Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Avoiding a Trap of Jezebel for Prayer Warriors

One of the ways that Jezebel works is through flattery which gives rise to our pride. This can be mixed with manipulation and divisiveness with someone with whom the Jezebel spirit is trying to get their way. 

We had a perfect example of this with our Courts of Heaven team: 
The Holy Spirit had made me well aware that Jezebel was operating in the wife, let’s call her Jane, of the couple who was asking for an emergency session. Upon being admitted into the group, Jane began to send private messages to people asking for donations because of medical bills as she sought an emergency appointment because of her husband’s condition, let’s call him Ethan. The Holy Spirit had me on “high alert” that something was not right here. 

Ethan was miraculously healed during that emergency appointment of one of the serious conditions he suffered from. This was verified when he went to have surgery a few days later and the doctors couldn’t find the problem to remove it. 

One would think that this couple would be ready to do whatever was necessary to complete the process they began in the Courts of Heaven, however that wasn’t the case. They had booked a 1.5 hour session so they both could receive charges. They missed the first half of the appointment because they had overslept! Of course they had some excuses for their tardiness.

The team wasn't willing to work late and cater to this couple's schedule anymore and Jane’s irritation was clear when she was told there would only be time for one appointment. Because of Ethan’s medical condition, Jane gave the remaining appointment to him, however, he was nowhere to be seen. The guide announced that time was running out and asked when Ethan would arrive.

Jane gave a heated response to the effect of, “How dare you ask: he has serious medical conditions and there are things he has to do when he gets out of bed.” 

At the close of the appointment, the Guide could tell that Jane was not happy with the amount of charges Ethan received or the limited time that was available because of their late arrival. The night before their next set of appointment (1.5 hrs of our limited available time) Jane sent an email stating that they had been told they had to cancel all appointments because they were late - she was making sure this had been done. This was a blatant lie. No such thing had been said.

I handled the response and told them that wasn’t our policy and their appointments were still on the books. Jane then changed tactics and said they had other plans for that time. A few days later, the attack on the team member began when Jane contacted let’s call her Emily:

Jane sent a Facebook message to Emily - the person who had a vision of the healing in the first appointment. I will list some of the things Jane said to Emily and Jezebel trait in ().
  1. We don’t like the other team members. (Divisiveness - dividing the team) 
  2. The others gave words we don’t feel apply (divisiveness - trying to create a division in the team)
  3. You are more accurate then they are (flattery to lead the person in pride)
  4. We would like to pay you for your time. (buying a miracle) 
  5. Can you take us to the courts alone. (Manipulation. They had an appointment days earlier and were now trying to get around the 3 week waiting list and around the charges they didn’t like)
If Emily had agreed to do the appointment, that would be coming into agreement that the words given were not accurate. It would have also let pride come in because of the flattery, she would be acknowledging that she thought her gift was better than others. Accepting the payment would have been selling the gift that God gave her. This would have given Jezebel a place in her life. However, this team member passed the test and didn’t give into the manipulations of Jezebel. 

Emily contacted me because the situation didn’t feel right and she noticed they had cancelled their last two appointments. I advised her to reply with the following response: 

God miraculously healed your husband with a team of people in the Courts of Heaven. This was a sign from Him so you would know that He was using this group of people. When we are in the courts of Heaven, we are in the presence of God who only allows truth to come forth. All the words given will always apply. It’s  up to us to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit to find out how they apply. If you wish to return to the Courts with someone from our group, you must book a new appointment. 

Don’t give the enemy any ground! If Jezebel tries to manipulate you, stand your ground. 
  • Lean on the Holy Spirit - if something feels “off” look into it more!
  • Be loyal to your teammates.
  • Communication is the key - it keeps us from being divided by the enemy.
  • Beware of those who want to “Purchase” your services.
If you have ever slipped into the behavior mentioned and are just now realizing that it was due to a spirit influencing you or if you have failed a test and became a victim to trap laid by someone with a Jezebel spirit, this is easy to correct. In another post, there is a list of Jezebel traits to repent for. Just add this behavior to what is mentioned, then a simple prayer will revoke access of Jezebel in your life. You will need to be on guard in the future, in case Jezebel tries to reassert herself! 

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