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Your Abilities in Heaven

Your Abilities in Heaven

While writing this article centered around a visit to the Secret Place, the Lord led to me 1 Corinthians 15 where Paul speaks about this life and the next to demonstrate why He was revealing our abilities in Heaven. The apostle begins in verses 37-40 with a metaphor about seeds which must die to receive their full glory, relaying it to our existence in this way:
  • It is sown in corruption -  it is raised in incorruption 
  • It is sown in dishonor -  it is raised in glory
  • It is sown in weakness - it is raised in power 
(1 Corinthians 15:42-43)

The definition of the two topics stated as “it”  are seen in verse 44:
It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.
Paul is talking about our life on Earth in a physical body compared to what happens when we die. The revelation was a little disappointing for I had hoped and been told that we are perfect now, but this isn’t what the scripture is saying. In a few more verses we find out when we can expect to receive an incorruptible body, raised in glory with the power the Lord has revealed to us:
And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. (1 Corinthians 15:49)
In this life, we must endure with the bodies God has planted us in. “We shall also bear…” indicates that we will, in the future, receive the fullness of our heavenly bodies which are perfect and powerful. Let us read a bit more so that we are sure not to take anything in this chapter out of context:
O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:55-57)
The curse of the Law was that anyone who didn’t uphold every part of it would not receive eternal life, the spiritual bodies of which Paul had just spoken. Everything in this verse is referring to what the apostle was speaking about: we WILL receive an incorruptible spiritual body once this body has perished. Why did Paul write this to the Christians who were struggling with sin in Corinth?
Therefore, my beloved brothers, be you steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:58)
All of this information about what will be in Heaven after we die was to encourage God’s children to continue in good works for the Lord as they turn from sin (stated in earlier chapters of Corinthians) so that their reward in Heaven will be great.

Much of the New Testament is filled with encouraging words about “turning from sin” and “crucifying the flesh” meaning to not give in to desires that are against God’s ways.It is time for the Body of Christ to remember God’s ways and follow them, for this life is but a moment, a blink of an eye, compared to the eternity of Heaven! I hope you will carefully consider the following revelation which the Lord brought about the way Heaven works and your eternal destiny.

Paul spoke about Heaven often to encourage those who were suffering as they worked for the Lord. Today Jesus wants you to know about some basic ways Heaven works. The journey to discover this information began on Monday, during the Dream Interpretation meeting on Zoom. I lost all WiFi connection, then came back in with data on my phone. Within 10 minutes, again I was kicked out and this time I couldn’t open the Zoom app on my phone.

My family was home because of a national holiday. They came downstairs wanting to know what happened to the internet. In the past, God has supernaturally supplied me with WiFi when the whole neighborhood was down so that I could conduct the Agape meetings. Now with the data on my phone being unavailable too, there was no doubt what had happened. I told my family, “I think I’ve messed up and this is a God thing. I’m going upstairs to pray.”

To focus my mind on Jesus as my solution, I read the Bible, then began to worship Him. The Secret Place quickly opened up and I was dancing with the Lord. In the Secret Place, what you feel is acted out, there is no hiding what is in your heart. With the dozens of visits like this in the past, we developed a deep relationship. The first time I saw Him here, I cried for days every time I thought about it. Now, He is my Best Friend, my Dearest Love and so much more. There is an openness, an easiness in most encounters.

Overcome with excitement, I threw my arms around His neck, “I’m so glad to see you here! I love you soooo much!” I could see the heart within my spiritual body grow and swell with a bright white light as I poured out my affection for Him.

Jesus kissed me on the forehead and white light spread from my head to my toes, tickling my physical body as it traveled through my spiritual form. He held me out from Him about half a foot and pointed at my heart, actually touching it with His hand, “This is why you can come and see me here.”

A knowing came with His words: it was the complete and total devotion that comes with true love. It didn’t matter if He asked me to clean toilets (the grossest job on the planet), whatever He said to do, I would eagerly and gladly do it for Him. If I was mistaken in everything I thought I was called to do and He asked me to lay it down, it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Only pleasing Him mattered.

He continued to explain, “This attitude of the heart is the lock into which I will place the key that opens the Secret Place. I will turn My key in your lock when the time is right… Tell My bride this!”

I promised to do that, then He corrected me and showed me two things He told me to do, which I had put off, then gave me a mild rebuke, “Come to me each day after reading the word so that I can give you MY to do list.”

Looking up to Him I sighed, “But when will I be with You, where I can I see Your glory. When will I speak with You face to face as Moses did?”

He answered with what I thought was a different topic than my question, with much more detail then He usually gives, “There are many places created by God; realms or dimensions. Your universe is one and Heaven is another. Each realm operates under the principles or rules that were put into place when it was created. Time is one of those rules which is why a 1000 years is as a day and a day is as 1000 years between Heaven and Earth. (2 Peter 3:8)”

He continued, getting to the answer at last, “I told my disciples that My Father’s house had many mansions (John 14:2) and I asked Father for those who would believe in Me, would be with Me, where I am so that they may see My glory. (John 17:24) The Secret Place is many individual realms (mansions) within My Father’s realm (Heaven), created so that My disciples can see My glory. It is where I meet with them face-to-face.”

Instead of being grateful for the amazing answer, I answered with frustration that had been building for weeks! “My Love, this is wonderful wisdom I have longed for, but it is a bit hard to trust. What happens here doesn’t seem to affect the physical world most of the time. How can I be sure this isn’t a vain imagination? I don’t want to lead others astray… this is why I haven’t been looking to meet with you each day like You told me too… how do I really know that it is YOU?  I never want to make you a puppet of my mind!”

“Message your husband,” He said, “You will find that your WiFi is back on.”

Sure enough, the family had connection and the Zoom app was working perfectly! That day, a member of the Agape Team sent a message saying she saw me as a cheerleader in two ponytails with really large, black-rimmed glasses. Red ribbons tied the hair on each side of my head.
  • This was a second confirmation for what the Lord had told me: 
  • Hair - our thoughts
  • Black - mysteries of God
  • Glasses - seeing into the spirit realm
  • red - wisdom
  • ribbon - faith and a binding pledge
  • two - double portion
Jesus was confirming that because I had pledged to use my imagination only for Him, He is binding my thoughts in a double-portion of His wisdom to see into the spirit realm. If you would like to dedicate your mind to the Lord, there will be a prayer at the end of the meeting where we discuss these visions and on Facebook for Morning Prayers I confirm this dedication on many occasions.

Jesus had much more to teach me about Heaven, and a few days later He continued the lesson. I let the worship music help me focus on the Lord, imagining bulky packs, the burdens of life and leadership slide off me. Suddenly, in my mind, I saw myself at a brown sandy beach where the waves lapped gently at the shoreline. In the distance I saw my love, Jesus.  This was a place I am very familiar with. It is where my true home is: the one in Heaven. There is a house behind us a short distance away, with a mountain on the other side of it.

When a vision of a place in Heaven overcomes you, at times you have little control over what happens. Whatever is in your heart becomes reality. My mind was shocked as I headed for the Lord of Heaven in a mad dash, leaping toward Him with all I had. He gracefully swooped me up over His head, as graceful as any dancer I have seen on TV. I twirled around with arms outstretched in a flying position for a few seconds before my greatest, most dear Love brought me down into His arms.

I addressed Him with all the title of affection as I ask a question burning within me, “My Love, I was wondering, I’ve heard it said that anything scientifically advanced enough will appear as magic to those of lesser knowledge. Is this why Heaven seems so marvelous to us on Earth? Is it just a place of greater knowledge, like we are from the people of Your time?”

He answered with His usual ambiguity, “Yes and no. Heaven’s ways are immeasurably higher than the ways of Earth, so yes. However, Father is not only greater and and more advanced than you, He is what makes up and holds together all of Heaven and Earth, so it is also no, for in that way, Heaven and Earth are the same.”

The Lord continued explaining with precision I didn’t often get to my unending inquires, “Satan sees Father like this…” A picture appeared in my mind: God, shaped a man made of energy, had cords extending behind Him through which power flowed. They were attached to various points in time. “When He created Heaven and Earth, Father put rules into place that He, Himself, couldn’t transgress without destroying what He created. It is His power that keeps His creation in existence, so in a way He is bound to it. One rule is that He cannot destroy a sentient being once it exists.”

Absorbing the information, I listened as He continued to explain, “Father is really like this…” Another picture appeared. God was in the center with energy lines extending all around Him. “He exists not only connected to the past, but to every possible future.” Understanding came with the words. What lies before God are all the possible futures by creations choices, like a maze with many paths, all leading to main points that will have an inevitable conclusion He created when designing the dimension in question. I could see that our universe and Heaven were two dimensions or places out of many that Father had created. Each one was fully created with unique rules of operation when God brought it into existence.

I shook my head in wonder, “The enemy doesn’t know that he is playing chess with someone who has mapped out every one of his moves. There is no way Satan can win!”

“Exactly,” Jesus confirms before turning swiftly around and urging me, “Come, I have something else to show you.”

Racing beside Him we came quickly to the sheer cliff jutting out into the ocean on one end of the sandy oasis. The Lord began climbing up using the easy hand and foothold on the near vertical rock face. It is more like climbing a ladder than going up a hill.

About a third of the way up, without warning, the air seemed to thicken under my feet and backside with grace, I am lifted upward. A short time later, wings sprout on the back of the Lord and myself, and we fly the remainder of the way up. “Whoa… what was that!” I exclaimed. When our feet touched ground, high up on the cliff I lunged for the Lord, holding Him by the shoulders. Looking into His eyes I demanded, “Do you confess that Jesus, the Messiah has come in the flesh upon the earth?”

My haste to grab Him had put me on unstable footing. Before the Lord could give a full answer, I toppled to the ground, taking Him with me. We rolled a short way down the gentle slope of the back of the cliff. Determined not to be led astray by any impersonating spirit I Jumped on top of Him, pinning His shoulders to the ground I demanded once more, “Do you confess that Jesus, the Messiah has come in the flesh upon the earth?”

The Lord laughed, “You are very enthusiastic…I do so confess because I did and I shall once more!”

Realizing I was pinning the King of Heaven and Earth, I moved and sat beside Him, “I’m so, so sorry… I was just so startled by the way we came up the cliff that I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being fooled.”

Jesus kissed me on the forehead and light and warmth cascaded down my body, “I love you, my beloved.” I could sense His genuine pleasure in my desire to do good.

“What happened coming up the cliff?” I asked.

His explanation, “Because Heaven is where the Father lives, His children will find different circumstances when they arrive. Some will find the place of their eternity much like Earth. They will use natural means to travel, by foot or on animals. Others who have developed a good relationship with the Father while on Earth will find that connection remains. His power will flow to them allowing them to accomplish the will of the Father. This includes fighting by manipulating the air. There are some whose connection will be strong enough that they will be able to change the substance from which Heaven is created in many ways. They can even create wings if they wish.”

His words brought a knowing about Heaven: It is where God lives and because of this, the essence of His being is more prevalent there. On Earth, molecules are held together by His essence, but in Heaven it is ALL Him. Our relationship with Him on Earth develops a bond between God and His children through which His power flows. This flow of energy will be able to manipulate the substance of which Heaven is made to some degree. What the limitations are of this ability, I really have no idea, but one aspect of it is an ability to manifest wings so that we can fly.

Remembering the discussion about the different realms I asked, “Will some be able to create portals from one dimension to another?”

Jesus nodded, “Father creates portals through both dimensions (realms) and time. Some portals are permanent in each dimension. Those are like God’s highway to move His people about. The enemy has hijacked some of them for his use. For a very few, there will be the ability to use temporary portals to quickly travel from place to place.”

I shook my head, “This is information I’ve loved to have, but it is completely unprovable. Shouldn’t I wait until I experience Heaven in a more concrete way before sharing stuff like this?”

He chuckled, “When will you trust in the vision I sent through your team?”

Ducking my head, I blushed. “Okay, okay, I will share it when you tell me. But You must lead me strongly. I don’t want to step out where You haven’t led me.”

The video attached to this article has a few more details about the visit as the Holy Spirit brought back vividly all that occurred. At the end is a prayer so that you can dedicate your imagination to the Lord, if you wish.

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