Monday, August 17, 2020

What Does "Soaking" Mean?

Have you heard the word “soaking” used to refer to time in worship? In a visit to the Secret Place, the Lord showed me what “soaking” is all about.

On Sunday, I had become so very tired in spirit and body. It felt like I was completely drained, barely able to lift up my hand. My mind was so tired, it was hard to put thoughts together. I retreated to my bed and put on my favorite worship music. 

As the melody washed over me and filled the room, my body relaxed. Usually a vision of the Secret Place would capture my thoughts, but I was too tired to even dance with the Lord. Instead I heard the soft whisper, “Just rest…” 

It took effort to let go of all the ministry items that NEEDED my attention. I had to pry my mind away from the “to do” list on my desk. The words of the song kept me focused on how awesome God is, how loving the Lord is. The heavy weight of the Holy Spirit was upon me. A gentle tingling sensation surrounded my body. 

Eventually, a picture eased into my mind:

I was in a natural hot spring at my heavenly home. I was submerged in the middle and the Lord was behind me. His strong hands rubbed my head and shoulders, working out the knots that had been building there. 

“Shouldn’t I be serving you? Honoring you?” The whispered thought was clearly heard by the Lord.

“He who is greatest is a servant to all. You honor me and I serve you.” I knew He could feel what my heart and mind were thinking as the music played. 

As my body, soul and mind became refreshed, He slipped down into the water where I was sitting. It was like He was all around me or I was fully inside Him. “You are safe, you are love, you are MY BRIDE.” 

I knew that as long as my heart remained focused on Him, submitted to His will, that I would remain in Him.,.

This is what may be happening when you “soak” as we worship Him. Even if your spiritual eyes do not see Him, He is there when your heart surrenders and you let go of all that is in this world demanding your attention.

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  1. Love this! I can't figure out how to access the Roadmap to Heaven resource...can you help me?