Monday, September 3, 2018

Identify Numbers as a Sign from Heaven

A friend help me book my flights to Dalton, Georgia through an online service.  We were going to investigate the miracle of the Bible that was supernaturally flowing with oil. I don’t really look for the meanings of numbers in my daily life: if you try, you can usually find the number you are hoping to see. However, as I took my seat on the plane, I saw the flight information for my return flight for the first time. The times of the flights were so… distinct, that there was little doubt that God was saying something:

My flight leaves at: 4:44 and arrives at my layover at: 5:55
Departs again at 10:10 with a finally arrival at 2:22.

One of the first things you learn when studying dream interpretation and Biblical meanings of numbers is that 3 is God’s perfection and completion in the spirit. Three out of the 4 times for when I am traveling home have a repetition of 3 numbers and the fourth is the a double of the same number. There is no word for coincidence in the Hebrew language. So I began to look at the meanings concerning these numbers: 

My Flights Home

444 – 444 BC Nehemiah was sent to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall: rebuilding what was lost. 
5 - God’s enabling grace and power. (Is. 1: 12-14; Matt. 25: 2; Eph. 4: 11; Mark 6: 38-40; Luke 9: 13-16; Gen. 1: 20-23) 
500 – Ultimate grace – Resurrection grace:  After his resurrection, Jesus appears to more than 500 people at once 1 Cor 15:6. Jesus tells a parable about forgiveness involving 500 denari and 50 denari Luke 7:41
I believe this is the first stage: helping to rebuild what has been lost for the Kingdom of God. This is the message about the Courts of Heaven and the place Jesus gave us there, with Him as children of the Most High and citizens of Heaven. This is spoken of in the book of Revelation: They overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. 

Satan is still ruling over people’s lives: Christians are overcome by sin and sickness. The final age cannot come until God’s people have become free of Satan’s influence. 

10 - Divine order out of wandering: There were 10 spies sent out who revealed what was to come so it can represent fullness/divine/faithful. It can also represent Law (obedience to the law) and responsibility, the completion of a cycle while establishing divine order in an area of your life.

222 - Ephesians 2:22 is about being built into a dwelling place for God. Acts 2:22 is about being a person of signs, wonders and miracles. Revelation 22:2 is about being trees of life that bring healing to the nations.  

The Lord has made me aware that my calling will involve two parts, two distinct and inseparable pieces. 1010 is the double of 10, meaning that God has appointed me to fulfil His divine purpose in two things, two ways. 

Next we have the triple 2’s. Every one of the 222 Bible verses speak of what God has told me about my calling in very miraculous ways. With this information, I began to see that this trip was God ordained and the beginning of something big! 

God has used a “small thing:” a little prayer group in a small gift shop to confirm the message He sent through me with a miraculous sign. Now, I believe that He is multiplying what He has given to me, confirming that He is with me and I am on the right track. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness! 

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