Monday, May 13, 2019

2nd Vision: Coming Destruction of Churches

I received a vision in the night about judgment coming to the church. This came in two scenes. Here are the visions and interpretations:

Vision - Scene 1

I was in a house with my Husband. An attack had come which had threatened my life and the life of the man who lived with us in the house. My husband told me, “I love you,” and He gave me a second laptop.

Then I overheard my husband telling the other man, “I will not let anyone destroy you. I will protect you.”

I pondered the difference in what was said. It seemed that though my Husband loved me, He hadn’t said He would keep me safe. When He walked me out the front door towards my car, I asked my Husband, “You told him that you’d keep him safe. You didn’t say that to me…”

My husband said, “Yes, that’s right.”

I collapse in a heap, curled into a fetal position as I sobbed, knowing my Love wouldn’t guarantee my safety.


  • Me - Christians
  • My husband - the Lord
  • Other man - Israel
  • Laptop - reaching the world with the Gospel
  • The House - the World
  • Car - Towards our destiny

We are the “Bride of Christ.” He is our husband to be. Our instructions from the Lord are to spread the good news of the Gospel.  As the enemy begins attacking us we are given a double portion to reach the world (two laptops).

Before the Church, there was Abraham: a man who would become a nation. Just like Adam came before Eve: the Jews are represented by a man and the Church as a woman. The Word of God (the Lord) tells us that He will not let Israel (the Jews) be utterly destroyed. Our safety isn’t guaranteed. In fact, He tells us we will be persecuted.

This vision provides setting for the next scene: the Church (Christians across the world) and an attack that is coming.

Vision - Scene 2

I was in a house of a man I don't recognize from real life, in the bedroom walking towards the door. There was no roof, I could see the stars above us. When I glanced up, stars appeared and formed a net-like pattern. The dark iron-helmeted knight appeared in the sky briefly afterwards.

“Did you see that?” I asked. The man had missed it. 

“Hmmm…. well how are the preparations going?” I asked, shrugging off what I had seen. The scene changed as I saw the answer to my question:

A barn with glass windows on half the roof had received a huge load of onions down a shoot on one side. People inside hustled about, storing provisions. Most of the people were outside this particular barn.

Immediately I was inside the house going from the bedroom door to the hallway. When I looked up, I saw the same pattern in the sky; closer this time. “I think time is getting close.” I informed him, pointing up to the sky.

“No, there’s time yet.” He said.

I looked up again and the pattern appeared much clearer and even closer. “I don’t think there is…”

The man explained, “They nearly have 18 months of provision for some.” I knew that “some” meant “few” and he was hoping more would come along.

The pattern appeared a fourth time, right over the roof. The helmeted knight’s head came into the living room which we were entering. I drew a sword and demons appeared everywhere.

They looked like the evil gremlins except they were human-sized. They were humanoid with big pointy ears and slanted eyes, green and black mottled skin and sharp fangs and hands ending in claws. I could see some were inside people.

In a rampage, these demons were attacking and killing everyone not in the barn. I ran in that direction as demons fled from my drawn sword.

People ran for cover in the barn as the windows shattered. One of the people in charge reassured me that some of those who they had hoped would make it were caught off guard by the suddenness of the attack: they had been killed.

As the attack eased, I met up with the guy who owned the property. A friend of his had a car and could get us across the Mississippi state line. I rode in the bed of the pick-up in the back and begin to see what was happening elsewhere:

The enemy said, “Look, they are still scurrying about, some have survived. Send the fire.”

Fire fell from the sky upon the barn and all the land on the other side of the state line. Those in the barn were ready for this and went underground.

The man whose house I was visiting wanted to go back but I told him, “Look, can’t you see that God has sent judgment from Heaven and utterly destroyed it? You cannot go back.”


  • People: Leaders of ministries.
  • Me: Leader of Agape Christian Church
  • Man in house: The Church (world-wide body of believers) 
  • Bedroom: place of intimacy
  • Stars: The enemy acting in Heaven, laying a trap for God’s church
  • Knight: Satan - the dark knight.

Agape has began ministering to the worldwide church speaking what is revealed in intimate revelations about what is happening in Heaven. 

God has sent Agape to warn the Church of coming attacks in Heaven by the enemy. Agape’s goal is to teach about God’s ways. It began with a particular message about the way the Gospel is being handled and a judgment that will come because of it. The first warning, published in the final words of every "Believer's Bootcamp" book was largely ignored.

Agape reaches the Church (worldwide body of Christians) not via a traditional storehouse (church building) but directly to the people (the man) via the internet and free books with great intimacy.

This dream is the 2nd time the Lord has revealed this “net” in Heaven that the enemy is preparing for God’s generals - the church leaders of today. One more warning will be given then the attack will be here shortly after.
  • Onions - strong messages received with weeping
  • The Land: God's Word upon which all churches are based
  • Barns: Storehouses of God, what we think of as the churches across the world
Messages from God can be be like an onion when it is about sin that needs to be removed with weeping (onions make you week). Many think that our sin doesn’t affect things, that we have grace and mercy though the blood of Jesus, that the enemy cannot use it to attack us. This is not what the Bible says. 

God is a just Judge and He has not stopped ruling over Heaven and Earth. Sometimes there is grace, so that we can learn His ways. But just like with Israel, after a time, judgement does come.

18 Months: 
  • Months - a measure of time.
  • 18 - Bondage and release from bondage
This attack will first come physically against the leaders of Churches not operating according to God’s ways which will put them under bondage to Satan. Many leaders will die or retire and churches will crumble. Some “churches” are already infected with demons (people under the influence of demons) These churches will attack the demon free churches.

Those churches who are have accepted the hard to swallow message will survive this attack in safety, but there won’t be many of them. The windows in the roof represent being able to receive from Heaven. This will be compromised.

Crossing the Mississippi state line: 

  • Truck: transport toward your destiny with the ability to provide for others.
Mississippi means “great river.” It is the river running down the center of the USA: the middle of the country. A river is a barrier to be crossed. A state is a division of people and land the government sets up.

Churches need to get out of government systems (charity status). The release of the foretold judgment will destroy every church that hasn’t gotten free of that barrier. The next vision (the third) will bring more clarity to that part of the “net” of the enemy because the net and enemy got closer and clearer each time it appeared. The fourth and final time will begin the attack will happen when Agape reaches a new interaction with the body of Christ (living room)

Notice all storehouses (buildings) were destroyed and the leaders had to go underground. Agape was still speaking directly to the Church - riding in the friend's vehicle (the internet and books).

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