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Rose Ceremony in the Secret Place

VIDEO: Rose Ceremony in the Secret Place

The Holy Spirit has been encouraging me to worship God in a unique way. Worship music fills the room as I crochet. My hands are busy with the simple task while my heart and mind worship the Lord.  Last week, when I worshiped this way, I had one of the most unique encounters with Jesus when He strengthened my spiritual body. 

However, since that time I had discovered why the enemy was allowed to attack my health lately. I had repented for letting my words come out without love, but the damage had been done to those closest to me. 

Despite these personal failures, the presence of the Holy Spirit was strong and heavy upon me as I continued knitting the afghan for my husband. When a particular song came on, I sat my hook down and closed my eyes. Much to my surprise, I saw myself dancing with the Lord. 

It wasn’t the dance that surprised me so much as what I was wearing: A beautiful blue ball gown just like Cinderella. My hair was pinned up making me look like a beautiful princess. Because I had received new spiritual eyes, the vision was crystal clear, more real than the world around me. 

As I danced with the Lord, tears streamed down my face in the physical world, “Lord, I don’t deserve to be a princess. My actions, my words were used by the enemy to allow the enemy to hurt others.” 

Jesus pulled me close to Him, hugging me fiercely, “You are MY BRIDE.” His tone was firm and filled with love. “This is the way I see YOU.” 

This just made me cry more. I clung to Him: He was my lifeline, my Beloved, the most important thing in my life. I told Him as much. 

“I have something for you,” Jesus said. 

Although I was still physically crying, the spiritual me bounced back quicker, jumping with joy as He produced a bright gold box with a red ribbon. I watched in fascination as the perfect, young, version of me opened the box. Inside lying on a cloud, was a brooch slightly smaller than the size of my palm. Three interwoven gold bands encircled a beautiful pink rose in full bloom.

Jesus took the brooch and pressed it to the left front side of my gown where it clung to my dress. “This will guard your heart. Now you have My heart for people. Speak out of that love and you shall not go wrong again.” 

Once again I gushed tears out. There couldn’t have been a more perfect gift. Of all the things I desire to receive, this is at the top. I knew three things about this gift:

  1. The rings symbolized the eternal, incorruptible Father, Son, and Spirit
  2. The rose is a symbol of love
  3. Pink is the color for child-like faith

This gift would act as a shield, guarding my heart, out of which my mouth speaks. With the love of Yahweh protecting and filling it, I will be able to hold my tongue when necessary and speak with His love. 

After much hugging, the Lord told me to go and write about what happened. The Secret Place is for all the Brides: a Place where He can provide for us and protect us as He guides us towards our destiny. I hope you will spend time focusing on the Lord, so He can open up the door for you to visit Him in this way and have adventures in the Secret Place He has especially created for you.

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