we need to do our part in correcting the situation: 

So if when you are offering your gift at the altar you there remember that your brother has any [grievance] against you, leave your gift at the altar and go. First, make peace with your brother, and then come back and present your gift. (Matthew 5:23-24 AMPC)
God doesn’t even want offerings from us if we have stirred up strife with a brother. The best place to begin making amends is by confessing that we were wrong. If you are confronted with being harsh, saying “I will take this to prayer” is not a confession of guilt. It is a way to avoid saying we are wrong. If you say this, you should let the person know if the Lord reveals to you that you did indeed push the person instead of letting the Holy Spirit lead them.

This can be applied to all areas of our life. Even if we were wronged, we need to confess where we were walking out of love, especially if we have given forth something from the Holy Spirit in a wrong way. 
It can be very humbling to say, “I was wrong,” or “I shouldn’t have said it that way,” but it is important to let the other person involved know that you were wrong, that is confessing your sin to your brother.

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. (James 5:16 AKJV)  

Yes, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. (1 Peter 5:5 AKJV)

When we confess to the person we acted wrongly with, it is an act of humility. It allows God to give much grace to us. This keeps pride from creeping into our lives. 

How to Respond

There is a right way and a wrong way to respond when we receive a message from God through someone. The action we take is very important. 

Negative Response
If you have received a word given without tenderness, gentleness, or meekness, then you may need to take action. If it involves an elder, please remember to apply the following scripture:

Do not rebuke an older man but encourage him as you would a father, younger men as brothers. (1 Timothy 5:1 ESV)

The Greek word epiplēssō is translated as rebuke, which means to chastise with words, to chide, upbraid. Rebuking is different from offering insight, or correcting. A rebuke is stern, harsh. A correction is pointing something out which may have been missed. The Greek word parakaleō is translated as encourage, but one of the other meanings is to teach or instruct. Of course, this should be done with gentleness and meekness as you would give advice to your own father. 
The actions you need to take are:
  1. If there was manipulation, you may not want to come into agreement with it.
    1. That may open a door to another spirit. 
  2. Let the person know how it felt to you. 
    1. Try to let go of any irritation with them before addressing the issue or it may inflame the situation.
    2. If they are operating in love, there will be a gentle response.  
  3. Let the church leader know if an elder has operated this way. 
    1. You may not see it addressed right away, but it is important to let leadership know what is happening. 
    2. Do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses. (1 Timothy 5:19 ESV)
    3. If it is the pastor, take the first two steps and pray for them. The Lord is their superior. Ask God to grant them wisdom about the situation.
All of these steps are important. If you are part of the body of Christ with an elder who is not operating in love, leadership needs to know about it.  

Positive Response
A gift of the Holy Spirit should be used to edify or build up the body of Christ. If the Holy Spirit uses someone to bring wisdom through one of the gifts of the Spirit, healing, or breakthrough, you should:

  1. Acknowledge that you received something of value from God. 
    1. Praise Him for what He has done.
  2. Honor what God has said by acting on it. 
    1. Don’t receive information about your situation through discernment, dream interpretation, prophecy, a word of wisdom, or a message of knowledge and set it up on a shelf and then wonder why you are still under an attack. 
  3. Inquire of the Holy Spirit if you should give a “love offering” to the person for the help you have received to acknowledge God by sowing a seed. 
    1. Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. (Galatians 6:7-8 ESV)
    2. Our Father knows if you have seed or not. If you are not able to sow back, don’t stop learning and growing! Let God know you intend to and He will provide seed to the sower as you become free from the enemy. 
The body of Christ needs to work together with all that God has for us, including the Gifts of the Spirit. When the gifts are used, it is God speaking through the Holy Spirit to you. The information given to you should be taken seriously. We must honor God and consider our response. Do we want to reap from what we have received spiritually? The Lord knows our situation. He honors our hearts. This is why we should freely give what God brings us, only He knows the proper response! 

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